Blue Raven Solar Expands Residential Solar Services in Five Large Metropolitan Areas

OREM, UTAH, USA, May 3, 2023 – In the first part of 2023, Blue Raven Solar’s team brought residential solar to new cities across the nation, furthering their growth, credit, and reach.


Now offering rooftop solar installations in Fayetteville, North Carolina; Idaho Falls, Idaho; Dayton, Ohio; Grand Rapids, Michigan; and Fort Wayne, Indiana; Blue Raven Solar continues to provide solar to homeowners with the best quality and world-class customer service. These cities and their surrounding areas are exciting expansions with thousands of homeowners who are ready to make the switch to renewable energy and experience optimal solar conditions.   


Fayetteville, North Carolina 

Fayetteville has excelled in history and culture, but also as a part of North Carolina’s goals to implement clean energy statewide. Focusing specifically on reducing greenhouse gas emissions to reach carbon neutrality. On average, Fayetteville, North Carolina receives about seven hours of sunlight each day and is in a state with fantastic incentives for homeowners.  


Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Idaho Falls has stood apart and is a regional center of innovation for medicine, food, and energy. The residents are committed to a higher standard of quality of life and want to preserve the natural environment. Idaho typically receives more than the national average of clear days with less than 30% cloud coverage and less than the average annual precipitation. Even in cold winters, solar performs well in this area.


Dayton, Ohio 

Known as a hub for innovation with key inventions like the cash register, electric wheelchair, self-starting automobile ignition, and airplanes Dayton, Ohio is pushing the legacy of innovation forward and has made a commitment to be reliant on renewable energy resources by 2040. Ohio receives about 175 days of sunshine every year, which is more than the national average of 103 days per year. Despite snowy winters, Dayton homeowners can save by installing rooftop solar panels to harness the sun’s energy. 


Grand Rapids, Michigan 

The City of Grand Rapids or “America’s Green City” priorities sustainability, with environmental consciousness factored into every decision. It has been recognized for its efforts to rely on clean energy. With plenty of sunny days, Michigan’s winters are no match for solar energy. Grand Rapids has 160 days of sunshine per year, on average, so energy production is abundant. 


Fort Wayne, Indiana 

Fort Wayne is home to multiple historical landmarks, 87 parks covering almost 3,000 acres, and is the second largest city in Indiana. Homeowners can help create a greener community and place to live by switching to solar. Indiana’s typical midwestern weather is excellent for solar energy to thrive and create abundant savings. Residents experience all four seasons, and solar panels get plenty of sunshine to operate optimally, resulting in thousands of dollars in savings over the 25+ years of the system. 


“We are constantly looking for places that want solar energy and navigating our next course,” says Ryan Archbold, Director of Sales Logistics and Expansion “With Blue Raven Solar’s rapid growth, we are excited to open our services to new places throughout the country.” 


Blue Raven Solar is looking forward to a productive and efficient future of solar installations.

About Blue Raven Solar 


Blue Raven Solar was founded in 2014 and has expanded to a national top selling solar brand. The company’s mission is “to make homeowners’ lives better by reducing their energy bills, increasing reliance on clean and abundant renewable energy and providing a world-class customer experience through a reliable sales process and a speedy, high-quality installation.” Blue Raven Solar believes all homeowners should have an equal opportunity to invest in simple, reliable, affordable, high-quality solar power.  


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