The Impact of Solar: Three Years with GivePower

Young female drinking water out of a clear cup, surrounded by two little boys also drinking water out of cups

July 30th, 2022, marks Blue Raven Solar’s third year as a GivePartner! Working with GivePower has been one of the most rewarding parts of our business. We get to see real lives changed and benefited in ways we can only imagine through the use of solar energy.  


For our third anniversary with this incredible organization, we wanted to give an update on GivePower, their projects, and how Blue Raven Solar has contributed over these last few years. 

Young female drinking water out of a clear cup, surrounded by two little boys also drinking water out of cups

GivePower’s Mission


GivePower’s mission is to sustainably bring access to electricity, food, and clean water in regions that are less fortunate around the world, and they do this through the power of the sun. Through solar energy in their innovative Solar Water Farm, each farm can provide water for up to 35,000 people every single day.

Our Contribution


Since partnering with GivePower in 2019, Blue Raven Solar has donated a portion of every installation to bring access to clean water to people in need all over the world. Throughout the last three years, we have donated almost $300,000, providing 20 years of access to clean water to over 18,000 people.  


It has been rewarding to see GivePower’s projects and to know people outside of our standard reach have benefited from solar energy and the incredible technology GivePower has developed and installed.  

Building a solar roof building with GivePower

Empowering Communities and Building Success


GivePower is not only a testament to the power of humanity and charity, but also to the literal and figurative power solar energy provides. GivePower’s projects empower communities to thrive, whether that is through access to clean water, electricity in schools, or providing employment opportunities with the GivePower team. In 2021 alone, GivePower had some incredible accomplishments, including… 


  • Construction of seven Solar Impact Projects, which now deliver clean energy and electricity to over 6,000 people 
  • Deployment of three new Solar Water Farms, distributing over 40 million liters of clean drinking water to people in need 
  • Construction of ten new solar panel systems in Colombia and Kenya by 111 volunteers on “life-changing” treks, bringing clean energy to over 2,000 people 
  • Employment of 55 people in developing countries, bringing more empowerment to communities to continue to drive positive change 


Blue Raven Solar is so proud to be part of these phenomenal accomplishments of 2021. We continue to work with GivePower because we know so many lives and communities are being positively impacted in ways, we could never accomplish without GivePower’s reach and resources.

GivePower in an orange vest with white hardhat, swatting down and holding hands with a small, young boy

What the Future Holds


GivePower is a relatively young nonprofit organization, with their first project in Nicaragua being only 8 years old. However, they have impacted hundreds of thousands of people around the world, and they only continue to grow.  


2022 has seen a trek to Colombia to install a microgrid in Miramar, a new solar panel system for a health clinic in a remote village of Nepal, a new Solar Water Farm in Wote, Kenya, and many more partnerships with organizations who are changing their own local communities and communities worldwide with solar energy. Each of these projects and partnerships impacts lives, and this year is shaping up to be one of GivePower’s busiest and most exciting yet.  


At Blue Raven Solar, we can only imagine the amount of change GivePower is going to continue to bring to the world through their innovative technology, bright minds, and incredible volunteers. We are so excited to continue onward with the knowledge we are part of changing the world for individuals in need through our partnership.  

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