BRS Q&A: Part 1

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We find it incredibly valuable for homeowners to feel “solar-fluent” when considering going solar. Because of this, we always want to take the opportunity to answer your questions, and to address any misconceptions surrounding residential solar energy.


Our hope is to improve the general understanding of solar in the US and to provide reliable information to those who can benefit from it the most: current and future homeowners.


We invite you to review this quick list of FAQs, and to submit your own solar questions through Facebook or to

Will Solar Panels Work on My Roof?


The short answer is almost always yes! There are many factors that influence whether a roof, or a house for that matter, is a viable candidate for solar. Some of the most important ones are the size, materials, age, pitch (how steep), shade, and direction the roof faces. South-facing roofs have long been considered the best setup for solar system installation and production, but a system installed on a west or east-facing roof can also be productive.


Blue Raven offers customizable solar systems to meet the needs of your roof’s style, design, materials and pitch. If the health of your roof’s current framework or materials is a concern, you may want to consider replacing/revising before solar installation and most solar companies can help you make those arrangements.

What Happens If I Sell My Home?


Based on recent studies, rooftop solar systems add value to a home, and ownership is easy to transfer when the home is sold.


In addition, there has been growing interest in pre-installed solar systems with prospective buyers willing to pay as much as $15,000 more for a home with a 3.6 kW system.


If you own a solar power system and are thinking about selling your home, include the value of the system, not just the value of your loan, in the purchase price of the home. After all, your buyer is moving into a home where they likely will not have to pay a utility bill.

What Are Some Considerations for Going Solar?


We believe that going solar is a win-win for both our customers and the environment, but depending on your situation, going solar may not be for everyone:


  1. Not Every Home Qualifies for Solar


Solar companies traditionally perform a thorough evaluation of homes and roofs before approving pending solar installations. The following is a list of reasons why a home may be denied:


  • Unstable roof framing
  • Local building codes do not permit solar installation
  • Community regulations prohibit solar systems


  1. Not Everyone Qualifies for Solar Financing


Similar to purchasing a vehicle, financing options are available to qualified buyers. Those interested in financing their solar systems must apply and be approved for a loan in the amount of their system. In the event the loan application is denied, an alternative payment method will be required to secure the installation.


  1. Your Location May Limit Your Solar Experience


If your home is completely shaded or has extreme sun blockage, you will not experience the benefits experienced by a fully sunbathed home.

Is There a “Right” Time to go Solar?


There is no time like the present; the sooner you install, the sooner you can start saving money and producing clean energy.


However, solar systems produce energy at different rates throughout the year. Given the typical 6-12-week installation process, we suggest an early spring installation to maximize the lengthy sunlight of the summer months!

How Much Can I Actually Save?


study conducted by the NC Clean Energy Technology Center shows that urban homeowners save between $44 and $187 per month on average after switching to solar energy.


That’s between $500 and $2,200 a year or $2,600 and $11,220 every five years! In addition, our unique BluePower Plus+™ product allows homeowners to pocket 18-months-worth of loan payments up front, so you can enjoy utility bill-free energy for a year and a half!

Are You Ready To Go Solar?


We’ve said it before and we are sure to say it again: the time to go solar is now. Never before in the history of photovoltaics have entire solar systems been readily available to the average homeowner. It is simply unprecedented, and we want you to take advantage of the opportunity.


Contact us today, and receive a free quote tailored to your property and energy consumption!

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