Now is the Best Time to Go Solar

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If you have ever talked to a solar company or met a solar sales representative, you have probably heard about solar energy, the potential savings, and at the end of it all, the phrase: 


“Now is the best time to go solar!” 


This simple phrase can draw initial curiosity from homeowners, but often solar companies and their sales representatives fail to back up their bold claim. We talk about savings you will want to take advantage of sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, this phrase has become cliché, and because of its overuse and lack of facts to back it up, homeowners may miss out on an opportunity to understand the benefits of installing solar at the right time. You might wonder if there is or was even any real truth to the statement and where it came from, or maybe you are curious why solar consultants are so adamant about it.  


Here at Blue Raven Solar, we want to help homeowners understand the benefits of owning a solar system. We will explain why late winter and early spring is the best time to go solar and how you can take advantage of the savings!

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Install before Summer Months

Going solar is such a large investment; therefore, timing can make an impact on a homeowner’s overall satisfaction in owning a solar system. Homeowners can decide to put solar on their roof whenever they want, but those who decide to go solar in late winter or early spring see immediate results from their panels. 




Most solar companies try to make their customers’ solar journey pain-free and easy.


Many customers do not realize solar companies dedicate hundreds of hours to planning, designing, permitting, and installing every single home going solar, and that each one is unique and custom.  


Switching to solar energy can be a bit tricky behind the scenes, but most companies (including Blue Raven Solar) will show you the best parts and the progress of your project, and the time between. When working with Blue Raven Solar, you can rest assured we are doing everything we can to move your project forward. In fact, a part of our mission statement is to provide homeowners with speedy, high-quality installations! We are constantly striving to be more efficient and reduce our project times. 


The solar installation process involves several parties. A typical customer’s solar journey, from decision to having a fully functioning system, can take several months (1 or 2 months on average for Blue Raven Solar customers). Thus, by deciding to go solar in late winter or early spring, most customers will have their systems up and running by the month of April, which is right before summer begins, and it will be ready to give them power when they need to turn down their thermostats and get a bit more cool air inside to combat the heat outside!

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Banking Electricity Credits through Net Metering

As your system starts producing energy in the summer, you will notice your electricity bills will become lower. Your system will likely produce more electricity than your house uses. Do not worry—that excess energy is not wasted! This is where net metering comes in.  


Net metering is a two-way billing arrangement between a utility company and customers accounting for the two-way flow of electricity between the power grid and customer-owned power generators. 


When solar panel owners generate more electricity than they use, the utility company will use the surplus power and give the homeowner an energy credit. These energy credits can be used during months or times when the solar panels do not produce enough energy to fully power the home.  


If you decide to go solar during optimal times of the year, homeowners can have low energy bills throughout the year, resulting in a great start to an excellent long-term investment with decades of return.  


Different states and utility companies have different policies and programs for net metering, which may change the amount of credit you receive for each kWh of electricity. Check with your local utility company for details about how you can save even more money with net metering.  Our team will always take this into consideration when advising you on energy savings as an individual homeowner.  

Solar Tax Credits

One of the greatest short-term benefits of going solar has been the government’s distribution of tax credits. Beginning in 2022, homeowners who purchase a solar panel system are eligible for a federal income tax credit of up to 30% of the cost of their system! 


By going solar now, homeowners who have a federal tax liability can easily have their system installed in 2022 so that they can apply and receive the 30% tax credit. This credit is one of the biggest reasons we say that now is the best time to go solar—with that credit, homeowners can use the savings to help pay for their system or on their other taxes, or anything else they want!  


Solar companies and legislators supporting renewable energy have come together to pass bills bringing more incentives, whether it be tax credits, property tax increase exemptions, or other returns, and they will continue to do this for as long as it takes to keep solar energy affordable and accessible. Blue Raven Solar has been part of these movements and will continue to support legislation providing more methods for homeowners to make the switch to clean, renewable energy through solar power.  

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Rising Electricity Bills

It is no secret electricity bills are on the rise. Utility companies will continue to raise prices and homeowners will have no way to get around expensive electricity bills. Energy rates have risen on average 1.8% each year for the past 25 years and utility companies have no plans to stop those increases (via SolarReviews). 


The U.S. Energy Information Agency projects residential electricity prices will continue to rise by at least 1% a year over the next 5 years, and potentially more as fossil fuels become less available (as they do take millions of years to form). Even if your electricity usage does not increase, your bills are still going to end up being more expensive. You can do your best to decrease your electricity usage with energy-saving methods, but you will likely not see any savings on your bills because of those price hikes.  


Going solar is a great way to combat rising energy bills, because your solar panel system produces energy independent of the price of electricity. If installed properly, your system can cover most of your bill throughout the year. Typically, solar panels produce a surplus of energy during the summer months too. 

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Now is the Time!

Whether it be taking advantage of the sunny summer months, getting a tax credit, or avoiding the rising cost of electricity, there will never be a better time to go solar than right now. Take the first step by requesting a free solar savings quote and talk to one of our solar specialists. The sooner you make the switch, the sooner you can start experiencing those savings. 


With Blue Raven Solar, you can experience the future of energy, today! We are dedicated to bringing solar owners the best possible products and services, and our top priority is our customers.  


Our solar specialists are ready to help you find the solar energy solution that works best for you and your home. We will not pressure you into making any decisions, but we will give you our honest and informed opinions about how you could potentially benefit from installing a clean, renewable energy system. There are several reasons we might advise homeowners in this direction, and you can read about them here 


Are you ready to experience savings and learn about how solar energy can help you and your wallet?  


Talk to a Blue Raven Solar specialist or find how you can save!

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