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Detroit Homeowners Go Green with Blue Raven Solar

Michigan places a high value on clean energy, with a goal to have 50% of all energy used by the state coming from clean energy sources by 2030. As the largest city in the state, Detroit has the opportunity to become a leader in renewable energy by using solar power—and Blue Raven Solar is here to help Motown get there. 


In addition to benefiting the environment, solar energy also empowers homeowners to save on their monthly utility costs. Blue Raven Solar offers financing plans to help you save in both the long and short-term by decreasing your energy costs and increasing equity in your home.

Green Energy is the Future

Green Energy is the Future


With Michigan’s goal of relying on green energy by 2030, it’s clear the city of Detroit and its homeowners prioritize making wise energy decisions. The majority of the energy in the country comes from burning fossil fuels, which isn’t sustainable. Switching to clean energy makes for a brighter future by shifting our reliance to the infinite power of the sun.

High-Quality Solar Power

High-Quality Solar Power


Green energy ultimately saves on electricity costs, and with Blue Raven Solar, making the initial investment to get started with rooftop solar is simple. Our goal is to help residents save money with top-of-the-line panels, flexible financing options, and easy access to renewable energy. We’re here to make adding solar panels to your home an investment you’ll be glad you made.

Helping Homeowners Cut Costs

Helping Homeowners Cut Costs


When you make the switch to solar you’ll enjoy receiving your energy bill and realizing it is only a fraction of what you used to pay. We offer two exclusive financing options to make the switch easy – BluePower Plus+ and SmartStart. Savings like this are hard to beat.


If you’ve been thinking about installing solar panels, let Blue Raven Solar swoop in and put your fears to rest. You can check out thousands of glowing reviews on Google and SolarReviews for firsthand accounts of what you can expect when you work with our team. 


We’ll walk you through each step of the process: from deciding how many solar panels you need to determining how much you can expect your energy costs to decrease. At Blue Raven Solar we’re experts at each phase and will handle all the details—even offering guidance on available local and federal financial incentives. 


Detroit is no stranger to innovations in energy as the motor vehicle industry is constantly adapting. Now, the city is poised to become a leader in solar energy too. 


We provide solar services in and around Detroit, including Ann Arbor, Farmington Hills, Fraser, Plymouth, Novi, Salem, and more.


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How Can Detroit Homeowners Save with Solar Panels?

Blue Raven Solar offers BluePower Plus+™ and SmartStart, two options to make installing solar panels affordable and save you money. 


BluePower Plus+™ combines all the benefits of a third-party solar lease—also called a power purchase agreement (PPA)—with solar panel ownership. You’ll see the benefits of a lease agreement by paying nothing down and low payments for 18 months. However, you’ll also own your panels, meaning all tax benefits go to you as the owner. You can count on predictable payments with no price escalators.  


We also offer a SmartStart financing option. For the first 18 months, you’ll enjoy a promotional low payment through your lender. Afterward, Blue Raven Solar will extend the promotion for an additional 42 months, sending you a monthly check to keep your payments at the same initial low rate for five years.


Many homeowners have heard solar panels cut costs, but it’s natural to wonder how much you can actually expect to save in Detroit. There are a few factors behind the answer.


The first is the amount of sunshine you can expect to hit your solar panels. On average, Detroit has 200 sunny days a year. Germany, a leader in clean energy, experiences about 130 days of sunlight each year, so Detroit receives plenty of light to make solar energy work. 

Another factor in your savings are the financial incentives available. Going solar can save you up to 90% on your energy costs, and homeowners installing solar can receive a 30% tax credit for the cost of their custom system through the Federal Investment Solar Tax Credit (ITC). Detroit also exempts homeowners from any increase in property taxes due to the increased value of their home after they install solar panels. With the local utility’s net metering program you can also receive credits for any extra energy your panels produce above when your home needs.


When you contact us for a free savings report, we walk you through all the factors that contribute to your savings. Simply fill out an energy use report and learn how you can start saving the environment and your bank account.

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We start the solar process by talking through costs and design options to maximize your energy savings. We always install top-of-the-line photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to ensure you get the most out of your system. 


Our tier-1, monocrystalline solar panels are a sleek black, designed to blend in with your roof and absorb the maximum amount of light. Each panel has a 25-year manufacturer warranty, a production guarantee, a workmanship warranty, and a roof penetration warranty. 


When possible, we position your solar panels on the south to capture maximum amounts of sunlight. But don’t worry—even if your roof faces another way, our team can calculate the optimal positioning for your panels so you enjoy maximum savings.


The sun is our ultimate source of energy—in 90 minutes, it emits enough energy to power the planet for a year. It’s simply a matter of harnessing the power so we can use it, which requires the right equipment. Solar panels capture the power from the sun, allowing you to power your home. Let Blue Raven Solar guide you through our easy process to cut your energy costs by installing solar panels in Detroit.


Renewable energy is becoming more accessible, and as the technology becomes more mainstream, equipment prices are going down. Tax incentives and Blue Raven Solar’s financing plans help with the initial investment, and the savings you’ll see in your energy bill keep it that way. Experience decreased energy costs when you invest in solar—you can earn back your investment in just a few years.


Photons—the particle measurement of light energy—hit your solar panels, creating photovoltaic energy to power your home, cut your utility bill, and help the environment. Investing in the equipment to use the sun’s power increases the value of your home while making a positive impact on the environment.


Going solar doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By partnering with Blue Raven Solar, we will be at your side every step of the way. We’ll start with a free consultation to determine the cost of installing solar panels on your Detroit home, followed by a design session, permit acquisition, HOA approval if applicable, installation, inspection, and finally, energization. Our specialized, in-house team has experts to lead you through every step.


At Blue Raven Solar, we believe the current rate of our nation’s power usage is unsustainable. The burning of fossil fuels supplies over 60% of our energy in the United States, and this resource is rapidly becoming depleted, as well as harming the environment. Carbon-based energy sources cause pollution, toxins, and other environmental issues. Fortunately, we don’t need to depend on a damaging, finite resource for our energy needs—the sun’s energy is unlimited, clean, and easily accessible. 


We want to help Detroit homeowners save money on electricity costs and protect the environment. We know local homeowners care about using sustainable energy, and we’re here to help you take the first step.


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We’re passionate about sustainable energy, and we’re looking forward to sharing our passion with you. With a quick conversation, we can collect all the details needed to put together a free quote so you can know whether solar energy is right for you and your home.


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Reviews in Detroit

Based on 649 reviews
Osvaldo A.
Osvaldo A.
18:52 02 Mar 23
As we know, first impressions are critical… I had the best first impression with Blue Raven. Out all the solar companies that contacted me, Blue... Raven was the first one and also the fastest one. I had two initial appointments, first one explaining how the solar program worked in my state and to scope out the place, second one was to explain numbers, type of system, and price of course. I didn’t really lift a finger, my house was a newly built home so wasn’t showing on the map but didn’t stop blue Raven the looked at a similar model like ours around the area (thanks to the photos they took) and use it to build our panel array.I don’t want to put anyone on blast but let’s just say the other asked me for pictures and some other stuff. Pricing, Blue Raven was actually the cheapest one and also one of the two that used the 400w panels and the newest inverter possible and still came out cheaper than the rest, at around $85/month for 25 years with a warranty of 20 years. Unfortunately the battery was out of our payment range at the moment but even then the price and monthly payment was still cheaper than others. After signing the contract and installing process started I had someone from Blue Raven checking up on me and giving me updates, great customer quality/experience!The installation of the system was done in about 10hrs (super fast), the only downside was our power company and the city, they took a while but unfortunately Blue Raven has no control over that. I am not trying to hold that against them, on the contrary, they still check up on me, giving updates on what they were waiting on. That was probably the longest and tedious part of the process, but that’s how permits work, they can take a while.The one thing or step I would’ve love them to add ,if possible, is to have someone come in and set it up for you but also explain it so we would know how to troubleshoot. I am pretty tech-savvy guy and you do get some instructions and videos to turn it on and set up but I had issues, but I was able to figure it out. Other than that, System has worked great even on the “not so sunny days”.read more
Braiden L.
Braiden L.
22:09 09 Feb 23
They were quick an efficient with the install. They got it done much quicker than I thought they would. They appear to have done a great job. Time... will more
frank D.
frank D.
14:34 10 Jan 23
Would love to work with them !
Carey B.
Carey B.
19:23 19 Dec 22
Austin and Crew 1 did a great job. They were timely and very professional. Left the work area clean.
Mister P.
Mister P.
05:59 14 Dec 22
Expedient, knowledge, responsive, friendly. 10/10 would recommend
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What else do you want to know about solar power in Detroit? Visit our FAQs to receive answers.

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Are you curious about the details of how solar energy can power your home? Learn from our experts.

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Wondering how much you can benefit from making the switch to solar? See the unique benefits Blue Raven Solar offers to Detroit homeowners.

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