What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar


The solar energy movement took the world by storm a few decades ago. Experts on both sides of the energy spectrum, pro-solar and pro-grid electricity, make a strong case for using solar energy or avoiding it. However, is there really a way to tell for sure who’s telling the truth and who’s pulling your chain?


Over the last few decades solar energy has become significantly more popular in the eyes of homeowners, because:


Homeowners believe solar energy protects the environment
Homeowners believe switching to solar will save them money on their power bill in the long run
Good, friendly competition is alive and well in American neighborhoods. If the neighbor down the street purchases solar, then that’s a good excuse for a homeowner to do the same


Regardless of what rumors you have heard about solar energy, our purpose is to explain the clear advantages of having solar energy for your home, as well as a few disadvantages you may have not considered.


Our goal is to inform homeowners about solar power, one neighborhood at a time.


Advantage #1: Solar is a Renewable Energy Source





Trust us on this one, solar energy is a renewable energy source.


Unlike some other sources of energy, we can never run out of solar energy—unless it’s the end of the world, in which case, solar energy should be one of the last things on your mind. All kidding aside, solar energy will always be accessible, and as the demand increases, the cost decreases.


Disadvantage #1: Not Everyone Qualifies for Solar


It is true that not every homeowner is able to enjoy the benefits of a solar-powered home. There are certain support and space requirements for a home to qualify for solar energy, and if those requirements are not met, the home is typically deemed unfit for solar energy.


Solar companies conduct a thorough evaluation of a home beforehand to determine if it is approved for solar. Many solar companies offer the evaluation free of charge so that you don’t have to pay to know if you are approved or not.


Here are some reasons why your home may not get approved for solar energy:


  1. Your roof’s framing may not be strong enough
  2. Local building codes do not permit solar
  3. Community regulations that prohibit the use of solar energy.
  4. Renters are not permitted to have solar panels


Check here to find out if your home qualifies!


Advantage #2: Having Solar Energy Will Reduce Your Electricity Bill


Hold the phone—you mean I will actually save money by switching to solar? Why yes, you most definitely will. In fact, we can GUARANTEE that you will save money on your power bill.




How much money you save will depend on the state you’re in and your electricity or heat usage. But you will save money, that’s a promise!


Not only will you save money every month on your power bill, studies have shown that solar energy will increase the value of your home and can help it sell faster.


Disadvantage #2: Your Location may Impact Energy Quality


Typically the location of your home will not negatively impact the effectiveness of your solar panels. It is extremely rare for a home to be gauged as unfit for solar due to its location.


If your home does have limited access to the sun’s energy you may benefit less on savings compared to a home with consistent access to sunlight. However, if your home is completely covered by shade or has extremely heavy sun blockage, you may want to reconsider using solar energy.


Check here to find out if your home qualifies!


Advantage #3: Ever-Improving Technology


When you opt to use solar energy, you will be the beneficiary of those technological advances. Whereas traditional electricity has remained fairly stagnant over the years, and rates have actually been increasing annually.




As researchers continue to evaluate the use of solar energy, new improvements will emerge. Remember the days when we had to rely on home phones and dial-up-internet? Imagine you are still living in that world, while the world around you is using wifi and smartphones. Homes powered by solar energy are modernizing the way for the rest of us.


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AUTHOR: Holly Glem
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