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When it comes to rooftop solar, we know there is almost nothing better than getting a monthly energy bill less consisting of only a small connection fee. As those monthly savings continue year after year, homeowners with solar systems can expect to pay off their initial investment within 5-7 years of their purchase. Once their system is paid off, homeowners unlock extremely cheap power and increase the value of their homes. We cannot think of a better way to save money and ensure long-term savings. 


Although most solar owners are happy with their purchase, the trend of owning solar has yet to become mainstream. In fact, only 6% of American homeowners own solar.1 The lack of solar popularity is largely due to misinformation and the high price of solar panels. 


At Blue Raven Solar, we try to educate our customers on all the positive and negative effects of solar as well as clarify any questions or concerns. It is our hope that when a homeowner chooses to go solar, they can feel confident enough in their purchase to recommend our services to a neighbor, friend, or family member. It might seem strange to refer a friend to a solar company, but with a few helpful tips, solar owners can be ready to recommend solar to just about anyone! Blue Raven Solar also offers a tiered referral program. Details include: $500 for the first referral who goes solar with Blue Raven Solar, $1,000 for the second, and $1,500 for the third (and every additional) referral! 

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How Do I Recommend Solar to a Friend?

Most consumers tend to shy away from or even forget about recommending a product to a friend or family member. When it comes to solar energy and independence, many homeowners might refrain from referring a friend because of the price tag. Luckily, the more a product is enjoyed, the more likely we are to recommend it.


If you love your solar panels, here are a variety of ways to bring it up in a conversation:

1. The New Install Approach

One of the biggest marketing advantages of solar is it is installed outside. With new black panels spanning across your roof, neighbors and friends can quickly become curious and want to know why you decided to go solar. This provides the perfect opportunity for solar owners to highlight the variety of solar benefits that are hard to pass up. Oftentimes, your neighbors will approach you to ask more questions.  


When a neighbor, friend, or family member comes to you and asks questions, the best thing you can do is tell them why you love your new system and recommend they get a free quote for their house.

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2. The Power Bill Approach

One of the main benefits of going solar is the homeowner begins to own their energy. Rather than having to pay a utility company for the energy they use at a price they cannot control, solar owners can generate all the power they need. In some cases, even build up a surplus to be used in the future or sold back to the utility company at a specific rate. 


What homeowner does not want to control the cost of their electric bill? By simply asking a friend or a neighbor if they are tired of paying a high electricity bill, you can create an opportunity to present residential solar. 


To lead them into an effective conversation, you can ask, “Have you ever considered solar?” By asking this simple question or similar like it, you will better understand their thoughts are on solar and if it is in their future. If your questions and experience pique their interest, then you can recommend they talk to one of our solar specialists. Reassure them the consultation is 100% free and that there are no risks associated with getting a custom quote

3. The Electric Car Approach

With almost every brand of automobile releasing a new electric vehicle (EV) model, electric cars are becoming increasingly more common in America. They also provide a conversation starter to recommending solar – owning an electric car means having to pay a higher monthly electricity bill. Solar energy would be the perfect investment for an EV owner. 


Like their vehicle, solar is a sustainable energy source, and it allows them to avoid one of the biggest downsides of having an electric vehicle. The best way to approach the conversation is to first ask how they like their new car. If they give a positive response, it is more than likely they will be interested or at least open to the idea of solar, and they will naturally have more questions about your experience. This opens the opportunity for you to recommend they reach out and receive a free solar quote! 

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4. The Eco-Friendly Approach

Another approach to engage in conversation about solar is to talk about its impact on the environment. The average residential solar system will offset energy produced by almost 170 tons of carbon dioxide in its lifetime, similar to burning 80 tons of coal. These eye-opening and impactful statistics can make any homeowner rethink their impact on the environment. 


You can also mention how Blue Raven Solar has developed a partnership with GivePower Foundation, which builds solar-powered desalination water farms producing up to 70,000 liters of clean water per day for communities in areas that do not have access to clean water. With every Blue Raven Solar installation, we donate a portion to GivePower, providing access to clean water to people all over the world. 


By highlighting the environmental and social benefits of going solar, your neighbors and friends will be more than willing to see if solar is right for them. 

Why Should I Recommend Solar to a Friend?

With a variety of new ways to bring up solar into a conversation, you might be wondering: what’s in it for me?  


If helping a friend or family member is not enough to convince you to promote solar, we have created a referral reward program to give you $500 for your first friend who goes solar with Blue Raven Solar, $1,000 for the second, and $1,500 for the third friend and every friend after that. 


There is no limit to how many friends you can refer to Blue Raven Solar or rewards you can receive! 


To make the referral process simple, we have created a page to include all the details of the referral program and a space to enter the contact information of anyone you want to refer. 

If you prefer to call in and talk to one of our solar specialists about a specific referral, you can call us at (855)-826-4948.

Blue Raven Solar Needs Your Help

Blue Raven Solar values each one of our customers and their opinions and recommendations. We know there is no one better way to highlight the advantages of a residential solar than someone’s next-door neighbor, friend, or family member – so reach out and share solar your solar story today. 


Help those you care about make the switch to solar energy! 

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