Don’t rent your power

Own It



Don’t rent your power

Own It

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Don’t rent your power

Own It

See If you QualifySee If you Qualify

Introducing BluePower Plus+
exclusively from Blue Raven Solar.
An exciting new way to power your home.

What is BluePower Plus+?

BluePower Plus+™ is the most innovative and cutting edge solar financing product on the market by far. It combines the best aspects of a 3rd party owned solar lease (or P.P.A.) with the superior return and flexibility of solar ownership. With BluePower Plus+™ you will get 18 months of free solar power, transforming your utility bill into monthly savings you can count on.


With BluePower Plus+™, our customers get the most value out of their solar panels. Homeowners will save thousands in their first year and a half of owning their solar panels, which will help them pay for a large portion of their system. By combining the 18 months of solar loan payments with the huge savings opportunity from the Federal Income Tax Credit (ITC) and other local incentives, Blue Raven customers can have more than 33% of the overall cost of their system paid without having to put a dollar of their own money down. On the contrast, homeowners who lease their solar panels have no upfront costs and no installation fees, but won’t save substantial money over the system’s lifetime.


The Top 10 BluePower Plus+ Advantages


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You own it.


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BluePower Plus+™ includes 18 months free of solar power!


Turn a monthly power bill into an asset. Stop renting power from the utility! Own it instead. Stop flushing money each month! Build equity in your home.


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Your monthly payment and interest rate is fixed with no escalator for the life of the loan.


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With BluePower Plus+™ you may pay off the loan at any time with no prepayment penalty and enjoy clean power for life.


With BluePower Plus+™ you claim the federal solar tax credit along with any state tax credits.


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25-year manufacturer warranty plus the Blue Raven production guarantee.


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Top-rated panels and inverters come standard. We use the modern black solar panels which are more aesthetically pleasing and blend in better on the roof.


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Appreciates your home’s value. Multiple studies show that owning roof-top solar significantly increases the value of your home. Read about it here.


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Increase your self reliance and feel proud doing your part to reduce dirty carbon-based energy.


Download the full BluePower Plus+
brochure to see all the benefits!

Blue Power+ Brochure

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