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It’s time for Reno to make the switch to clean, renewable energy


Solar energy has increased in popularity in Nevada and is expected to continue growing now that net metering is back in the state. With prices falling 45% in the last five years, more than 4600 MW expected to be installed over the next 5 years (2,225 MW). Almost 15% of the state’s energy comes from solar, which is a lot more than the nation’s overall 2%. Our solar company makes it easy for NV Energy customers to take advantage of the Renewable Generations Incentive program, net metering, federal tax credits, and other incentives.


Nevada is the 6th state in the nation for solar energy, and it’s no mystery why. Reno is one of the sunniest cities in the world and with big utility bill savings, your life in Reno can get a whole lot brighter. Now it’s time for you to take control of your power bill. Give Blue Raven Solar a call to find out what we can do for you.


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Save tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime


BluePower Plus+™ is the most innovative and cutting edge solar financing product on the market by far.


Our BluePower Plus+ plan combines the best financing aspects of a 3rd party owned solar lease, called a power purchase agreement (PPA), with the superior return and flexibility of solar ownership.


With BluePower Plus+™ you will get 18 months of free solar power, transforming your utility bill into monthly savings you can count on. Learn more about the cost of solar for your home by contacting Blue Raven Solar Charleston, SC, as the price differs for each system installed.

SmartStart from Blue Raven is the best way to save money with solar from day one. The first 18-month solar payment is a low, promotional amount offered by the lender. The SmartStart program from Blue Raven Solar extends the promotion an additional 42 months by sending you a monthly check to keep your payment the same. This unique 5 year offer is exclusively from Blue Raven Solar.

A buyer's guide to going solar

Want to be solar smart? This free ebook covers the basics to help you make an informed decision-from understanding the cost benefits to determing if solar is right for you.

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“Great customer service with down the Earth people! The installers were great!! Respectful, kind, resourceful and cleaned up after themselves 100%. I couldn’t have gotten better people to be apart of our solar journey!”
-Kandyce S.

Our Google Reviews

Andy Lee
Andy Lee
17:32 18 Dec 21
Blue Raven has been incredible to work with on our solar install. Not only did they do an incredible job with the installation itself (even completing the work earlier than anticipated), but they also coordinated every aspect of the financing, permitting, and final inspection. I cannot recommend them highly enough for anyone who is interested in a solar installation but felt it to be overly confusing or costly.
16:08 15 Dec 21
The crew was prompt, polite and professional. They explained what they were doing and answered all our questions politely and patiently.Great service.
Lisa Dody
Lisa Dody
16:07 29 Oct 21
Great to work with, very professional. Our system is wonderful and our utility bills are even better! Went from $80-$120 per month on electricity to on average $12 per month. Panels are low profile and look quite nice on the roof. Highly recommend!
Michael Durrell
Michael Durrell
01:20 26 Sep 21
I live in Oregon and my electric bill for every month since April, 2021 to September, 2021 has been $13.05 and that is the minimum electric provider's bill for having the hook-up with them. In other words, my Blue Raven Solar array produces more electricity each month than the amount of electricity we use. Our meter is dual, and what power we do not use goes onto the power companies grid, and I get an annual adjustment in my favor. I have a Smart Thermostat that was installed by Blue Raven Solar and it has a motion detector that detects when we are not in the house, and it has a "vacation setting" I can activate when we are away from home for more than a more
john kolber
john kolber
22:22 23 Sep 21
No problems.....Performs as promised.I have recommended to many friendsJohn Kolber
Brett Murphy
Brett Murphy
21:22 23 Sep 21
I'm two years in to my solar system, and there has been no problems. Blue Raven has been responsive to any questions I have and have otherwise made it possible for me to get solar. I never would have been able to front the typical upfront costs with getting solar, and Blue Raven has found a way around this. It's also possible for me to add on to my solar array without too much difficulty due to how they installed and set up the system.
Jeff Sherrod
Jeff Sherrod
01:04 16 Jan 20
After looking into solar for about 5 years now Blue Raven was the first company that made actual sense. We loved the install crew, very friendly, professional, and did a great job installing the system even in the dead of winter.
02:06 11 Dec 19
Dan ContiGreat service from initial contact enplaning the process, costs, benefits than on time and efficient installation including permitting, inspections and final connections.
17:05 25 Nov 19
We had Blue Raven Solar install our solar panels last week. They started on a bright sunny day, a little later in the day then they expected, so they didn't accomplish the entire job. The following day, it rarely even rains in Nevada, but it poured, the team was out there in their rain gear early in the morning to make sure our panel installation was complete by the end of the day. They just had to come back the next morning to clean up a bit and make sure everything looked great. We would said that was dedicated at its best. The team did a fantastic job, thank you to them more
03:36 23 Sep 19
Scott and his crew were great! Very courteous, friendly, professional crew. The installation looks great! The attention to detail is fantastic. The delays in the install are due to the local utility permits and not the fault of the installers. Once permits were approved, they came in and got it done! Scott went over the system and how to energize it once the inspection is done and passed. His company monitors the panels to be sure they are all functioning as they were designed to do. Top notch system. Top notch company and crew. Nothing negative at all to say about them!read more
brian guido
brian guido
00:55 11 Aug 19
Very easy to deal with starting with my salesman Bryce to the installer Scott and his fiancee who did the measurements couldn't have asked for a more customer friendly company.
Joanna Valenzuela
Joanna Valenzuela
18:47 06 Jul 19
They are literally awesome! From the person who knocks on the door to offer, to the person who installs, and even our monthly cost. I was kinda nervous moving forward with the process, but they made sure to answer all my questions. They notify you via email and text and plenty of phone calls. They were literally with me every step of the way. I would definitely recommend this solar company!
23:10 09 May 19
Blue Raven Solar Panels Techs were very professional, and diligent with their work ethics. OUTSTANDING!
Christopher Hill
Christopher Hill
17:15 09 May 19
Solar looks great and I'm excited to get up and running.
Donny Deever
Donny Deever
20:23 21 Mar 19
Excellent service. Made the entire process extremely easy. Every step of the way was great. Would highly recommend.
Metzie Jensen
Metzie Jensen
23:56 08 Mar 19
I was impressed with the work crew that installed my solar system.I feel like they did a good job and were professional in their dealings with me. The workmanship was very pleasing to the eye. They answered my questions and left my yard, garage, and the interior of my home clean and picked up.
Judith Gray
Judith Gray
00:10 26 Feb 19
Each encounter so far with Blue Raven Solar from the sales representative, to the support person who set up the plan for the panels, the people I spoke with at corporate offices, and the installation crew has been positive especially on a cold, windy day. After Nevada Energy installs a net meter and the solar is operational, I will have a better picture of what solar can do for my family and my budget.
Tina Marie
Tina Marie
18:32 21 Feb 19
We have been getting amazing results and low monthly bills. Incredible! Thank you Jay for checking up with us. It was great to hear the 6 months stats so far.
Anton Kravt
Anton Kravt
05:24 17 Jan 19
I am very impressed with the professionalism and the quality of this company, I love working with people who stand by the people, for the people. I've had many people knock on my door, and offer me their services. Unlike other companies Blue Raven had more to offer that fit my budget and needs. Their consultant was very educated and direct! They made sure every detail was acknowledged, and that everything was up to par for my home. The number of savings with Blue Raven Solar cannot compare to a latest proposals I received from other various of companies. I am glad I am switching over to solar, as everyone should here in this sunny state! Do broadly recommend this company, not only because it is saving me a lot of money, but it is saving our environment!read more
Vape Crusade
Vape Crusade
04:13 15 Dec 18
I have heard a lot of pitches in my day. Blue Raven solar was by far the best company I have seen. I looked them up and they are backed by big investors so I know theIr warranties will last the life of my panels.
Kaiser Dragon
Kaiser Dragon
02:49 11 Nov 18
The team was fast professional and clean this was even faster than my first installation in SC with Blue raven.
Jesus Cavazos
Jesus Cavazos
21:40 05 Nov 18
This guy's did a great job
Jose Madera
Jose Madera
23:30 27 Oct 18
River Skinner
River Skinner
22:52 25 Sep 18
Working at Blue Raven has been nothing short of spectacular. I love the way the company treats me and also the way imwe take care of our customers.
David Sheehan
David Sheehan
20:31 27 Jun 18
02:37 18 May 18
From initial consultation, thru HOA, City & County Permits and onto 1-Day installation very friendly & knowledgeable
Dottie Perritte
Dottie Perritte
00:16 28 Apr 18
Ivan Grant
Ivan Grant
22:36 23 Apr 18
From the first salesman who came to my door to the closers and main contacts and installation team, the process and product has been extremely transparent, genuine, and easy. Everyone has been incredibly professional, courteous, and right on task at all times. Even when there were some slight setbacks with the permits I was kept in the loop the whole time, without feeling left in the dark. The team installing the equipment was extremely polite and pleasant with my whole family, which includes kids and dogs. I definitely made the right decision choosing Blue Raven Solar!read more
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Reno and its surrounding regions in Nevada is a thriving hive of potential in the solar world. With more sun and less rain and snow than the national average, it is the ideal place for homeowners to save money and reduce their carbon footprint by making the switch to solar.


Blue Raven Solar is among the most well-reviewed, fastest-growing solar companies in the nation. As a full-service in-house solar provider, we do not outsource our work to any contractors. This means a speedy installation—1 to 2 months in most cases—and superior customer service for you. We take care of design, permitting, engineering, electrical, installation, paperwork, and everything else.


It’s been almost 3 years now since we opened our Nevada Blue Raven Solar headquarters. And while there are many reasons why we’re here, these are the biggest:


Few other cities in the country believe in the future of clean solar energy like Reno.


With our no money down, 18-months free solar power, and energy production guarantee, we knew we could help people like you save money with solar like never before.


While there are many local solar companies to choose from, we believe that our commitment to better solar technology helps Blue Raven rise above other solutions.


Nevada is known for its clear, hot, and sunny days, which is why all Nevada residents are great candidates for owning a solar system. Nevada citizens love solar so much that they voted to have 50% of their energy be produced by renewable resources by 2032. With so much love for solar panels, let’s see what other local incentives make switching to solar easy in the Silver State.


Net metering policies have changed several times over the past 5 years, but currently all NV Energy customers are eligible to receive credits worth a percentage of retail electricity cost. As more solar panel owners join the program, the percentage will decrease. Currently, homeowners with NV Energy get 81% of the value of the electricity they sell back in credit form. They can then use these credits to pay off future energy bills during less productive months. Homeowners who are with Valley Electric Association get credited at the same rate you would pay the utility, making this net metering program more valuable than NV Energy’s program.


All Nevada homeowners have the right to go solar, which means that no contract or legal document can prohibit a homeowner from owning solar panels and using them to generate power.


Solar easement laws make it so that you can enter into an agreement with your neighbor, allowing you to have continued access to sunshine.


As solar power becomes more popular, these incentives will likely disappear. Thus, there is no better time to go solar than the year 2021. If you still have your doubts, don’t hesitate to get a free online estimate with Blue Raven Solar. It is our mission to help homeowners across the nation determine whether solar is a smart investment for your unique home and situation. At Blue Raven Solar, we are committed to helping our customers start saving immediately. We provide multiple ways to finance your new panels. Blue Raven offers customers the Bluepower Plus+ option, which pays for customers’ first 18 months of solar loan payments. During these 18 months, the only cost that customers will have is a small monthly charge of around 10 dollars to have your panels stay connected to the grid. All in all, it is our mission to help our customers save tens of thousands of dollars during their solar journey.



There is no better time to go solar in Reno, Nevada & Blue Raven Solar is your go-to company for solar panel installation. We make sure you save money in the long run by installing efficient photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, inverters, and other equipment. This also adds to your home resale value should you decide to move.


From first consultation until flipping the switch on a working solar-energy system, we keep the process as simple and hassle-free as possible. Our field service teams handle building permits, inspections, and every stage of the installation process.


Your solar panel system is customized for your home, budget, and lifestyle. Our survey team comes to your home to gather information, ensure the best positioning possible, and finalize the design of your custom solar array. Blue Raven Solar customers deserve the best, so we offer only one level of quality: top-of-the-line. We use modern black-on-black solar panels, which are higher quality and blend in with your roof. The system also includes a 25-year manufacturer warranty along with a production guarantee, a workmanship warranty, and a roof penetration warranty.

How Solar Energy Works

How solar energy works is a combination of technology, economics, and customer service. But it begins with the sun beaming enough energy to earth each hour to power global civilization for a year. With the right equipment, you can harness your share of it and power your life on sunlight. Blue Raven Solar combines all those into a hassle-free experience to make going solar almost as easy as flipping a switch.


Photovoltaics, power inverters, net metering, and photons from the sun create a clean, renewable power source for homeowners. Switching to solar shrinks utility bills and your carbon footprint while boosting the value of your home.


Falling equipment prices, lucrative tax incentives, and attractive financing make solar energy more accessible to average homeowners than ever. In today’s energy market, rooftop solar often pays back its initial price in just a few years.


Going solar happens in steps: consultation, design, permitting, installation, inspection, and energization. Each step involves its own process. When you go solar with Blue Raven, our team works hard to keep the whole experience trouble-free.

Become Your Own Power Plant

At Blue Raven this is the heart of what we believe: our nation’s current power generation is not sustainable. As a nation, we still get over 67% of our electricity from the burning of fossil fuels.

Regardless if one believes in global warming or not, we can all agree that the toxic pollution that these carbon-based energy sources spew into the atmosphere is not a good thing. The simple test is this: would you like your family to live next to a coal-fired power plant?

Standard electricity is produced from fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas. When burned, these fuels emit chemical gases causing pollution and harm to our environment. Fossil fuels are not only destructive to the environment, but they are also a limited resource. Solar electricity is by far one of the cleanest forms of energy.

Nevada residents are jumping at the chance to become a part of the renewable energy movement. We’re excited to help you throughout your solar journey and hope to help you make a positive impact on the environment while saving you thousands on your electricity bill! As America’s #1 solar installer, we continue to grow throughout Nevada, so please get in touch to find out how we can serve you.

We provide solar to many areas within and near Reno. It’s time to take control of your electricity costs in 2021 with Blue Raven Solar. Give us a call or request a free custom quote. It only takes a couple of minutes to find out how much you could be saving with one of the top companies in the solar industry.

black on black solar panels
25 year warranty
smart choices on your home

The more you research solar, the more questions can pop up. This free and handy eBook has clear, concise answers to the questions we hear most often.