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Installing Solar Panels for Your Home in Las Vegas

The desert metropolis of Las Vegas is a thriving hive of potential in the solar world. Once the net metering law changed back in favor of the consumer in 2017, the solar industry quickly set up and Blue Raven Solar came to Denver, Colorado in fall of 2016 hasn’t looked back.

While it can be a bit of a misconception that you should only get solar if you have a lot of sunny days, Vegas’ weather is wonderful for soaking up your renewable energy. Clouds or shine, the area has very little weather that would affect production.¬†Whether your near the strip or on your way to the Hoover Dam, you know that renewable energy is an easy way to take part in your community here in Las Vegas.

Blue Raven Solar is happy to be working in the Vegas community. We are ranked the #1 top installer on SolarReviews.com for Nevada, as well as nation-wide. With the most efficient and cleanest installations, you will be sure that what happens on your rooftop will stay on your rooftop.