Next Stop, Tampa

We are one of the fastest growing solar companies in the nation. We have a goal to provide homeowners across the nation with a simple and affordable way to get the best solar technology.


Part of that goal is spreading across the map with urgency… which if you’ve been paying attention, we certainly are making it a habit. In 2017, we have opened several new service areas, from Idaho Falls, ID to Raleigh and Charlotte in North Carolina, and most recently to Chicago, IL and Columbus, Ohio.


We’ve been in The Sunshine State for a bit longer, primarily working out of Orlando, and we are here to announce that we have opened a new service area in Tampa.


We have a solar product that is unmatched in product and service. Unlike many companies operating in the solar industry, Blue Raven is not just a sales and marketing company. We are a full service, end-to-end solar company.


We have already started adding solar to homes in Tampa, let’s makes yours the next one.

AUTHOR: Holly Glem
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