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Find the Right Denver Solar Provider For You

Getting solar may seem complex, but with the right partner it can mean simple savings for years

So You Want Solar. Do You Have the Right Provider in Denver?

Solar energy is one of the most affordable ways for you to own your power and help the environment. By harnessing the power of the sun, you’ll reduce electricity costs, help against wasteful water usage, and avoid CO2 emissions.


But doing all that takes some serious planning and there are a lot of companies with different takes on how best to do it. Some Denver solar providers can get you in on the ground floor real quick with leasing and power agreements, while others help you own your own system so you have access to all the benefits involved.


Everyone’s situation is different and we want to help shine a light on your path to a renewable future.

Check Out Our Denver Solar ReviewsCheck Out Our Denver Solar Reviews

3 Key Aspects of Solar System Providers in Denver

All potential solar customers need to consider their reasons for getting into solar as well as what aspects they should be looking for in a solar provider. We here at Blue Raven Solar recommend looking into 3 areas:


Solar has technically been around for almost 75 years (the photovoltaic cell being invented in 1954), but it’s gotten cheaper and more accessible as the decades go by. A Denver solar provider should have a reasonable amount of experience over a wide range of areas. Years of experience are important, but not as much as time spent in the residential market. Installing for solar farms is not the same as installing on a variety of rooftops.


The market for solar has been on the rise for the last decade. More and more people can get it, but this is still an evolving market. Customers going it on their own have a labyrinth of state laws and municipal requirements to navigate, not to mention the particular physical structures to consider when it comes to mounting and installing solar panels. A Denver solar provider should have the means and insight to take customers from start to finish.


The whole purpose of solar is savings. And that applies whether it’s green energy savings for the world at large or just the savings that come from homeowners owning their own electricity. A Denver solar provider should have options at all levels of income to help people afford their solar system in a way that offsets their power bill and keeps them saving money while the cost of electricity goes up and up (like it has for the last 20 years).


I’m in Denver, Does That Change Anything?

Lucky for you, Denver’s changes are all good news. As one of the sunniest states, with an average of 300 sunny days per year, Colorado serves as a great place for solar harvesting. 


A lot of people might initially balk at the idea of solar, thinking that snow or hail storms make solar panels an expensive alternative to maintain, but the fact is solar panels are built sturdy and with the right Denver solar provider, your install should have very little problem with the weather. Solar panels’ compact design spread out over a broad surface allows them to soak the force of hailstones, and the heat they put off is enough to melt snow as it falls on them. Thanks to Colorado’s chilly spring and fall, your panels will actually produce better.


With Denver’s renewable energy vision, there are also plenty of tax deductions to benefit from (though only from buying to own your solar system—so be sure to buy and not lease!). The city has implemented a net metering initiative, which allows you to push excess electricity back to the public power grid. This goes toward future power bills, and if you produce for long enough, the power company actually pays you!

Our Denver Solar Google Reviews

Holly Laverie
Holly Laverie
16:14 19 Jun 18
The Blue Raven Solar installers were very punctual, polite, and well versed in their knowledge about the system and all other solar systems. A very qualified team and they were very productive in getting it install. They showed up at 7am and got straight to work and was finished by 11:30am. Amazing!!!
Jason Kolar
Jason Kolar
21:48 14 Jun 18
Mike Falls with Blue Raven was fantastic to work with. He explained the process in detail. The installation team was professional and great to work with. And their customer support team was very active in ensuring a great customer experience. I'd highly recommend them for your solar needs!
Mark Macy
Mark Macy
18:04 14 Jun 18
Bright, competent three-man crew installed the 300w Trinasolar panels on our roof yesterday in a clean, neat configuration, and did the necessary electrical work, including installing a new thermostat that's a little better and easier to program than our old one.So far, it all looks great.Big rain coming Sunday (6/17/2018), so I'll check the attic for leaks, make sure everything's in good shape up there.So far, so good.
may washington
may washington
01:43 14 Jun 18
Your service/installation was quick and non-intrusive. Things were explained to us. Workers were personable and worked quickly.
Ty Dockter
Ty Dockter
12:33 01 Jun 18
Blue Raven made the process of installing solar simple and easy. Their sales team was very knowledgeable and adjusted their proposal based on my needs. The entire process went smoothly and the installation looks clean. Highly recommended.
Emily Klopstein
Emily Klopstein
22:04 31 May 18
It was great working with Blue Raven, and having solar panels is wonderful. Their sales team were efficient and helpful, making it easy to understand all the processes. They take care of all the paperwork, which makes it super easy to get yourself up and running. Solar was something we'd wanted for a long time and Blue Raven made it happen so seamlessly!
Marsha Holleman
Marsha Holleman
03:21 22 May 18
Mike F. Area Sales ManagerWe are all so THRILLED! From the very beginning; calling your 1-800 number to the installation. We are all extatic on the information provided; the constant contact by phone or E-Mail's to keep us informed on the steps and what to expect. Everyone is professional, knowledgeable and extremely courteous. Jorge and his team are excellent. You can tell that they have been working together for awhile. They are very efficient and respectful. Please let them know how pleased we are. The installation looks fantastic.Blue Raven makes sure that all aspects of the process are completely handled and keeps purchaser totally informed.Mike, I truly appreciate how you handle the sales aspect. You are honest and certainly care about your future customers. You provide excellent answers and are honest when relaying more
Eric Holzwarth
Eric Holzwarth
19:33 02 May 18
Fast and nonintrusive install process. In fact the whole process has been smooth. Highly recommend Blue Raven if you are going to switch over to solar!
David Ahl
David Ahl
15:51 30 Apr 18
Blue Raven promised one day installation - and they delivered. They quoted a price and didn't have any "surprises". The entire process from sales to install to inspection was very smooth. I would highly recommend Blue Raven to anyone!
wayne wells
wayne wells
04:21 27 Apr 18
The Crew came on time and they made sure I was happy with the installation.They all took the time to explain what they were doing and how the system was going to work.
Prakash Viswanathan
Prakash Viswanathan
22:21 18 Apr 18
We just installed the solar panel today. They were here sharp at 7.30AM and completed their job at 3.15PM. Blue Raven staff looked very professional and they knew what they were doing. Excellent work so far. We just have to see how it holds together for next 20 years.
A Duke
A Duke
00:31 18 Apr 18
This company was professional, informative, gave clear directions and information step-by-step. Everything was seamless from the sales person to the installers. The three installers were phenomenal, did the job well and answered all of our questions. I highly recommend Blue Raven Solar for your home solar needs.
Stefan Czernik
Stefan Czernik
22:13 03 Apr 18
The work has been completed very efficiently. The crew arrived as scheduled. They were polite and informative. They cleaned both inside and outside of the house after the work and informed me of the next steps in the process.
Nathan B
Nathan B
17:29 07 Feb 18
My panels are now installed , just waiting on city and power company now...BRS has been outstanding since the very beginning! Conrad was an excellent rep, educated me on the process, very knowledgeable and professional. The install team was prompt and timely and did a great job figuring some attic issues, and able to keep the conduit inside not on roof, looks way nicer ?. All the office people were great in sending documents and keeping me informed of what was needed of me and where we were in the process. Overall my end of the process was really simple and I’m super excited to be producing all my electric needs from solar energy now! Highly recommend this company!read more
gin sparrow
gin sparrow
02:08 07 Feb 18
Installers were knowledgeable and professional. The job was done well and in a timely manner. I would definitely give George and his crew 5 stars.
Fred Peterson
Fred Peterson
00:27 25 Jan 18
Worked well as a team, focused on the job, and a beautiful finished product. The electricial gave an excellent tutorial on the new panels. They were so tidy; covering boots in the house and even spot vacuumed after being on the attic insulation. As for safety, the were tied off the whole time on roof and wore Tyvec and respirator in the attic. I could have any and all these guys over for a pleasant dinner.Thank you Blue Raven crew!
Ben Konecny
Ben Konecny
20:23 17 Jan 18
Great experience from start to finish. Rep took his time to talk through all the options without any pressure. Instillation crew was incredibly professional and did awesome work. All around two thumbs up.
Arnold Ladwig
Arnold Ladwig
22:50 09 Jan 18
The Blue Raven crew was scheduled for an 8:00 AM arrival and arrived about 7:50 AM. The crew leader came to the door and gave me information on the days work. The crew went to work on the roof preparing the solar cell supports. Another member brought the equipment for the electrical panels and tools for installation to the meter and began installing. Shortly the shipping truck arrived with the solar cells and inverters and the crew went to work attaching the inverters. The installation was completed by 12:30 and the area was left in an excellent condition. I was very pleased as I asked several questions and they took the time to answer them throughly. Before leaving they showed me that the system was working and how to start producing power once the power company installs their more
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We don’t want to sell you power, we want to sell you an affordable path to your own solar system.

What Makes Blue Raven Solar Different?

There are a lot of companies getting into this growing industry. Many offer leasing plans that let you rent a solar system while others provide Power Purchase Agreements where you buy power from them instead of the electric company. Both of these options keep the savings squarely in their hands. If they stipulate it in their contract, your payments could rise with the rising cost of electricity anyway.


At Blue Raven Solar, we’re a Denver solar provider that seeks to give anyone a chance at owning their own energy. We don’t want to sell you power, we want to sell you an affordable path to your own solar system. When you take into account the kinds of tax deductions you can claim and how your purchase cost per month stays even throughout your payments, you could start seeing real savings from day one and see those savings improve over the next decade.


We want you to have all the information you need to make the right decision, which is why we don’t want to pressure you into one purchasing option or another—we want to help guide you to the Denver solar provider that works with you best. You can see right away if getting solar will save you money with our free estimate.


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Questions to Ask Your Denver Solar Provider

What purchasing plans do you have?

Like we discussed above, there are a few options. If your Denver solar provider focuses on PPAs or leasing agreements, those options inherently favor them since they allow them to claim any tax deductions regarding the installation.

What’s the difference between buying and leasing?

If your solar provider offers only one of those purchasing plans, make sure to ask them about the difference between their plan and those other types. Buying to own provides the most benefits to customers, so anyone providing leasing only should have a good understanding of why they offer that plan and how it benefits you more.

How much will I save?

You deserve a system that is top-of-the-line without breaking the bank. Your Denver solar provider should be able to estimate how much the swap to solar will save you. At Blue Raven, we make sure that the prospect of installing solar in Denver will actually benefit you before you make a big decision.

What tax incentives can I get access to?

This question can help clear up your own confusion, but importantly, it pinpoints whether a company even knows how you can benefit. It’s the kind of question that gets at a company’s expertise regarding what they’re selling you. Find out which tax incentives you have for solar in Denver.

How many houses have you installed solar panels on in Denver?

This is a transparency issue and will help you see if the Denver solar provider in question has the numbers available and is willing to trust you with that information. A company built around a high trust culture is a company that has your best interests at heart.

See how Easy it Is to Get Solar

Plenty of Denver solar providers are jumping in on this new industry and that means there’s a competitive market looking to provide you with a variety of services. But the point of solar energy is it’s renewable and it saves you money. If it doesn’t do either of those things, why consider it in the first place?


With Blue Raven Solar, we can help you with both. Find out today whether you can save money by installing solar with our free estimate


All we need is a few pieces of information (name, contact, and location) as well as your average power bill. From there, we’ll provide a Solar Savings Report to help you determine whether solar is right for you and just how much money you can start saving from day one. 

7 Faq's on solar

The more you research solar, the more questions can pop up. This free and handy eBook has clear, concise answers to the questions we hear most often.


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