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How Colorado Springs Homeowners Can Maximize Their Solar Savings

Solar Panels Colorado Springs CO

Colorado Springs is known for its sunny climate, boasting more than 300 days of sunshine each year. As such, it’s a perfect place to go solar. If you like the idea of powering your home with solar panels but are intimidated by installation costs, you might be surprised to learn that a solar energy system is actually within your financial reach.


According to a study published by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) renewable energy is rapidly becoming the world’s most affordable form of electricity generation. When evaluating the costs associated with solar panels, it’s important to look at the big picture. Here are some of the ways solar panels can save you money over time:


Net Metering


During daylight hours, most solar customers produce more electricity than they consume. A key benefit of solar panels is net metering – a utility billing mechanism that provides credits to residential customers who produce excess electricity and transfers the surplus to the public power grid. The credits, which are calculated based on the utility’s retail rate per Colorado law, can be used toward any electricity drawn from the grid when it is dark or cloudy outside, resulting in significant savings on utility bills.


State Tax Breaks


In Colorado, no sales tax is applied to the purchase of a new solar energy system.


The Federal Solar Tax Credit


The federal solar tax credit currently allows a taxpayer to deduct 30 percent of the cost of installing a new solar energy system from his or her federal taxes, and there is no cap on this deduction.


Greater Price Stability vs. Utility Companies


Finally, the price of electricity produced by solar panels is more predictable and competitive than that charged by traditional utility companies. After an initial investment that will pay for itself over time, a solar system will produce free electricity, eliminating the widely fluctuating expenses of nonrenewable energy.


Turn to Blue Raven


For years, homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO, have entrusted Blue Raven Solar with their solar installations. If you’d like to have a knowledgeable, local company introduce you to the many ways you can lower your home’s energy costs with solar panels, contact Blue Raven today.

Going Solar Will Save You Money


We offer $0 upfront for design, permitting, and installation costs


With Blue Power Plus+ qualifying homeowners get 18 months of free solar


Federal and local solar tax credits and rebates are available

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“From the start, the Blue Raven team has been top-notch in the way that their employees conduct themselves, and the completed product that they are able to provide. No one is pushy, they are just relaxed and to the point, and they get the job done.”

— Aaron Bolick

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Our Colorado Springs Google Reviews

Larry O Baker
Larry O Baker
18:30 03 Apr 18
Blue raven Solar has been very upfront with me from the initial salesman pitch. The panels and controls were all installed within a short period. Electrical permit was purchased and a final electrical inspection was performed the following day and I am now awaiting the installation of the electric meters from Excel energy before I can fire up my new solar system.Larry O. Baker VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER
Susan Guyer
Susan Guyer
18:06 03 Apr 18
Jermaine williams
Jermaine williams
12:42 14 Mar 18
Joe Canny
Joe Canny
04:32 18 Jun 19
Mike Falls with Blue Raven Solar is the only person you need to call with all your solar needs. I have been considering adding solar to my home and honestly had no idea how to go about it. Mike is passionate about his product and took the time to answer all of my questions and thoroughly explain the benefits of going solar. If you're considering going solar make sure to give Mike a call.
Brian Lyninger
Brian Lyninger
17:28 21 Jun 19
Blue Raven has been awesome this entire time. The installation at my home today went flawlessly. The crew was very nice and showed me what they were doing and how the system works. Amazing.
Mytchell Mead
Mytchell Mead
19:52 16 Aug 19
From the beginning, Blue Raven has proven to be exemplary. I had a very complex install and the crew took everything in stride. Crew chief Eric was informative and efficient. The work they performed is beautiful and the crew was clean and courteous. As a former builder, I rate the quality of workmanship as premium. They use their own integrated install team, from initial inspection to electrician which makes for a very well-informed, clean and efficient installation. I took several bids and cross-checked Blue Raven with 6 other companies, and product/pricing/payment plan/install - in other words, every component - was as good or superior to the others. I am very happy so far and highly recommend Blue more
Clifford Smith
Clifford Smith
23:09 22 Aug 19
Installation was outstanding. Just have the final inspections and then wait for MVEA to change my meter so that I can energize my system. Eric, Chris, Eric (Electrician), and Lindsey were wonderful. They took time as they were working to explain things as they went along. What I really appreciated is that they did not dumb things down. They answered all my questions with terminology that that I could understand. They treated my four-legged babies like they were their own. They arrived early, but not too early. They finished with my 27 panel install in one day. They walked my yards several time picking up their trash and some other trash after the install. If this is an example of this company's customer service, then I cannot wait to be able to energize my system and truly enjoy Blue Raven Solar more
Nathalie Grossen
Nathalie Grossen
14:43 22 Aug 19
Amazing service, attention to detail and great value product. I have been surprised at how quickly this whole process has transpired. I'm so excited to get Xcel to switch my panels on and I can start using solar electricity!
Scott Hendrickson
Scott Hendrickson
14:56 25 Aug 19
I order 11 solar panels from Blue Raven. From the salesmen, Mark, to the installation team, I have had excellent service. If there is a problem, they will solve it. Now I just need the city to do there part and I will have solar power for my house.
Erica Schneider
Erica Schneider
23:27 18 Sep 19
The process was easy from the consultation to the install. Everyone was polite and courteous answering all my questions (I had a lot). I felt well taken care of and appreciate everything.
Brian Robertson
Brian Robertson
01:23 21 Sep 19
Thanks to Mike F and his team for getting my solar system project approved with NO money down! They also got Xcel to approve net metering and got approval by my HOA. Please let them know Brian referred you for a special bonus! My system is 3000 watts and should produce $70-$90 of Electricity per month. My loan payment after my TAX credit should be about $70 each month so no real increase in my monthly electric expense. Stephen and the installation team got the job done in about 5 hours with the licensed electrician finishing the wiring. My bonus was a smart thermostat that I can control with my IPhone to save me even more money each month!read more
Nikitha Reddy
Nikitha Reddy
19:49 15 Oct 19
Blue Raven Solar crew are very professional. Michael Fox is the one whom I have worked with to get my solar panels installation, he was very easy to work with and gave all the information that is required and gave a very clear explanation on how the system works. I really loved working with this company. We just got our solar panels installed and very excited about that. Go green!!! 🙂
sue jean Chung
sue jean Chung
19:48 16 Oct 19
Very professional from the beginning to the end. I would love to recommend this professional company for something big like solar panels! Absolutely professional in timely manner
Ronald Perrine
Ronald Perrine
14:52 30 Oct 19
Jesse Ryan, my initial contact, was extremely knowledgeable, and was very upfront with all my questions. He never sugar-coated my concerns, or tried "gimmicky" answers. When the other people involved, like the initial blue Raven inspector and the installation team arrived at their appointed times, they walked me through everything, and were very professional. All-in-all, it was a top-notch job.
Shandra Winans
Shandra Winans
17:42 25 Nov 19
Highly recommend! They were easy to contact, rep came out same day to explain/ sell, quick installation (about 2 weeks from blue print to connect), quick turn on process, really great customer service with live people and no wait times. Very knowledgeable and eager to help. My neighbor used a company out of Denver. Saved her about $500 but took them over 8 months to install. Kept giving her the run around (after they had her deposit). She left voicemail after voicemail. Finally, after & months they came and installed the panels. Took them two weeks to finish (mine was done in a day). As of now, she is still waiting to be turned on. Saving a couple hundred turned out costing her much more
Leo Lohman
Leo Lohman
23:40 12 Dec 19
When I decided to purchase a solar system I did some research before I called. I listened to sales presentations from four companies. Blue Raven and two other ones had very similar plans but I selected Blue Raven because Jesse Ryan came across as a sincere and caring person. He has remained caring and responsive throughout the process. He answered every question I asked quickly and has been most helpful. I have recommended your company and especially Jesse as their contact.
Ben Stevenson
Ben Stevenson
15:58 21 Dec 19
Great company. They installed solar panels on our home. They had a great refund program. Any time there was an issue, they resolved it immediately. Great customer service. The system they installed has been working great for over a year with no issues.
Lee Searcy
Lee Searcy
20:12 07 Dec 19
Took less than 5 hours for the whole installation. Everyone did a very good job. I would suggest the sales person be more involved on installation day to walk the new owners through the process. Even though BR knows they will take care of things, we didn’t know at times. Thanks Eric, great rep regardless!
Kevin damata
Kevin damata
17:28 17 Dec 19
From sales to install, Blue Raven is respectful, kind, attentive and efficient company. They walk you through every step and is never pushy. The install took only 1 day and the team was a delightful crew. Highly recommend Blue Raven is you are considering solar panels!
josh Engel
josh Engel
21:38 19 Dec 19
The experience with Blue Raven was great from start to finish. From the initial quoting, to the pre-install inspections, permit filings, and the actual install, everything has gone smoothly and been done on time. The staff have all been very personable, accommodating, and put the customer first. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to get a solar system installed.
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