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Installing Solar Panels for Your Home in Denver

Colorado is already indisputably one of the most beautiful places to live (you’re welcome to try to argue with me, but I’ll win). With the backdrop of the Rockies and an amazing downtown, surrounded by open space and communities that care about the place that they choose to live, each home that converts to solar energy only increases the wonder of this beautiful place. Renewable energy is an easy way to take part in your community here in Colorado.

Blue Raven Solar came to Denver, Colorado in fall of 2016 and we’ve never looked back. While the often boasted “over 300 days of sunshine in Denver” may be somewhat of an exaggeration, the average is still well above most other states. That means a lot of quality time to soak up that renewable energy.

Colorado has quickly become one of our biggest offices, with our environment loving neighbors joining the solar revolution, as well as our friends that are just interested in saving money. I think most of us are both. But that’s the great thing about residential solar, there is no downside. Some would even call it “sunny side up”.