Blue Raven Solar was named one of the fastest growing companies in the nation by the INC 5000 (2019, 2020, & 2021) and the sixth fastest growing company in Utah by Utah Business Magazine. We’ve grown from 3 to over 1,400 team members in seven years and expanded to 17 states across the nation, and we’re not planning on slowing down anytime soon.

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The average Blue Raven Solar system will offset 175 tons of carbon dioxide over its lifetime. That’s like planting 4,000 trees, saving over 4 million gallons of water for electricity production, or eliminating the burning of over 80 tons of coal. What we do every day has a measurable impact on the planet, and we need people like you to help us get it done.


“Blue Raven is Exceptional…


Blue Raven Solar is far and away the most welcoming, supportive, and all-around rewarding company I have ever had the pleasure of working for. I had no idea occupational training and meetings could be so enjoyable. Each and every Blue Raven employee I have met has been nothing short of delightful. You’d be hard pressed to find another company that offers the flexibility AND compensation to match Blue Raven Solar. It’s just a fantastic place to work.”

“Great place to be if you want to improve yourself…


I’ve never been in a place where I’ve had more opportunity to grow personally and professionally. I always feel supported in my achieving my goals. This is definitely a place where your success is entirely determined by you. We all hit the ground running to build a great experience for customers and employees alike. If you are a go-getter, this is the place to be.”

“Fast Paced, Driven, with Positive Values…


Blue Raven Solar is a company driven by its values, which are not only important at work, but in life. They provide Solar Power to help homeowners, and give back to the community through a grant to provide clean water for people with every completed installation. There’s a break room with food and treats, and ping-pong, shuffle board and corn hole for a break from work during the day. This place does lots of events for employees like bringing in lunch for everyone (Pizza!) and other fun activities pretty often. Benefits are fairly new and still improving. People are often switching departments and being offered a chance to advance or try something new. Management works on transparency and keeps in touch with what’s going on. During the COVID-19 outbreak they arranged for everyone to be able to work from home. Like any new job, the initial start up and training can be rough, but I’ve been here awhile now and it’s a great company to work for!”

“Great Atmosphere and Caring Leadership…


Blue Raven has a great environment that pushes you to do your best work and the leadership truly cares about each employee. Each department has a well-defined workflow that keeps you working and on your toes, yet never feeling overwhelmed. Blue Raven also promotes accountability, always providing constructive feedback and counting on you to pull your weight without micromanaging. Blue Raven also has a lot of room for growth and movement within the company allowing you to cultivate your talents and use your skillset.”

“Best company, hands down…


Blue Raven Solar is by far the best company I’ve ever worked for. They truly care about their employees! Every single person there makes you feel welcome and a part of the team. Not only do they have amazing values to work and live by, they actually take them to heart and each employee tries to live to those standards.”

“BRS, more like BEST…


There are so many pros to working here. I feel so connected to everyone that I work with. They’re flexible, helpful and they’re one of the rare companies that look out for their employees above all else! The value system is amazing and I couldn’t be happier in my job or company. If you want to feel supported, important no matter your position, and cared for, this is the right place for you! An amazing company with amazing people makes for an amazing job and a happy, healthy life!”


Unlimited free snacks, Coke Freestyle machine, and ping pong and shuffleboard tables only add to the great work culture and fast-paced environment at Blue Raven Solar. With a three-year growth rate of 1600%, we can’t hire good people fast enough.



Did you know the fastest growing occupation in the nation right now is “solar installer?” Our field employees are problem solvers, self-motivators, and action-oriented thinkers who take pride in their work and desire to make a difference.

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Help homeowners make the switch from traditional power usage to clean, cost-effective solar energy with a job that gives you the freedom to shape your future. Our sales representatives are the driving force of Blue Raven Solar, and a big part of the reason we succeed.


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At Blue Raven Solar, our mission and values are more than just buzz words. It all starts with the desire to make homeowners’ lives better by reducing their energy bills, by increasing their reliance on clean and abundant renewable energy, and by providing a world-class customer experience through a reliable sales process and a speedy, high-quality installation.


Our mission is to make homeowners’ lives better by reducing their energy bills, by increasing their reliance on clean and abundant renewable energy, and by providing a world class customer experience through a reliable sales process and a speedy, high-quality installation.

In pursuing this mission, we agreed that we would abide by three main values:

We accomplish this mission thanks to our core values: 1) Develop a High Trust Culture, 2) Be efficient, and 3) Continuously improve.


Every employee that works at our corporate headquarters attends a small discussion with Ben Peterson, our CEO to learn our mission and values. Every 4 weeks, employees nominate each other for specifically living one of our values and winners are celebrated for setting good examples. While some of our values are more aspirational than perfectly descriptive of our current culture, we are in sincere pursuit of living the values across our organization. While this is challenging as we scale and grow, we are committed.


Develop a High-Trust Culture
  1. Keep commitments to homeowners, sales reps, employees, installers, technicians, vendors & investors
  2. Close the loop—report back to each other
  3. Respect and empower one another
  4. Disagree constructively
Be Efficient
  1. Produce results that are worth more than they cost to deliver
  2. Obsessively reduce cycle times in every area
  3. Keep the sales and field experience simple (even if it means adding complexity elsewhere)
  4. Stay lean—eliminate unnecessary costs (even through periods of growth)
continuously improve
Continuously Improve
  1. Gather data to make decisions
  2. Follow the Blue Raven six-step problem solving approach
  3. Try new things and fail quickly
  4. Be go-getters
Our joy is knowing that our customers are saving money and reducing their carbon footprint. We want the same for you.