Cost of Solar

The Future of Energy. Today.

Blue Raven Residential Solar

  • Pay $0 upfront for design, permitting, and installation
  • Enjoy free solar power for your first 18 months
  • No escalation in the monthly payment over the life of the loan

Move over Coal, Solar Energy is here to stay

Utility companies have dominated the
landscape for too long. High utility costs
burden homeowners with no end in sight.


Blue Raven Solar has the best technology and
cost affordable solutions to eliminate your high
utility bills forever. Are you ready to start saving?

25 Year Cost of Solar - Bluepower Plus+

It’s time for you to say goodbye
to high utility costs.

Affordable solar for everyone

Get instant approval on Blue Raven’s BluePower Plus+ with a qualified credit score and receive 18 months of free solar power upfront.

Once approved we take care of all the normal upfront costs of sizing and designing your customized system, all the necessary paperwork & permits with your local city, and installing your solar panel system.


Technology you can count on

Feel secure in knowing that once your solar panels are installed you don’t have to worry about their performance. Blue Raven takes full responsibility for your solar system performance and operation. Receive a 25-year warranty on the panels we install on your home.

BluePower: Solar Ownership

The BluePower™ solar financing product is far superior to anything on the market. BluePower™ combines the best aspects of a 3rd-party owned solar lease (or P.P.A.) with the superior return and flexibility of solar ownership. It is extremely innovative and leads on the cutting edge of any other solar financing product on the market. Find out if BluePower™ is available in your area.


When do I begin saving?

Immediately! Once your solar panels are installed you begin saving right away. Monitor your production and savings every month on mobile, tablet, or desktop devices.


Will I really save money on my power bill with solar?

YES, our priority is to save you money on your electric bill from day one. Your system will generate its own clean power from the sun and you will begin to save money on your yearly power bill. Over 20 years this results in considerable savings.

Over 20 years many of our customers will save in total $20,000-$80,000+ on their electricity costs.

With Blue Raven Solar you’ll lock in an affordable price. The more electricity rates climb, the higher your savings will be. You’re protected against the inevitable hikes in utility prices.

See What Blue Raven Solar can do for you