Solar Panels

So, you are looking to make the switch to solar energy for your home.


You have discovered the potential for future savings, seen the carbon emissions offsets, and decided that becoming your own power plant is the best path for you and your family.


The only thing you are worried about is how to handle the upfront cost of the solar system, and even though you know it will pay itself off in several years, the cost of financing the system may or may not be less than what you are currently paying your utility company for power. You may even live in a state where the cost of electricity is low compared to the national average.


Fortunately, Blue Raven has created a brand-new product that allows you to save money on your electricity immediately, regardless of what you are paying today.


Financing Options


When you make the decision to go solar, you are faced with a lot of details about all kinds of things you have never had to even consider before, and Blue Raven Solar is here to help you sail smoothly through every one of them.


We take care of permitting, inspections, final installments, and everything in between, so you will not need to worry about anything except flipping the “on” switch and the savings in your future.


How does that help the financial issue, you may wonder?


Well, we leave no stone unturned here at Blue Raven Solar, so we went ahead and took care of the financing possibilities for your system as well, and we have several options, including our award-winning BluePower+.



BluePower+ has helped thousands of our customers save money by switching to solar energy, and that is something we are extremely proud of.


The first 18 months of the loan are free for you, because we send you a monthly check to cover the cost. But that only lasts for a year and a half, and while it is an awesome way to save money while going solar and thousands have used this option to join the solar movement and reduce their utility bills, we always remember our third value of “Continuously Improve.”


We knew that we could do even better for our future customers’ savings potential. So, we put our heads together and came up with an entirely new option, and we call it SmartStart.



SmartStart is the newest and most innovative financing option that the solar industry has to offer. We took the best parts of our previous options and added even more benefits so that customers get the maximum savings on their systems.


With SmartStart, you not only get the first 18 months of solar for an extremely low amount offered by the lender, but Blue Raven Solar extends that benefit for another 42 months! After the 18-month deal with the lender for low costs runs out, we will continue to send you a check every month so that your payment stays the same for 5 total years.


These kinds of savings have never been seen before—SmartStart is changing the face of solar financing with its massive savings potential for all our customers, and we are so excited to be launching this innovative path to more solar savings.


We hope that you will take advantage of this amazing opportunity to help your wallet and to help the earth, because there really is no downside.


With SmartStart, you can produce your own energy for your home with tens of thousands of dollars of savings over the lifetime of your solar system.

The Blue Raven Difference


Here, at Blue Raven Solar, we feel strongly about providing the best experience to all our customers in every way that we can, including customer service, high quality products, and a speedy installation.


We also believe in helping homeowners save money while helping the world build a reliance on clean energy instead of nonrenewable pollutants for their power—fossil fuels cannot last forever, and they release chemicals into the air that are awful for the earth and for our bodies.


Going solar is a great step for homeowners to take. We feel that it is a big enough deal that it deserves recognition, which is why we never stop working to come up with the best possible processes, financing, and services.


SmartStart is a testament to our nonstop efforts to make the solar experience even better for our customers. You can be part of that experience today!


Contact us—we are ready to go when you are.

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