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Blue Raven Solar is Florida’s best choice for a residential solar installation in 2020.

Now is the time to go solar in the Sunshine State! Florida is ranked 4th in the nation for rooftop solar potential over the next 5 years, with over 8,000 MW of growth expected. With enough solar to power over half a million homes at the end of 2019, the Sunshine State lives up to its name. Besides being one of the sunniest states, Florida also provides homeowners with net metering policies, sales and property tax exemptions for solar, and local rebates that make switching to clean, renewable energy a no-brainer. Florida residents not only want to keep the air and water clean and the environment flourishing, but also save money in the process. There has never been a better time to go solar in Florida, and Blue Raven Solar is going to help you make the most of your solar purchase.

Knowing if solar ownership, lease, or a power purchase agreement (P.P.A.) is the best option for your home can be confusing. We are here to help you make the best choice.


From Orlando to Tampa, we can help you with all your Florida solar needs.


Federal Tax Credit: Yes

State Tax Credit: 100% property tax exemptions and sales tax exemptions!

Rebates: deep discounts based on your utility provider*


Blue Raven Solar

Energy Savings: guaranteed

System Ownership: you

Bonus: energy savings kit…
Smart Thermostat** and Home LED Light Package

**Smart Thermostat owners save an average of 23% annually on heating and cooling costs.

We want to make sure you receive the greatest solar savings off your utility bills while helping Florida achieve maximum, positive environmental impact.

When you contact Blue Raven Solar we’ll show you how we’ve combined the benefits of solar lease, PPA, and purchase options to create the most powerful residential solar solution for you. We call it BLUEPOWER and it’s revolutionizing the solar industry.


BluePower Plus+™ combines the best aspects of a 3rd party owned solar lease (or P.P.A.) with the superior return and flexibility of solar ownership.


With BluePower Plus+™ you will get 18 months of free solar power, transforming your utility bill into monthly savings you can count on.


What you can expect when you contact Blue Raven Solar…


A qualified sales representative will answer any questions and get details about your home and existing energy consumption


Our designers will create a maximum efficiency plan for your roof


Our trained in-house technicians will install your solar panels


Our project coordinators will help you connect your system to the grid


You enjoy your savings and producing clean energy with your solar panels

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Selecting the best solar company in Florida to work with is important.

Here’s what we would like you to know about us:

You will save money with this Florida solar company

Our Florida customers will save between $15,000 and $50,000+ over a 25-year period depending on the size of their system and their current home energy use.

We’ll send a solar professional to your home to review your utility bills. Our analysts will quickly evaluate your bills and your roof to determine if you are qualified for maximum solar savings. If not, we won’t waste your time.

You will get premium solar equipment

Blue Raven Solar customers deserve the best, so we offer only one level of quality: top-of-the-line. Our solar arrays are built using only high-end black-on-black, monocrystalline silicon solar panels and Enphase microinverters. When going solar you want high-quality productions at a low price. Going solar with Blue Raven means you get maximum value.

You get worry-free solar ownership

To make solar energy as dependable as the morning sun, we include a two-year productivity guarantee. Two years after installation, if our systems produce less than our original estimates, we update them with more panels free of charge.


We provide professional installation, and solar equipment warranties to ensure that you experience worry-free solar power system ownership.

You will get the fastest solar panel installation in Florida

Designing a system to meet your daily energy needs and fit the available space is always a custom job. We use the latest satellite imagery and 3D modeling tools to get measurements and create a personalized analysis of your solar energy needs. And, we have the fastest installation times of any competitor, driven by systems and smart people who know how to get the job done. Your solar project will NEVER “sit” in our pipeline.

We make going solar in Florida easy

From first consultation until flipping the switch on a working solar-energy system, we keep the process as simple and hassle-free as possible. Our field service teams handle building permits, inspections, and every stage of the installation process. You are committed to clean energy and protecting our environment with solar, so we are committed to making sure going solar in Florida is fast & easy.

We are local

Local teams, local office, and local partnerships mean fast panel installation & net metering times, so you can begin saving with solar quickly!

From Orlando to Tampa, we are able to work with your city and county for quick solar permitting turnarounds. We will also make sure your home is prepped to pass required inspections and ready to quickly connect with local utilities.

Solar Panels Orlando

Solar Panels Tampa

We speed up installation

Depending on your city, it can take between 6-12 weeks to get panels installed on your roof, followed by about 3-5 weeks to get interconnected with your utility to enjoy the benefits of net metering. The longest step is getting approved permits from your city. Rest assured we work with your city or county to expedite the permitting process so you can enjoy the benefits of going solar as soon as possible.


Florida Solar Company Facts

  • Solar Installed: 3414.02 MW
  • National Ranking: 5th
  • Homes Powered by Solar: 411,269
  • Percentage of State’s Electricity from Solar: 1.65%
  • Solar Jobs and Ranking: 10,358
  • Solar Companies in State: 720 (93 Manufacturers, 342 Installers/Developers, 285 Others
  • Total Solar Investment in State:$5323.38 million ($67.58 million in 2016)
  • Price Declines: 36% over last 5 years
  • Growth Projections and Ranking: 8,391 MW over next 5 years (ranks 3rd)

Source: https://www.seia.org/state-solar-policy/florida-solar

Save Green, Go Green in the Sunshine State

Cleaner is Better

At Blue Raven this is the heart of what we believe: our nation’s current power generation is not sustainable. As a nation, we still get over 67% of our electricity from the burning of fossil fuels.


Regardless if one believes in global warming or not, we can all agree that the toxic pollution that these carbon-based energy sources spew into the atmosphere is not a good thing. The simple test is this: would you like your family to live next to a coal-fired power plant?


Standard electricity is produced from fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas. When burned, these fuels emit chemical gases causing pollution and harm to our environment. Fossil fuels are not only destructive to the environment, but they are also a limited resource. Solar electricity is by far one of the cleanest forms of energy.

Sustainable Savings

Energy is more than numbers on your utility meter or the cost of your monthly electrical bill. Everything you do to help conserve energy has a major impact on our environment. And as a bonus, it has a positive effect on your finances. Solar power protects you from rising energy costs and increases the value of your home.


By choosing Blue Raven Solar you can reduce your home’s carbon footprint while reducing your expenses and with little to no effort on your part. Choose today to switch to a cheaper source of energy that’s also environmentally friendly. When you put solar on your roof, you let the sun do all the hard work. It’s easy. You can do your part to make a big environmental impact with no money out of pocket with Blue Raven Solar.

The 25 Year Environmental Impact of
Installing Solar Power on your Home







Gallons of
gasoline saved


Home electricity
user for 1 year


Trees growing
for 10 years


Tons of waste
sent to landfill



Black Panel

Average Upgrade Value $2000 – FREE

  • High performance 285-watt panels
  • Elegant black on black design
  • Performance warranty
  • Highest standards of quality and durability


Need More Convincing? See What Blue Raven Solar Customers Have to Say:

With over 2000 5-star reviews, the customer experience sets Blue Raven Solar apart from the rest of the solar industry.

Brittany C., Google Reviews

“This was the fastest and easiest experience! They took care of all of the details and the whole process took just over a month! They answered all of our questions/concerns, and everyone one we worked with was knowledgeable. It made the whole process easy and worry free. We loved the installation crew as well. Even though the job wasn’t easier on our roof, they were fast and polite. They explained everything at the end, and walked us through everything. Overall, a wonderful experience!”

James V., Solar Reviews

“I researched several solar companies before deciding on Blue Raven. It was pretty easy to tell which companies wanted to sell me system I did not need, or “upcharge” me for “extras”. When I spoke to the Blue Raven representative, I felt like he was being honest with me… I was impressed with Blue Raven’s ethical practices and straightforward pricing. After I signed the contract, I liked how Blue Raven I was kept in the loop with the progress of ultimately having a solar system installed on my home. I liked knowing when the final design was ready for approval, when the city permits were approved, when the utility company was ready to come out and change meters, and when installation of the system was ready to be scheduled. The day of installation was very easy. The crew arrived in the morning and spoke with me about the final layout and walked me though where the equipment, including the power boxes would be installed. The crew showed me what they needed to do in the main circuit box and where the conduit lines would need to run. There were absolutely no surprises and I liked knowing beforehand where the conduit and power boxes would be located. Again, I appreciated the honesty and straightforwardness of the installation crew. The entire job was done by late afternoon. Before the crew left, they walked me though how the newly installed solar system worked, where the emergency shut off was located, and how to look in the box and see if the system was operating as it should with the connection light indicators. Blue Raven Solar has been a very easy company to work, with and I would highly recommend them to anyone considering installing a solar system.”

Ellen C., Best Company

“From a knowledgeable solar consultant, to good communication with the company, to a great installation team I’ve been extremely happy with this entire experience. Any question I had was answered. I asked the installation team to accommodate my kids nap schedules and they did so happily. My system has not been turned on yet as I need to pass inspection but I’m excited to start using my system. And on the note of inspection, I was so happy that this company took care of the entire permit and inspection process for me! That is my lease favorite part to handle while dealing with improvements to my property.”

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