Thinking about going solar?


You’ll be in
good company.



We have a name for our customers…SMART.

We give our customers more
  • We provide you with simple online tools so that you can see your solar energy production 24/7
  • We provide an energy savings kit (smart thermostat and LED light package) to complement your rooftop solar
  • We give you cash bonuses when you refer your family or friends to Blue Raven Solar
Confidence in Blue Raven Solar
  • The Blue Raven team provides high quality, dependable energy solutions
  • We customize your solar system to your home for maximum energy production
  • We make getting solar simply by taking care of all permits, inspections, and installation

Q: Why did you decide to go solar?

“The reason we started looking into solar was for the emergency preparedness aspect of it.”


-Swenson Family

“One of the biggest reasons for us is to be stewards of the environment and make sure we are doing our part. But that didn’t really make sense to us unless it could actually be affordable.”


-Rose Family

Q: Can you describe your experience with your Blue Raven Solar Rep?

“He came to the door, offered the inverter with the solar panels, and he calculated out what the cost would be and it is way less than even our lowest electrical bill. It was a no brainer.”


-Swenson Family

“With Blue Raven Solar it was different from the beginning. They were really friendly, they were very courteous, conscious of our time and what we had going on. So that was one of the things that really impressed me right away.”


-Rose Family

Q: Were you satisfied with the experience of going solar with Blue Raven?

“Everything was very smooth and pretty quick. It was really nice they gave us a piece of paper with our roof and the panels laid out so we were able to see what it would look like on our roof before they did the install. When the install company came, they said they would have it done in about 8 hours and were actually done in 6 hours.”


-Swenson Family

“We were actually on vacation when they installed it, so it was really fun to come home and drive into the driveway and there were our solar panels on the roof. That was one of the nicest things for me, was how easy the whole process was.”


-Rose Family

Q: How much money did your family save by going solar?

“We were paying anywhere from $150 to $220 every month in power and ever since we got the solar panels installed we’re at $0, other than the $9 connection fee to be tied into the grid. We love that!”


-Swenson Family

“The first bill came, the month prior was about $230, and I looked at it and it was $9!”


-Rose Family

Q: Would you recommend Blue Raven Solar?

“Yes, in fact I have. There are a few people at my work that have actually gone with Blue Raven and they have had just the same experience that we had. I have heard nothing but great reviews from them.”

“It is a no brainer. If you listen to them for 5 minutes you will understand that you can either spend the rest of your life with power charges increasing every year and pay more for power or you can own your own power.”


-Swenson Family

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