Terms and Conditions


Overview: The Blue Raven Customer Referral Program (the “Program”) is offered by Blue Raven Solar, LLC (“Blue Raven”) and provides the opportunity for Blue Raven customers to refer your family, friends, and neighbors to Blue Raven and receive cash (the “Reward”).


Details: Blue Raven will award $250 cash to any Eligible Referrer who refers an Eligible New Customer. The cash reward will be issued to the Eligible Referrer within thirty (30) days of installation of the new solar system provided that (1) Blue Raven has received full payment for the new solar system; and (2) Blue Raven has received a completed W-9 tax form from the Eligible Referrer.


Definition of an Eligible Referrer: To qualify as an “Eligible Referrer,” you must be: (1) a Blue Raven customer owning a photovoltaic solar system sold and/or installed by Blue Raven; and (2) in good standing at the time of the referral. The Eligible Referrer cannot resell Blue Raven products/services and doing so may result in immediate disqualification. Employees, agents, and independent contractors of Blue Raven are prohibited from referring their prospective Blue Raven customers and are ineligible to receive or share in a Reward.


Definition of an Eligible New Customer: An “Eligible New Customer” means an individual that: (1) is not currently, and has never been, a Blue Raven customer; (2) is not already registered or otherwise known as a Blue Raven lead or contact; and (3) purchases, installs, and pays for a new solar system while this Program is still active.


How to Register for the Program: Registration for the Program can be made directly with Blue Raven by: (1) submitting your referrals via the form at (the “Referral Website”); (2) emailing your referral to; or (3) calling (385) 220-2516. Regardless of how the referral was submitted, should an Eligible New Customer be referred by more than one Eligible Referrer, only the first referral received by Blue Raven shall be entitled to the Reward. Referrals are considered active for two years.


Participation: By participating in the Program, you agree that you have read and understand these rules and have not committed any fraud or deception in entering the Program. Blue Raven reserves the right to disqualify any referrer that Blue Raven determines has violated any of these Rules. Blue Raven also reserves the right to modify, suspend, or cancel the Program at any time by posting the change on the Referral Website.