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Cut Solar Panel Costs and Enjoy Clean Energy with Blue Raven Solar

The city of Raleigh consistently earns high marks for the quality of life available to its residents. The city’s Southern charm, plentiful economic opportunities, thriving culinary scene, and more have transformed it into a great place to call home—and the benefits don’t stop there.


Residential solar is growing across the state of North Carolina. With the increasing adoption of solar power comes a rise in the already-high standard of living. Blue Raven Solar is on a mission to help even more locals harness the power of clean energy while simultaneously cutting Raleigh solar panel cost —because going green shouldn’t break the bank.


The popularity of solar power in North Carolina has grown significantly since 2007 when there were just 92 homes in the state using solar panels. Now more than 683,650 homes (and counting) enjoy the lower energy costs offered by solar power. In tandem with federal and local incentives, Blue Raven Solar is making it easier for residents in the Raleigh area and beyond to save on high energy costs.

Champion the Power of Sunshine

Champion the Power of Sunshine


Wake County has created a “clean energy resolution” to transition to 100% green energy by 2050. Few other counties with large cities like Raleigh have set the bar this high. Blue Raven Solar is making moves to help not just Wake County, but the entire state reach its goals quickly and effectively.

High Standards for Solar Quality

High Standards for Solar Quality


There are many local solar companies to choose from and costs to consider when switching to clean energy. Blue Raven Solar relieves those concerns by making solar panel installations simple and affordable. Our experienced, knowledgeable teams are there at every step of the process to walk you through each step.

Enjoy Lower Costs with Solar

Enjoy Lower Costs with Solar


At Blue Raven Solar, we offer no money down, 18-months free solar power, as well as an energy production guarantee. Raleigh residents are eligible for a $0.60/watt solar rebate with Duke Energy and can take advantage of the 30% Federal Investment Solar Tax Credit (ITC). With options like this, homeowners can easily save on solar panel costs.


At Blue Raven Solar, we’ve earned our reputation as one of the most well-reviewed, fastest-growing solar companies in the nation. Since opening our Raleigh office, we’ve worked hard to help homeowners adopt solar panels while cutting costs, which is why we consistently rank as one of the top suppliers on SolarReviews and Google.


As a full-service solar provider, Blue Raven Solar does not outsource to contractors. Our customers benefit from a speedy installation—1 to 2 months in most cases—thanks to our highly-skilled in-house teams. We provide superior customer service to anyone looking to switch to solar panels. We take care of it all: design, permitting, engineering, electrical, installation, paperwork, and everything else, so you can enjoy lower utility costs and clean energy.


The state of North Carolina is the nation’s second-largest solar energy producer. Cities like Raleigh have turned North Carolina into a global leader in solar power. As stated on the city’s website: “The City of Raleigh is… committed to conserving energy to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, equating to real dollar savings for our citizens.” At Blue Raven Solar, so are we.


We are committed to helping customers feel confident and ready to enjoy the benefits of switching to solar energy.


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Finance Solar Costs in Raleigh with Ease

At Blue Raven Solar we know that a solar system is an investment, which is why we’ve created a number of exclusive financing options.


Our BluePower Plus+ plan combines the best financing aspects of a third-party-owned solar lease, known as a power purchase agreement (PPA), with the superior return and flexibility of solar ownership. With BluePower Plus+™, we cover your first 18 months of solar loan payments, enabling you to cut costs on your utility bill and enjoy monthly savings.


Contact us to learn more about the cost of solar panels for your home, as the price differs for each system installed.


Duke Energy offers a $0.60/watt solar rebate to Raleigh residents. The total rebate depends on the size of your solar panel system, but you can expect to receive a rebate between $4,800 and $6,000 from this local utility provider. However, the rebate program is first come, first serve. Once Duke Energy exhausts funds, solar customers can join a waitlist.


The federal government also offers a tax credit to reward residents who make the switch to solar. Add in the savings from working with Blue Raven Solar, and it’s easy to see how going solar in North Carolina has become more accessible, lowering costs and helping Raleigh residents install solar panels.


Overall, solar panel and equipment costs have dropped 64% since 2010. Solar has never been so affordable in Raleigh. The optimism around solar power is strong in North Carolina as local governments actively work toward achieving clean energy goals. 


Looking for a more exact savings estimate? Our solar specialists are just a call away.

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Efficiency is key when switching to solar panels for maximum savings. Blue Raven Solar’s photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, microinverters, and other equipment is designed to get you the most out of your new energy system. More efficient solar panels also add to your home’s resale value.


Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all solution, we customize your solar panel system for your home, budget, and lifestyle. Blue Raven Solar installs tier-1, monocrystalline, black solar panels along with the best inverters and solar equipment to give you the most aesthetically pleasing and still efficient system possible.


Your new solar panel system also includes a 25-year manufacturer warranty, a production guarantee, a workmanship warranty, and a roof penetration warranty. Your system will last for years to come.


We use the latest satellite imagery and 3D modeling tools to get proper measurements for your Raleigh home and create a personalized analysis of your solar energy needs. Blue Raven Solar keeps every step of the process simple and hassle-free so you can feel confident in your decision to switch to clean energy.


PV cells in your solar panels absorb energy from sunlight to create the flow of electricity you need to properly power your home. Solar energy goes beyond just equipment, however. A reliable solar panel system combines technology, economics, and customer service to effectively harness the power of the sun.


By having the right equipment and a proper setup you can efficiently capture solar power while cutting costs on utility bills and enjoying cleaner, more reliable energy. Blue Raven Solar combines all the right elements to make going solar in Raleigh almost as easy as flipping a switch.


The cost of solar panels and related equipment falls as technology and accessibility of solar energy improves. Federal, state, and local governments provide tax incentives to reward homeowners who make the switch to solar. Financing options help more families around the nation than ever before enjoy the benefits of solar, and Raleigh is no exception. In today’s energy market, rooftop solar panel systems often pay back the initial cost of installation and equipment in a few years. The future is solar, and the economy is set up to help you participate now.


Photovoltaics, power inverters, and photons from the sun work together to help homeowners in Raleigh benefit from clean, renewable power sources. When you switch to solar panels, you cut costs on utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint while simultaneously building on the value of your home. Blue Raven Solar delivers powerful equipment and competitive service to maximize your experience and get the savings you need while helping the planet.


Installing solar panels on your home happens in steps. Blue Raven Solar walks you through consultation, design, permitting, installation, inspection, and energization, so you don’t have to worry about checking all the boxes on your own. We will also work with your HOA, if needed, to ensure you have the approvals needed to avoid any extra hassle. Though solar panel installation can seem like a long process, Blue Raven Solar’s team of experts will be by your side at every step, handling all the details for you.


The United States still gets over 64% of its energy from non-renewable fossil fuels, such as oil, coal, and natural gas. Those resources are finite and spew an excess of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere each day.


For perspective, solar panels produce about 20 times less carbon than coal. Your impact on the environment when switching to solar may feel small, but each household that adopts solar technology works in tandem with thousands of others to leave behind a healthier planet for future generations. 


Over 683,650 homes in North Carolina have made the switch to clean, renewable energy. Together, these residents—and thousands of others across the country—are helping make a difference. Join Raleigh residents in cutting utility costs while caring for the planet.


Your Questions Answered by Real Solar Experts

At Blue Raven Solar, we understand every family’s situation is unique. We invite Raleigh residents to contact our team of solar experts to ask any questions, so you can feel comfortable and well informed when switching to a solar panel system.


Blue Raven Solar provides a savings estimate to help you understand the cost of switching to solar panels and the associated advantages. We will help you establish your energy goals and customize your solar panel system to best complement your life.


Request a call, text, or chat to get started on your journey to clean, renewable energy in Raleigh.

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Real Customer Reviews in Raleigh

Based on 466 reviews
Solomon ratan R.
Solomon ratan R.
01:33 18 May 24
My solar system didn't start even after 6 weeks of installation and it's due to the delay from my electric company and my loan payment was triggered... after 2 weeks of installation and finally my electric company gave a heads up and the solar system is on now and waiting for my next month electric bill to see how much am saving and Blue Raven refunded me the amount that I paid for the loan as the system didn't turned on... Thanks Blue Raven for fixing the issue...read more
Michael M.
Michael M.
23:29 15 May 24
Crew was very professional and Curious. Good job!
Kim H.
Kim H.
22:09 10 May 24
All their staff is great with communication and very friendly. They’re very knowledgeable and were able to answer all my questions. They work... efficiently as well.read more
Josie A.
Josie A.
04:07 11 Apr 24
Hi, my name is Josie Aronson. Today Johnny and Elisha installed 8 solar panels on my roof. I was extremely impressed with the work done. They were... both friendly, professional and very efficient. I had to step out for a while and when I came back I was surprised that my driveway was so clean that other than the roof panels I would have thought that they had never been here!! The next step is to get their work inspected and then have the panels connected by the Utility Company and then I will start saving a good 60% plus of electricity which will save me money and increase the sale value to my home! A truly win win purchase. BTW, the panels look great! I’m going to tell all my friends about my happy experience and hope they take advantage of such a deal!!read more
Abdullah H.
Abdullah H.
15:36 05 Apr 24
I really appreciated the guy who came early and did his work on the attic and also on the power panel. He was such a nice person with fully respect... to my family. I politely told him that we don’t use outside shoes in the house and immediately he removed his shoes before entering into our house. And then I asked him if he needs inside shoes or sandals, he said no. The other guy who worked on the roof also very nice and sweet. Again, we really appreciated both of them and also blue raven for sending such a nice people to work on our house. Sincerelyread more
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Transparency is key when switching to solar energy and evaluating the cost. Explore our FAQs for answers to common questions or speak with a solar specialist today.

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Utility bills keep soaring. Blue Raven Solar helps take a load off your shoulders with affordable solutions, cutting your utility bill while maximizing your savings.

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Take a meaningful step toward helping preserve Raleigh’s natural beauty by reducing your carbon emissions.

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