Solar Tax Credits in South Carolina

Qualifying for the South Carolina Solar Tax Credit

All of our customers with a taxable income qualify for the U.S. federal tax credit (it’s technically called the Investment Tax Credit). South Carolina customers may also qualify for a state tax credit in addition to the federal credit.

The South Carolina state tax credit is up to 25% on all eligible costs to a maximum of $3,500 or 50% of a person’s tax liability, whichever amount is less when applied to the individual’s yearly taxes. Below you will find instructions to help you apply for your state solar tax credit.

South Carolina State Tax Credit Instructions

Download your SC form TC-38 here:

To claim the SC solar tax credit certificate, use the instructions below.


Find your signed interconnection agreement in your Tax Credit folder from Blue Raven Solar (this agreement serves as your State of South Carolina Energy Certification).


Fill out and sign the State of South Carolina Solar Energy System Credit (TC-38) Certification for Solar Systems. Blue Raven’s information is already populated so only your signature and personal information are needed on the form.


Additional notes about this form:

  1. The certification you are referencing is a product certification done by the South Carolina Solar Council (a local nonprofit), which can be found on the manufacturer’s website… HOWEVER,
  2. You don’t need to submit that information for the tax credit. System’s that are interconnected are considered certified by the utility they are interconnected with

File this certificate alongside your TC-38 form with your state taxes.

To claim the SC state tax credit, use the instructions below.


Under “Type of System Installed,” select the first box for solar energy system.


Under “Installation of Solar Energy Credit Computation,” put the cost of your system in line 1.

  1. Your system cost can be found on your final invoice (you can find your final invoice in your System Information folder).

Complete lines 2 and 4 – 11.


Submit this form with your state taxes.

For a more detailed explanation of your South Carolina state tax credit and a step-by-step guide, click here.