Blue Raven Solar’s Workplace Culture Celebrated with Five Comparably Awards

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OREM, UTAH—March 31, 2022 — Blue Raven Solar, a top residential solar company, announced today that it was recognized for five Best Places to Work Awards by Comparably: Best Company Outlook, Best Places to Work in Salt Lake City, Best Product and Design Teams, Best Operations Team, and Best Sales Teams. The company was recognized alongside other top national companies like HubSpot, Marriott, and Adobe. 


Since its founding in 2014, Blue Raven Solar’s management team has made a continuous effort to create a workplace culture that cultivates respect, trust, teamwork, initiative, and other characteristics that make up a great place to work for all departments and team members. The core mission and values provide employees with guidelines and tools to maintain the culture and thrive within it. 


“When you have a workplace that makes employees feel like they can succeed and really excel in their field, it makes for better business all around,” says Sr Director of Marketing and Sales, Brendan Hahn, “Prioritizing the Blue Raven Solar mission and values has shaped our culture and pushed our team to the top of the industry.” 


The company has also been recognized for its myriad of career growth opportunities, superb work-life balance, and other cultural achievements through past Comparably awards and other recognitions, including Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work in 2021 and the Salt Lake Tribune’s Top Workplaces. Blue Raven Solar has also been recognized for its rapid company growth by the Utah Business Magazine’s Fast 50, the Inc 5000, and the Financial Times The Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies of 2021. 


“Blue Raven Solar’s five Comparably Awards this quarter is a testament to the company’s focus on its people and the bright outlook it has for the year ahead,” said Comparably CEO Jason Nazar. “We congratulate the organization’s leadership for it continued commitment to providing a worthwhile workplace culture.” 


The Comparably Awards for Best Places to Work rankings are based on anonymous ratings from employees during a 12-month period (March 2021 through March 2022) in multiple areas of company culture. There were no fees or costs associated with participating, nor was nomination required. To qualify, large companies (500+ employees) must have met a minimum of 75 employee participants. Additional weight was given to companies with more employee participation, for statistical significance. The final data set was compiled from 10 million ratings across 60,000 U.S. companies. For Awards FAQ, please go to 


Access the full lists for the Comparably Awards Best Places to Work here. 

About Blue Raven Solar


Blue Raven Solar was founded in 2014 and has expanded to a national top selling solar brand. The company’s mission is “to make homeowners’ lives better by reducing their energy bills, increasing reliance on clean and abundant renewable energy and providing a world-class customer experience through a reliable sales process and a speedy, high-quality installation.” Blue Raven Solar believes all homeowners should have equal opportunity to invest in simple, reliable, affordable, high-quality solar power. Visit Blue Raven Solar at and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 


Join the movement | Blue Raven Solar | The Future of Energy. Today. 

About Comparably


Comparably is a leading workplace culture and compensation monitoring site that provides the most comprehensive and accurate representation of what it’s like to work at companies. Employees can anonymously rate their employers in nearly 20 workplace culture categories, providing the public a transparent and in-depth look at the experiences different segments of workers have based on gender, ethnicity, age, department, tenure, location, education, and company size.


Since launching in 2016, Comparably has accumulated 10 million ratings on 60,000 companies. The platform has become one of the fastest-growing SaaS solutions for employer branding and a trusted third-party site for workplace and salary data, most notably for its annual Best Places to Work series.

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