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Solar Is Powering Orlando

The city of Orlando has decided: clean, safe and renewable energy is the future. Over the past year, Orlando has had hundreds of residential solar installations. Outdoor and nature loving residents want to keep the air and water clean and the environment flourishing. But there’s another reason people are installing solar panels systems. Orlando and surrounding area homeowners are saving big on utility bills.

Solar cuts down the amount you pay for electricity from Duke Energy Florida or OUC. You produce the electricity your home needs and the surplus energy goes back into the power grid. Solar panels free up your hard-earned money to let you head down to the shore, never miss a day out on the water, and just do more of what you enjoy.

For the past 2 years, our solar company has been part of the effort to help Florida go green. Between a 30 percent federal tax credit, Florida income-tax deductions and other local Orlando incentives solar has become a no-brainer for Floridians. We’re proud to have joined a community that is “dedicated to having 100 percent of municipal electricity from renewable sources by 2030.”

You Will Save Money


We offer $0 upfront for design, permitting, and installation costs


With Blue Power Plus+ qualifying Florida homeowners get 18 months free solar


Federal solar tax credits are available

Save tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime

Our BluePower Plus+ plan combines the best financing aspects of a 3rd party owned solar lease, called a power purchase agreement (PPA), with the superior return and flexibility of solar ownership.


Learn more about the cost of solar for your home by contacting us, as the price differs for each system installed.

You Will Get Premium Solar Equipment

We make sure you save money in the long run by installing efficient photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, inverters, and other equipment. This also adds to your home resale value should you decide to move.

Your solar panel system is customized for your home, budget, and lifestyle. Our solar company uses modern black-on-black solar panels, which are higher quality and blend in with your roof. The system also includes a 25-year manufacturer warranty along with a production guarantee, a workmanship warranty, and a roof penetration warranty.

The system includes a 25-year manufacturer warranty

We install modern black-on-black solar panels

Become Your Own Power Plant

As America’s #1 solar installer, we continue to grow throughout Florida, so please get in touch to find out how we can serve you.

We provide solar to many areas within and surrounding Orlando. Major cities include Altamonte Springs, Kissimmee, St. Petersburg, Mt Dora and many others.

It’s time to take control of your electricity costs in 2018 with Blue Raven Solar. Give us a call or request a free custom quote. It only takes a couple of minutes to find out how much you could be saving with one of the top companies in the solar industry.

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#1 Solar Installer in 2018

BBB Accredited Business A+

BBB Accredited Business (A+)


NABCEP Certified

Our Google Reviews

Corey Kesty
Corey Kesty
19:55 15 May 18
Going Solar through Blue Raven was a very simple and easy process. No headaches! It took two and a half months or so from start to finish. They took care of contacting our HOA and the city for permits and inspection, which took the longest. The install itself took a day. Needless to say, they are a great option if you are considering to go solar.
Mar Housley
Mar Housley
17:40 15 Jun 18
Great experience!! On time, friendly,helpful & knowledgeable!! I would highly recommend this company.
River Skinner
River Skinner
19:49 07 Jul 18
Anthony D
Anthony D
14:19 20 Jul 18
Craig Forrest
Craig Forrest
22:51 12 Sep 18
I work for Blue Raven Solar, and love my job. The level of professionalism that I see at every level is incredible. The customer service team is on top each issue quickly, the installers are respectful, and the canvassers do an amazing job creating appointments for my team and I. For a full-service solar company it doesn’t get any better. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and see if solar is a good fit for you and your house!
Jordan Hirschi
Jordan Hirschi
23:26 12 Sep 18
simply “The Best” polite, helpful, informative, and honest. I am impressed with the looks of the install, the quality of product and most of all the savings provided
John Nelson
John Nelson
23:53 12 Sep 18
Our only regret is that we didn’t do this sooner. Blue raven did a great job keeping us informed and the install went great. We have went 4 months without a power bill.
Alyssa Francp
Alyssa Francp
05:20 13 Sep 18
Starting from the person at the door, to my sales representative, to getting panels installed on my roof. The process has been nothing short of spectacular. I didn’t have to do anything, they took care of it all. Since then I’ve never had a power bill which was 4 months ago. I will recommend to anyone, and I have referred multiple friends. Thanks Blue Raven for all you do.
Spencer Hubble
Spencer Hubble
23:30 17 Sep 18
Great company to work with. River was knowledgeable at my contact person. They take all the work out of the process for you. Highly reccomend!
Doty Chad
Doty Chad
23:07 25 Sep 18
I would definitely recommend Blue Raven Solar. We had a most fantastic experience with our sales person River Skinner, that dude deserves a five star rating and a bonus..... however everyone on the team helped make our project/install run smoothly and quickly. We had all of our questions answered in quick fashion and our install took less than half a day.
Kevin Gamache
Kevin Gamache
13:56 02 Oct 18
Our experience with Blue Raven has been excellent. We are 6 months in with our system and could not be happier. For those reading through some of the other less than stellar comments I would just suggest that you listen and ask questions while the great Blue Raven team explains all of the details. There is a lot to digest when considering going with solar but I was impressed with the patience both during and after the sale with questions and clarifications we needed to feel comfortable with our investment. It has been great for us. We installed in the spring (which I highly recommend if possible) so we were able to build up our energy credits right away. Regardless of when you install it is a long term investment that has been paying off for us.read more
Joseph Rarick
Joseph Rarick
14:02 02 Oct 18
Great experience from start to finish! Can't wait to have my panels energized so I can stop being held captive by retail utility rates. Glad to finally be in control of my energy costs! Highly recommended!
Mike Warren
Mike Warren
02:28 05 Oct 18
We are very pleased with the service we have received from Blue Raven. They provided an an expected timeline for the installation and kept us fully informed as to what steps had been completed. The installation was very easily accomplished with minimal effort on our part. All of the required paperwork was completed electronically, Blue Raven took care of the permitting with the city , the HOA and the approval process with Idaho Power. The installation crew showed up at the promised time and completed the installation with minimal disruption and left the work site clean. They arranged for the swap out of the meter and the activation of the system. They have done an excellent job of keeping us up to date with emails and phone calls during the installation and with follow up calls.read more
David and Stephanie Renk
David and Stephanie Renk
04:43 10 Oct 18
Working with Blue Raven Solar and the Boise team to convert our home to solar was a fantastic experience! This company has the implementation steps down to a science. From sales, to customer service, scheduling, and the install team, everyone was so polite, professional, and treated us great! You work hand-in-hand with the implementation leader who comes to your home and gives an analysis and design of what your house would require for a conversion, explains all the benefits (including tax rebates), and details out every step of what's to come. They do all the paperwork with the city, your HOA, and Idaho Power, which saved us all the hassle. It honestly couldn't have been any easier for us. We're extremely pleased and so happy to have made the switch with Blue Raven! Thank you!read more
Paul Sewell
Paul Sewell
23:46 29 Nov 18
We love having the power company send us our bill online each month and to see that the amount of our bill is: $0.00. We have not paid a power bill in many months and it makes us glad we had the solar panels installed. The selling point for us is to think of the difference in renting your home or buying it. We are our own power company. It is great!!
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“Very efficient installation, explained features and operation very well. Took garbage with them and cleaned up area they worked in. Friendly and knowledgeable in the product.”

-Ruth Mecham


How do we describe our love for Florida? No matter where you travel in the Gem state it’s easy to feel awe-inspired by nature. Every sight is a reminder that we ought to do our part as individuals to keep the environment clean.


Blue Raven Solar is among the most well-reviewed, fastest-growing solar companies in the nation (among the top suppliers on SolarReviews, Google, and Yelp for Orlando). As a full-service in-house solar provider, we do not outsource our work to any contractors. This means a speedy installation—1 to 2 months in most cases—and superior customer service for you. We take care of design, permitting, engineering, electrical, installation, paperwork, and everything else.


It’s been almost 2 years now since opening our Florida, Blue Raven Solar headquarters. And while there are many reasons why we’re here, these are the some of biggest:

  • Orlando Embraces Green Energy: Few other cities in the country believe in the future of clean solar energy like Orlando.
  • Orlando Deserves the Best Solar Savings: With our no money down, 18-months free solar power, and energy production guarantee, we knew we could help people like you save money with solar like never before.
  • Orlando Values Solar Quality: While there are many local solar companies to choose from, we believe that our commitment to better solar technology helps Blue Raven rise above other solutions.


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