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Blue Raven Solar is on a mission to help provide over 1.7 million houses with power. We’re championing solar installations in Houston and throughout the great state of Texas to support the state’s plans to help produce approximately 1,770 megawatts (MW) worth of solar-powered electricity and give residents the energy security they need for peace of mind.


The ultimate goal is to reduce the amount you pay to utility companies and offer energy independence so your lights can always stay on. With the ability to produce your own electricity with a solar installation, you can power your home and even benefit from surplus energy you send back to the power grid. Installing a solar system in Houston becomes a no-brainer when you factor in the federal tax credits, property tax exemptions, and other local incentives.


Every panel is another reminder you’re doing your part by reducing harmful emissions, saving on your utility bill, and generating your own power for true energy independence.

Switch to Clean, Renewable Energy

Switch to Clean, Renewable Energy


Carbon emissions result from burning fossil fuels and most power companies in Texas rely on coal or natural gas to burn and generate electricity. With renewable energy, you not only pay less on your utility bill but you also help reduce the demand of electricity from dirty sources—and have the security of knowing your home can be energy independent.

Invest in Top-Quality Solar

Invest in Top-Quality Solar


Blue Raven Solar continues to grow and provide services throughout the United States. As an end-to-end solar provider, we offer a high-quality and quick installation, usually taking about 1 to 2 months, and our equipment is backed by several warranties and guarantees.

Enjoy Real Solar Savings

Enjoy Real Solar Savings


Solar power not only provides a way to invest in the value of your home, but it also helps decouple you from a monthly utility bill that fluctuates with the market. When they raise their rates, you’ve got your own home-generated power to use instead.


Houston is a sprawling metropolis home to over 2 million residents. Home to the NASA Johnson Space Center, it’s considered the world capital of space exploration and the energy industry—making it one of Blue Raven Solar’s favorite cities as well!


What do we love about the Lone Star State? Besides the incredible barbecue and roaring state pride, Houston is a growing city with a perfect climate to invest in solar systems. With hundreds of sunny days and a strong drive to find new, alternative energy solutions, hundreds of residents with an interest in solar energy investment stand to save thousands of dollars over the next decades.


Here are three reasons why Blue Raven Solar chose to service Texas.


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Solar systems catch the sun’s rays and a typical solar system can offset 160 tons of carbon dioxide in its lifetime. Texas receives more sunlight and less rain and snow than the national average, which means a Houston solar installation has a high chance of offsetting even more carbon dioxide emissions and saving you more on your utility bills.

Texas provides solar rebates, property tax exemptions, and net metering programs to help qualifying homeowners purchase their custom solar panel system. Instead of paying your utility company to burn fossil fuels and rent you their power, you own it. Utility companies often raise their prices by about 1% every year. We offer consistent, predictable, and reliable payment options. This means the longer you’re generating your own renewable energy the more you save.


Financing Options Tailored to You

When you invest in solar power with us, we have financing options available to fit your needs. Blue Raven Solar offers two exclusive programs to help you start saving fast as well as home energy storage and battery options.


SmartStart from Blue Raven Solar is one of the best ways to start saving money. For the first 18-months, you pay a low amount offered by the lender. We extend this promotion an additional 42 months by sending you a monthly check to keep your payments the same—a limited 5-year offer only from Blue Raven Solar.


BluePower Plus+ combines the best of third-party financing aspects like a power purchase agreement (PPA) providing a superior return with the flexibility of solar ownership. With 18-months of free solar power, you can transform your monthly utility bill into savings you can count on.


Reach out today to learn more about the cost of your Houston solar installation as the price can change depending on specific system details.

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Blue Raven Solar provides the most efficient equipment including:


  • Tier-1, monocrystalline, black panels
  • Quality power inverters
  • Electrical panel additions
  • Power trackers on your meter
  • And more!


Your solar installation needs to match your home, budget, and lifestyle, which means you need to have the right information to make the best decision. Once you decide a solar system is the best step for your home, you also get to keep your peace of mind because all our systems include a 25-year manufacturer warranty, production warranty, workmanship warranty, and a roof penetration warranty.


Solar energy is a combination of technology, economics, and customer service. With the right equipment, you can capture the energy from the sun to generate power for your home. Blue Raven Solar provides you with a custom experience to switch to this renewable energy source.


The sun’s rays hit Earth with enough energy to power all of human civilization for a year every hour. Solar installations try to harness a fraction of those rays by capturing them through photovoltaic panels, which catch the energy produced when photons strike them. This energy routes through power inverters to your meter, allowing you to shrink your total utility bill and your carbon emissions—all while boosting the value of your home.


As more innovations happen in the industry, the price of equipment drops. As calls for climate action increase, states provide more tax incentives to make affording your solar easier. As homeowners pay down their solar systems, they save more every year. Make today the day you consider investing in a residential solar system.


There are a number of steps ahead of you when you invest in a rooftop solar system, including consultation, design, and permitting to gain approval. Once approved, a crew installs, inspects, and energizes your home. With us, you have a team who works hard to keep the whole experience hassle-free from start to finish.


Renewable energy is by far one of the cleanest and most accessible forms of energy. Rather than paying a utility company to generate your power for you, you can join Houston’s renewable energy efforts and control your own power. Fossil fuels are a finite resource whereas the sun shines every day. With Blue Raven Solar, you have a partner dedicated to making this investment easy and worthwhile so you can start saving on your power today.


With One of the Top Solar Companies in the Nation

Your solar system will depend on a unique combination of your financial goals, your average power usage, and even how your house is designed. 


While it may sound like a complex situation, we are here to make it simple and straightforward. Our solar experts are ready to discuss your situation and unique installation needs along with how much you could potentially save. All we need is some basic information to get the process started. 


If you’re interested in a consultation to discuss what a solar installation in Houston could look like for you, feel free to call or request a text messageOur team will reach out whenever it works for you.

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Customer Reviews in Houston

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deborah O.
deborah O.
21:00 25 Sep 22
Great service, they are professionals and friendly
Mike L.
Mike L.
22:21 16 Sep 22
Top-notch from the sales consultant to the installation team to customer service.
Sergey V.
Sergey V.
03:24 09 Sep 22
Professional and reliable !
Mike M.
Mike M.
22:58 14 Aug 22
Met with Gavin, their salesman. Even though I didn't qualify he was super friendly and explained a lot about solar. I'll hopefully be able to get... solar on my next house.read more
Tiffany A.
Tiffany A.
20:53 09 Aug 22
Blue Raven was great to deal with! Conrad Oliver was great and knew what he was talking about! Brandon was part of the crew that did the installation... and he was fabulous! I'm happy with my solar panels so far! Just had them installed last week so let's see some savings on my electric bill!!!read more
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Utility bills inevitably increase, but going solar offsets the cost with consistent and predictable payments.

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Make a positive impact on the environment and reduce your carbon emissions with a residential solar installation.

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See how installing solar with Blue Raven Solar on your home in Houston can help you become energy independent.

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