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Now is the Best Time to Go Solar

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If you have ever talked to a solar company or met a solar sales representative, you’ve probably heard the phrase:

Now is the best time to go solar!

This simple phrase can draw initial curiosity from homeowners, but often solar companies and their sales reps fail to back up their bold claim. Unfortunately, this phrase becomes cliché and homeowners miss out on an opportunity to understand the benefits of installing solar at the right time.


Here at Blue Raven Solar, it is our primary goal to take care of our customers by helping them understand all the benefits of owning a solar system. In today’s post, we will explain why late Winter/early Spring, RIGHT NOW, is the best time to go solar!

blue raven solar customers
The Mecham Family went Solar with Blue Raven in February of 2015

Installed Before Summer Months


Because going solar is such a large investment, timing can make a huge impact on a homeowner’s overall satisfaction in owning a solar system. Of course, homeowners can decide to put solar on their roof whenever they want, but those who decide to go solar in late Winter/early Spring see the most immediate results from their panels.


Let me explain…. Solar companies try their absolute best to make their customer’s solar journey pain-free and easy. Because of this, many customers don’t realize that solar companies dedicate hundreds of hours to planning, designing, permitting, and installing for every single home going solar.


This is why a typical customer’s solar journey, from decision to having a fully functioning system, takes several months (1 or 2 months on average for Blue Raven Solar customers). Thus, by deciding to go solar in late Winter/early Spring, most customers will have their systems up and running by the month of April right before the sunny summer season.

how sun hits solar panels throughout year

Banking Electricity Credits Through Net Metering


As your system starts producing energy in the Summer, you’ll notice that your electricity bills will get smaller and smaller. At some point in the summer months, your system will likely produce more electricity than your house uses. That is where net metering comes in. Net metering is a two-way billing arrangement between utility companies and customers accounting for the two-way flow of electricity between the power grid and customer-owned power generators.


When solar panel owners generate more electricity than they use, the utility company will use that surplus power and give the homeowner an energy credit. These energy credits can be used during months or times when the solar panels do not produce enough energy to fully power the home. By going solar in late Winter/early Spring, homeowners can have low energy bills throughout the year, resulting in a phenomenal start to an excellent long-term investment.

Solar Tax Credits


For the past several years, one of the greatest short-term benefits of going solar has been the governments distribution of tax credits. Unfortunately, the federal government has begun to decrease the amount that new solar owners can receive each year.


This year was the first cut from 30% to 26%, but in 2021 it will be decreased to 22% and in 2022 there will be no tax credit given out. That extra 4% can save homeowners more than a thousand dollars on a new solar system. If a homeowner were to wait until 2022 to go solar, they would be missing out on thousands of dollars in tax credits.


By going solar now, homeowners that have a federal tax liability can easily have their system installed in 2020 so that they can apply and receive the 26% tax credit, and avoid any chance at receiving a smaller reimbursement.

solar tax credit schedule

Rising Electricity Bills


It is no secret that electric bills are on the rise. Utility companies will continue to raise prices and homeowners will have no way to get around expensive electricity bills. Over the last 20 years, the price of electricity has gone up by more than 60%.


The U.S. Energy Information Agency projects that residential electricity prices will continue to rise by at least 1% a year over the next 5 years. So even if your electricity usage doesn’t increase, your bills are still going to end up being more expensive. Going solar is a great way to combat rising energy bills, because your panels produce energy independent of the price of electricity. If installed properly, your system can cover most of your bill throughout the year and create a surplus of energy during the summer.

electricity bills increase over time graph

Now is the Time to Switch with Blue Raven Solar


Whether it be taking advantage of the sunny summer months, getting a tax credit, or avoiding the rising cost of electricity, there will never be a better time to go solar than right now. Take the first step by requesting a free solar savings quote and talk to one of our solar specialists to see how solar can save you thousands.

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