When you install a customized rooftop system with Blue Raven Solar, we will do our best to ensure your products and services are taken care of.


Worry-free repairs for two years.


Roof damage? No problem.


Output consistency you can count on.

Two Years of Hassle-Free Service Warranty


If you have any system issues or problems within the first two years of your system being installed, we will service your system and handle any manufacturer warranty claims for free! Just contact our team and we will investigate the best way to help.

Ten Years of Accountability and Workmanship Warranty


We guarantee our work for ten years, which includes the design and installation of your solar panel system, waterproof roof penetrations, and the error-free operation of your system.

Industry-Leading Equipment Warranty


We install new solar panels and microinverter equipment with high standards. We guarantee the equipment will carry industry-leading manufacturer warranties—most lasting a minimum of 25 years. In the event of a manufacturer defect within the first two years, we will handle the repair or replacement claim ourselves. After two years, we will assist you with manufacturer claims, should they arise, but the customer will be responsible for the cost of processing the claim with the manufacturer.

Production Guarantee


Using the latest technology and your historical energy consumption, we design and install your system to produce a certain amount of solar power. We guarantee your system will produce the projected kilowatt hours as expected using the following measurements:


  • For 3 consecutive months, your system has been producing less than 50% of the projected output
  • For 18 consecutive months, your system has been producing 15% less than the projected output


If your system is not producing as much energy as originally quoted, we will add more panels or pay you for the shortfall in production.

*Terms apply and are subject to change. Please see your personalized installation agreement for details and exceptions.



What if something in my system breaks?

For the first two years of your ownership, our team will handle manufacturer warranty requests. Notify our team and we will take care of the rest!


After two years, your photovoltaic system components will still be covered by the manufacturer warranty, so reach out to your specific panel or inverter manufacturer.

My panels stopped working. What do I do?

If you noticed a drop in production from your system, contact our team. We will assess your system’s performance, determine the cause, and schedule a repair. If this happens in the first two years of your system ownership, we will do all repairs for free!

What if something happens to my roof during or after installation?

Our installers are experts, but accidents happen! If we cause damage to your roof during or after your panels are installed, our 10-year workmanship warranty protects you from paying for any of the repairs.

What if I need help?

Our team is available to assist you! Call or email us.


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