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South Carolina embraces solar energy with over 130,000 homes being powered by solar and counting! ! With South Carolina being one of the best in solar tax credits and rebates, along with an effort to educate and help homeowners, many are turning to solar even more in 2021.

As of January 1st, Duke Energy is offering a $.60/watt residential solar rebate to Charleston residents. Depending on the size of your solar panel system you can expect to receive a rebate between the amount $4800 and $6000 dollars from Duke.

When you add the 25% tax credit from the state, the tax credit from the federal government, and additional savings from Blue Raven Solar going solar has become an easy decision for Charleston residents.

Every month our solar company is working with people just like you to slash monthly utility bill costs. Our focus is helping homeowners save with solar, but like you, we are also working hard to help the city of Charleston achieve its goal of “[becoming] a global leader in environmental sustainability.” Solar costs have dropped by 55% over the last 5 years to make solar more affordable and allowing more Charlestonians to help sustain the environment.

Unfortunately, some solar incentives will be decreasing. After 2022, the federal tax credit won’t be so generous, and you never know how long local rebates and incentives will last. It’s time to take control of your utility bill. There has never been a better time to go solar in Charleston than 2021.


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Save tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime

BluePower Plus+™ is the most innovative and cutting edge solar financing product on the market by far.


Our BluePower Plus+ plan combines the best financing aspects of a 3rd party owned solar lease, called a power purchase agreement (PPA), with the superior return and flexibility of solar ownership.


With BluePower Plus+™ you will get 18 months of free solar power, transforming your utility bill into monthly savings you can count on. Learn more about the cost of solar for your home by contacting Blue Raven Solar Charleston, SC, as the price differs for each system installed.

SmartStart from Blue Raven is the best way to save money with solar from day one. The first 18-month solar payment is a low, promotional amount offered by the lender. The SmartStart program from Blue Raven Solar extends the promotion an additional 42 months by sending you a monthly check to keep your payment the same. This unique 5 year offer is exclusively from Blue Raven Solar.

A buyer's guide to going solar

Want to be solar smart? This free ebook covers the basics to help you make an informed decision-from understanding the cost benefits to determing if solar is right for you.

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“We are very happy with the process of installation. The install team went above and beyond to get the install completed. They dealt with challenges from the weather to ensure that we received the highest quality of service.”
-Kenneth Micalizzi

Our Charleston Google Reviews

Nancy Lyons
Nancy Lyons
18:25 20 Jan 22
As far as installation, the crew showed up at the appointed time, worked diligently, and finished ahead of schedule. They were respectful of my property, of the plants around the exterior of the house, and left the area cleaned up when they were finished.I had to call the office with an issue after the crew left the site. They promptly attended to the issue, to my complete satisfaction. As of right now, I am. VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER!!!**System is not up yet, so I don't have any additional info to add at this time. I am awaiting my inspection and a visit from the local electric provider to switch over my meter...then I will be producing my on solar power! Very excited!!read more
Sue-Li E
Sue-Li E
01:24 14 Dec 21
Very impressed by their work the crew is extremely professional, cleaned up and communicated the details every step of the way. My experience has been very positive so far as they have kept the project moving while dealing with my busy schedule, the poor weather and also working with PGE. I also have a concrete tile roof so it's not easy to work on but they were very careful and replaced any tiles that were cracked in the process. Overall excellent job by Crew #4, who took great care during the installation process. Thank you for the great work!read more
Calvin Jennings
Calvin Jennings
17:27 03 Dec 21
The installation crew arrived on time and got right down to work. They were as unobtrusive as any work crew could be with such big job on the roof. They completed the effort in a timely manner and left the yard in at least as good condition as it was on their arrival. The personnel that I interacted with directly were most courteous and positive. They answered all of my questions to my satisfaction and gave a clear description of the work done, the functioning of the collector, and what to expect in the way of building inspection and installation of the new Xcel meter in the coming days.I can unequivocally say we have been given excellent service from sales to installation from Blue Raven on this residential installation project.read more
Jonathan House
Jonathan House
01:18 01 Dec 21
I just had solar panels installed yesterday and am happy happy happy. The install was painless. The whole way I've had a great experience with this company. Comprehensive and on the spot with service and questions. I have no reservations in recommending Blue Raven Solar:)
Bryce Tomlin
Bryce Tomlin
17:45 30 Nov 21
This was a fun process. The install was fast and very efficient. The process of purchasing was very flexible and I felt like I was able to choose the plan that works best for my family. I am very happy with the outcome!
ibraheem odunsi
ibraheem odunsi
23:15 22 Nov 21
The company behaved professional, the job is very neat and the technician never constitute nuisance while installing and were very polite, works with my schedule, the salesman and the guys in the office are very supportive and always understanding.I will advise the consumers to engage well with the company as they have multiple plans, if a plan does not work for you, do not hesitate to ask for an alternative their price is the best. They are always eager to help you move aheadThank you Blue Ravensread more
Don Howard
Don Howard
19:23 19 Nov 21
Well, it's been a year and a half since we had our Blue Raven Solar Panels installed and I am every bit as happy with them today as I was on day one. It still boggles my mind that everyone in CO Springs hasn't taken advantage of this technology, especially with the tax credits available. It really is a painless procedure, adds to the value of your home, cuts your energy costs, and is great for our environment. I'm happy we have solar and Blue Raven was the right company to hook us up.
Kevin Rex
Kevin Rex
18:08 12 Nov 21
It has been one year since we had Blue Raven install our solar system. It was a bit tricky, and coordination was difficult during the construction phase (and during the pandemic!), but we made it through that, received many helps and return calls when we had questions, and excellent customer service, so that we can honestly say, KUDOS to Blue Raven! Thank you for the free electricity! Our electric car is working great, our electric bills are zero, and just a few months more and we'll have the return on investment!read more
Jason Kalahar
Jason Kalahar
15:44 12 Nov 21
Have had our solar panels for one year now. It was fun (for me at least) to compare our utility bills from the year before and we basically cut our bills in half (not taking into consideration the rise in utility costs, so probably even better). We have had zero issues and the installation process was painless. Would definitely recommend.
Rachelle Allen
Rachelle Allen
17:28 10 Nov 21
The technicians who came to install the units were all very nice and really easy to work with. They were extremely helpful and made sure to keep the work area clean. Jesse (the salesman we worked with) was professional and helpful in explaining everything to us. He continues to be very helpful with any questions we have. The system looks very sleek on the roof and so do the smart thermostats that they installed inside. We travel a ton, so I am very thankful for the Ecobee thermostat that I can control from an app on my phone saving us a ton of money.read more
Ursula Yulis
Ursula Yulis
22:04 21 Oct 21
We still love our solars! No complaints here on saving money!! Awesome company! No regrets! 🥰
Angel Aguilar
Angel Aguilar
21:49 21 Oct 21
This is the best company to get your solar power through. I recommend you look them up!
Jimmy Buxton
Jimmy Buxton
01:34 05 Apr 21
I shopped around with 4 other solar companies in the area and this one overall was the best. Not the cheapest priced but offered the most value as far as I could see. Isaac was straight forward and honest when walking us through the process and numbers.
Tim Moran
Tim Moran
16:12 02 Sep 20
Sales representative was very knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. Customer service was kind and easy to deal with. Prices are great also!!
Shannon Dietz
Shannon Dietz
19:05 10 Jul 20
We were very pleased with the communication and with the workmanship. The crew that showed up was on time and very professional. They were very courteous as well.
T. Slempa
T. Slempa
19:38 30 Jun 20
We finally have our panels installed and they look sleek! Thanks Blue Raven for working with us since day one. Thank you for being open and honest and answering all of our questions. We like that Blue Raven has everything under one roof! Great job!
Jenison Dominguez
Jenison Dominguez
20:31 05 Jun 20
All stages have been greet experience with blue raven. Sale process and now he installation , great personnel that are sealing to install with quality , safe and customer satisfaction. I love their punctuality , focus on getting done right , communication and work executed . Professional and well done!
Benjamen Black
Benjamen Black
02:56 03 Mar 20
Impressed with Blue Raven from first time I talked with the salesman to loan process and truly professional installation. Everything was laid out for me and explained thoroughly so I understood exactly what to expect, who to call, and every option I could choose from.
Alan Eager
Alan Eager
00:54 11 Feb 20
Good company to do business with. Unlike some of the other high-pressure pitches we had, they were transparent, honest and had a competitive product. We’ve been up and running a year now and so far most our electricity bills are $0
Jess Stone
Jess Stone
21:20 09 Dec 19
This process has been a breeze! I am thoroughly happy with the service so far. The install technicians were very nice and Evan Dwyer my sales associate was very professional and able to answer all the questions I had! Super excited to see my savings and solar tax credits next year!
Alan Means
Alan Means
17:14 01 Nov 18
Installers showed up on time and were very courteous and non intrusive. I chose to work from home during the install with some spiritual music on to drown out any noise. To my surprise one gentleman was actually humming along with me. All in all the installation wasnt even noticeable and my housemate slept through the whole day. The exterior of the house and work space was kept clean and organized throughout the install. Other than new esthetically pleasing panels on the roof (unlike my neighbors) I cant tell they were really here. I will say that the thoroughness and attention given on the user devices left me comfortable with the system. I will be reaching out to Blue Raven to install panels on my other property as well.read more
Gary Robertson
Gary Robertson
23:06 29 Oct 18
Blue Raven installers arrived on schedule, were very professional, courteous, worked as a well oiled machine. I am very grateful they worked well together and they were dedicated to completing their job and provide service for their customer/client. I commend them for doing great work.
Bluemule Hi
Bluemule Hi
17:23 29 Oct 18
Dana Frasier
Dana Frasier
21:26 22 Oct 18
Blue Raven is absolutely amazing! We started by wanting to know more about it and what it would look like for installation. Evan was very knowledgeable, patient, and broke things down for us in a way that was easy to understand! He had us a Solar! To this day, He continues to check on us make sure that everything is working correctly followed up on appointment even though his part with us was done. The installers that came out we’re great to they worked diligently to install the solar panels and after they were done took the time to walk us through its use and where we could go for future support. Blue Raven has been very responsive and We have already told many of our friends family and neighbors about them and their product. If you have any on cellular, make the switch today!read more
Andre Durham
Andre Durham
23:47 17 Oct 18
My Blue Raven experience has been excellent. The customer service is second to none. I experienced only one issue with my system and it was resolved immediately by resetting the firmware. Blue Raven cares about their customers by the way they follow up after the installation.
marcus bryant
marcus bryant
21:46 17 Oct 18
Blue Raven did a great job with the installation in 2017, explained in detail and walked me through each step of the process of getting connected to solar. Price was good with the rebates, and the payment was easy to make and view through their 3rd party vendor. I would recommend them if you're looking for a solid solar installation company!
Tyler Drinkard
Tyler Drinkard
21:14 27 Sep 18
Blue Raven handled the entire process for the solar installation for me, so it was nice to not have to do too much footwork on the entire process. This included scheduling any required inspection, filing any required paperwork (including the HOA approval), and setting up the loan for the system. Installation only took about half a day, and the installation team was able to improvise a fix for some design oversights pretty quickly.I was also provided with access to a dashboard website where I can review the generated output of my system day-to-day and by the hour, which is helpful for comparing to the energy company's net meter reporting. All-in-all, the process was quite painless and I look forward to reducing my future reliance on energy from the grid. Thanks, Blue Raven Solar.read more
Cindy Okelley
Cindy Okelley
18:56 26 Sep 18
The salesman, Rhett, was knowledgeable and personable. The home office kept us informed throughout the entire process. The installers were prompt and courteous. Kenny was on time and able to answer my questions. Everyone I have dealt with at Blue Raven has been nothing less than great! Installation and inspection are complete; now it’s time to start saving money🤗
Leslie W
Leslie W
16:24 30 Aug 18
great experience so far between setup and installation - they installed very quickly within 5-6 hours! Everyone I've talked to at the company is very knowledgeable and great at explaining everything. Looking forward to getting them turned on!
Janet Weathers
Janet Weathers
20:18 20 Aug 18
Very professional job! Installation was clean and neat. The men went in and out of the attic without disturbing our house hold. The workers were polite and friendly. Couldn't be happier!
Jason Blosser
Jason Blosser
16:26 13 Aug 18
Awesome service from the initial representative who explained thoroughly how things work as far as the panels and the incentives from the government. Installers were very courteous, professional, on time, quick, and knowledgeable in any questions I had. They cleaned up everything very neatly as it was when they got here. Wouldn't have even known they were there if it wasn't for the panels lol. Would say I'd definitely use them again but I don't think we plan on leaving this place anytime soon.....or ever!!!! Highly recommend these guys to anyone looking to cut that unbearable electric bill!!!!read more
billie jo holmes
billie jo holmes
20:56 26 Jul 18
The company has been great, unfortunately my house had some issues that have made this process seem like a nightmare, but Blue Raven has been wonderful keeping me posted as to the progress and dealing with last minute changes on very short notice. I haven't been energized yet but can't wait!!!!!
larry bartlett
larry bartlett
20:49 15 Jun 18
Very good at what they do. And a great job
Isaac Jacobson
Isaac Jacobson
20:10 15 Jun 18
It’s shocking more people aren’t going solar in South Carolina. I’m getting around $8000 back from the federal government AND about $6000 back from South Carolina on my taxes for going solar. Didn’t pay any money upfront, just replaced what I was already paying SCEG every month with a cheaper solar payment. Install is clean with interior conduit and quality panels/Inverter. I chose Blue Raven over a local company because they offer a lot more value overall (have more experience with installs, better reviews, quicker response time to issues, etc.) and the risk of them going out of business is minimal in comparison. Been a great experience so far with Blue Raven.read more
Mary Stanley
Mary Stanley
20:00 15 Jun 18
I was paying $150/month to SCEG when I spoke to Blue Raven about the possibility of going solar. No upfront or out of pocket money and now I pay $120/month and will eventually pay $0/month once my system is paid off. In the meantime I’m saving $30 every month which is a lot since I’m on a fixed income. Install looks great, all my expectations were met! If you’re looking for a great experience going solar, look no further than Blue Raven!
21:30 24 May 18
Blue Raven was Awesome! Faster than expected install. My system is running great and producing more power than expected! Highly recommended
Eric Meister
Eric Meister
00:34 19 May 18
Very efficient and left the property very clean!
12:20 09 May 18
This is the best easy to do business with company. Great customer service and worked with me to stay within budget plus get a new roof all rolled into one. Just got activated so haven’t seen the savings yet, hopefully in a month.
Olin Cramer
Olin Cramer
19:44 17 Apr 18
Great experience with Evan our salesman and the install process was super easy. Excited to start making our own energy!!!
Christian Nutini
Christian Nutini
18:36 22 Oct 17
Great company.
Do Not Respawn
Do Not Respawn
01:32 20 Oct 17
Danny Hiott
Danny Hiott
20:42 19 Sep 17
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Blue Raven Solar came to Charleston, South Carolina in the summer of 2016 and we’ve never looked back. In fact, Charleston has quickly become one of our biggest offices, with our environment-loving neighbors joining the solar revolution, as well as our friends that are just interested in saving money.


Blue Raven Solar is among the most well-reviewed, fastest-growing solar companies in the nation (among the top suppliers on SolarReviews, Google, and Yelp for Charleston). As a full-service in-house solar provider, we do not outsource our work to any contractors. This means a speedy installation—1 to 2 months in most cases—and superior customer service for you. We take care of design, permitting, engineering, electrical, installation, paperwork, and everything else.


It’s been more than 4 years now since we opened our Charleston, Blue Raven Solar headquarters. And while there are many reasons why we’re here, these are the biggest:


Few other cities in the country are committed to making the switch to clean, renewable energy like Charleston. The city has committed to an 80 percent reduction in emissions by 2050, and is considering a plan for 100% renewable energy.


With our no money down, 18-months free solar power, and energy production guarantee, we knew we could help people like you save money with solar like never before. Also, with local and federal incentives, it has never been more affordable to switch to solar in Charleston.


The customer experience sets Blue Raven Solar from the rest of the solar energy industry. While there are many local solar companies to choose from, we believe that our commitment to better solar technology helps Blue Raven rise above other solutions.

black on black solar panels
25 year warranty
smart choices on your home


With beautiful beaches, lots of sun, and several solar incentives, South Carolina is a great place to go solar! With utility bills increasing, Blue Raven Solar offers affordable solutions that will save Charleston residents money and cut their utility bill forever.When homeowners combine federal tax credits with state tax credits, they’ll be sure to save big on their solar system.


Net metering is applicable to all South Carolina residents. Every residential solar owner is entitled to credits for excess energy production. Those credits will be applied to the homeowner’s next utility bill and if there are excess credits at the end of the year, homeowners receive compensation.


South Carolina is one of the few states to offer state tax credits for going solar. The tax credit covers 25% of the cost of your solar system and can be carried over for up to ten years if you don’t pay enough in taxes in any one year.


By owning your own solar system, you qualify for tax deductions from the government. In 2020, the government lets owners deduct 26% of the cost of installing a rooftop solar-electric generator, including the cost of any necessary remodeling or retrofitting work associated with the solar installation, from your federal income taxes. Thus, if you were to spend $10,000 dollars on your system, you will receive a $2,600 tax credit. As an added bonus, many states allow for households with solar units to qualify for a deduction on their state income taxes as well.


As solar power becomes more popular, these incentives will likely disappear. Thus, there is no better time to go solar than the year 2021. If you still have your doubts, don’t hesitate to get a free online estimate with Blue Raven Solar. It is our mission to help homeowners across the nation determine whether solar is a smart investment for your unique home and situation. At Blue Raven Solar, we are committed to helping our customers start saving immediately. We provide multiple ways to finance your new panels. Blue Raven offers customers the Bluepower Plus+ option, which pays for customers’ first 18 months of solar loan payments. During these 18 months, the only cost that customers will have is a small monthly charge of around 10 dollars to have your panels stay connected to the grid. All in all, it is our mission to help our customers save tens of thousands of dollars during their solar journey.

solar panels


There is no better time to go solar in South Carolina & Blue Raven Solar is your go-to company for solar panel installation. We make sure you save money in the long run by installing efficient photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, inverters, and other equipment. This also adds to your home resale value should you decide to move.

From first consultation until flipping the switch on a working solar-energy system, we keep the process as simple and hassle-free as possible. Our field service teams handle building permits, inspections, and every stage of the installation process.

Your solar panel system is customized for your home, budget, and lifestyle. Our survey team comes to your home to gather information, ensure the best positioning possible, and finalize the design of your custom solar array. Blue Raven Solar customers deserve the best, so we offer only one level of quality: top-of-the-line. We use modern black-on-black solar panels, which are higher quality and blend in with your roof. The system also includes a 25-year manufacturer warranty along with a production guarantee, a workmanship warranty, and a roof penetration warranty.

How Solar Energy Works

How solar energy works is a combination of technology, economics, and customer service. But it begins with the sun beaming enough energy to earth each hour to power global civilization for a year. With the right equipment, you can harness your share of it and power your life on sunlight. Blue Raven Solar combines all those into a hassle-free experience to make going solar almost as easy as flipping a switch.


Photovoltaics, power inverters, net metering, and photons from the sun create a clean, renewable power source for homeowners. Switching to solar shrinks utility bills and your carbon footprint while boosting the value of your home.


Falling equipment prices, lucrative tax incentives, and attractive financing make solar energy more accessible to average homeowners than ever. In today’s energy market, rooftop solar often pays back its initial price in just a few years.


Going solar happens in steps: consultation, design, permitting, installation, inspection, and energization. Each step involves its own process. When you go solar with Blue Raven, our team works hard to keep the whole experience trouble-free.

Become Your Own Power Plant

At Blue Raven this is the heart of what we believe: our nation’s current power generation is not sustainable. As a nation, we still get over 67% of our electricity from the burning of fossil fuels.

Regardless if one believes in global warming or not, we can all agree that the toxic pollution that these carbon-based energy sources spew into the atmosphere is not a good thing. The simple test is this: would you like your family to live next to a coal-fired power plant?

Standard electricity is produced from fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas. When burned, these fuels emit chemical gases causing pollution and harm to our environment. Fossil fuels are not only destructive to the environment, but they are also a limited resource. Solar electricity is by far one of the cleanest forms of energy.

South Carolina residents are jumping at the chance to become a part of the renewable energy movement. We’re excited to help you throughout your solar journey and hope to help you make a positive impact on the environment while saving you thousands on your electricity bill! As America’s #1 solar installer, we continue to grow throughout South Carolina, so please get in touch to find out how we can serve you.

We provide solar in many area within and near Charleston, including Summerville, Goose Creek, Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, Wando, Johns Island, Beaufort, and more.

It’s time to take control of your electricity costs in 2020 with Blue Raven Solar. Give us a call or request a free custom quote. It only takes a couple of minutes to find out how much you could be saving with one of the top companies in the solar industry.

Our Pledge

Our goal is to make solar energy accessible and affordable for every homeowner. Read the Blue Raven Solar pledge.


Check out our blog to get the most recent solar news, answers to questions and find out how you can save with solar.

How Solar Works

Learn how Blue Raven Solar panel systems work to help you become your own power plant and energy independent.

Solar FAQs

We are here for you. View our FAQ page for answers to common questions, or feel free to contact a solar specialist.

Blue Power

The BluePower Plus+™ solar plan gives you superior returns and the flexibility of ownership. Learn more!

Your Solar Benefits

Blue Raven Solar offers unique benefits that make the decision to go solar an easy one. See your solar benefits.


Blue Raven Solar customers see immediate savings with solar. And they’re happy to boast about. See what they’re saying.

Cost of Solar

With utility bills increasing, Blue Raven Solar offers affordable solutions that will save you money and cut your utility bill forever.

Go Green

Make your first meaningful contribution to environmental stewardship by reducing your carbon footprint.


The more you research solar, the more questions can pop up. This free and handy eBook has clear, concise answers to the questions we hear most often.