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Installing Solar Panels for Your Home in Columbia

When Blue Raven Solar entered South Carolina in 2016, we began our journey in the capital city of Columbia. South Carolina is one of the best states for solar, indisputably. Residents enjoy not only the federal 30% tax credit but also the state provides an additional 25% credit. It is honestly hard to think of a good reason why you would not want solar if you live here!

Columbia quickly became one of our biggest locations. It is a beautiful city that combines the rich history of the nation before it became a nation with the modern business center a capital city and home to the state’s largest university would be expected to have.

Columbia residents enjoy downtown shopping, restaurants, and the amazing zoo, but also beautiful parks, hiking, camping, and so much more outdoor activity. It’s easy to see why this area would be so wonderful for residential solar. Each home that converts to solar energy makes Columbia a sustainable wonderful place to live.