Glassdoor: Blue Raven Solar Is A Best Place to Work in 2021

blue raven solar best places to work
2021 Best Places to Work

Since 2014, Blue Raven Solar has prided itself on making homeowners’ lives better by reducing their energy bills, increasing reliance on clean and abundant renewable energy and providing a world-class customer experience through a reliable sales process and a speedy, high-quality installation.


By committing to following through with the principles in our mission statement, we’ve helped tens thousands of homeowners across the nation make the switch to clean and renewable energy! With each year of solar growth, we have the wonderful opportunity to bring on hundreds of new employees to the Blue Raven Solar Team.


It is our constant goal to provide the best work environment, opportunities for career advancement, great compensation and benefits, and opportunities to give back to the environment and community to all of our employees. This year we are proud to announce we are among the winners of the annual Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Awards Best Places to Work in 2021 list.


Unlike many other awards, there is no self-nomination or application process, instead it’s entirely based on the feedback our employees have voluntarily and anonymously shared on Glassdoor. With hundreds of reviews being evaluated over the past year, we are proud to be recognized as the 20th best place to work among U.S. companies with more than 1,000 employees.


In today’s post, we’d like to give you a glimpse into the work environment at Blue Raven Solar through the use of actual employee experiences.

A Conspiracy… A Group of Ravens


At Blue Raven Solar, we pride ourselves on company culture. From day one of an employee’s journey at Blue Raven Solar, we emphasize how each individual plays a specific role in helping accomplish the company’s mission statement.


In fact, Blue Raven Solar has a dedicated set of values showcasing how employees can fulfill the mission statement through three core values: develop a high trust culture, be efficient, and continuously improve. As each employee learns to work by the values listed above, the company becomes even more tight knit and performs at a higher capacity, which allows thousands of homeowners to benefit from solar energy!


After being ranked a top ten growth engine in Utah for four consecutive years, we are determined to keep our employees happy and continue expanding at a rapid rate. In order to accomplish those goals, Blue Raven Solar has created several initiatives to keep our team connected even during the COVID-19 pandemic. In August of 2020, we launched our Blue Raven Conspiracies program.


Through weeks of employee surveying, we’ve formed nine distinct conspiracies (a.k.a. a group of ravens) dedicated to helping employees form friendships outside of the office setting. So far, our employees have loved meeting and sharing their interests in book clubs, the outdoors, racquetball courts, restaurants, and so much more.


We’ve also started monthly Lunch and Learn events, which allow employees to share a passion or talent over a virtual lunch. All in all, we strive to put our employees first in order to create the best work environment possible!

glassdoor blue raven solar ratings and trends

What are Some Other Perks of Working at Blue Raven Solar?


No one will deny that free lunch Fridays and a loaded snack room are great perks, but at Blue Raven Solar we make sure that an “amazing” work environment provides employees with the opportunity to learn, grow, and to wear multiple hats.


Most employees dedicate all of their time and efforts to a specific team within the corporation. Each one of these teams is built up of several individuals, who are led by a team manager. Every quarter these individuals are able to set goals that are specific, measurable, actionable, results oriented, and time bound. Managers receive these goals and are then able to help members of their team achieve those goals through weekly and monthly training.


Thus, all employees can strive to continuously improve and accomplish the company’s mission statement. Many Blue Raven employees have the opportunity to switch roles across the company, become specialists and leads on their team, or even grow into leadership positions.


All in all, the combination of a fantastic company culture, opportunities to grow, and wonderful benefits packages has made Blue Raven Solar one of the top-rated companies to work at in the entire nation!


By taking a quick peek at our Glassdoor profile, you can see that 95% of employees would recommend working at BRS, 98% of employees approve of CEO Ben Peterson, and 86% of employees agree that the company is getting better and better! Now that we know why Blue Raven Solar is a great place to work, let’s see what actual employees say about the company!

What Do our Employees Say about Blue Raven Solar?


With more than 330 total reviews on Glassdoor, you can see that Blue Raven Solar provides a fantastic work environment, great pay and benefits, wonderful management, and opportunities to grow in your career.


Here are Some of Our Favorite Reviews from 2020:

blue raven solar employee reviews

“The leadership is truly top-notch. From the CEO down to mid-level managers, you have some of the brightest talent in Utah. You have the ability to learn from the best. The company values make work easy, as you know everyone is thinking about work in the same way.”

blue raven solar employee reviews

“Feels like your classic Google/Amazon type of tech company. Lots of fun amenities and complimentary snacks/benefits (ping pong, unlimited cereal and soda, gym, basketball court, etc.). Young workforce makes it a lot of fun. Quick growth/young company means you quickly get carried up in the organization and you feel like you’re a part of something important!”

blue raven solar employee reviews

“Unbelievable Compensation package. Truly best in the industry. Great people. Awesome opportunities for limitless income. Company integrity is beyond reproach.”

blue raven solar employee reviews

“Working at Blue Raven Solar gives you the opportunity to gain skills that are worth more than just the general “experience” you imagine when thinking of working for any other company. Blue Raven provides a career path, direct meetings with your manager, and helpful feedback to achieve your personal and professional goals. You have to actively try to not grow while working here. The culture is rich with values that are taken seriously, and friendship. Our quality of every interaction is taken very seriously and you can feel the worth of your work each day.”

blue raven solar employee reviews

“They are always looking for ways to improve as a company. There are plenty of ways to grow in the company and a variety of departments for many different skill sets. The leadership (including the CEO) is attentive to the needs of everyone around them.”

blue raven solar employee reviews

“Pay, work life balance, and working for an ethical company. I personally feel that there are no Cons to working at Blue Raven Solar!”

Should You Consider Working at Blue Raven Solar?


Of course, you should consider working at Blue Raven Solar! As the company continues to grow, 2021 will be filled with new opportunities and job openings. There are several places where you can locate the current available positions including:




Our Careers Page


We’d love to have you take a look at any of these pages to see if there is a position that fits your skill set and career path. Once again, we are so excited to accept Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice award and will continue to put our employees first! A huge thanks goes out to all our employees who took the time to share their perspective on what it’s like to work here!


We appreciate all the valuable feedback as it only helps us improve!

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