Why Work at Blue Raven Solar?

Blue Raven Solar is growing. More homeowners across the nation are discovering we can help them save thousands of dollars on their utility bills with solar energy. Recently, we were placed on the Utah Business Magazine’s Fast 50 for a fourth consecutive year, our growth isn’t slowing down, and we are excited for what the future will bring for both our organization and for our customers.

Our team has expanded to five new states and several new cities, meaning not only has our customer base grown, but our team has, too. In 2022 alone, we have increased our organization by 35% in our corporate office and by 25% in our sales and field offices in 22 states of operation.

It is no secret Blue Raven Solar is not only a great company to go solar with, but also a great company to work with – the only way we have grown so quickly and consistently is because each member of our team is dedicated to making the world a better place. We are proud of the environment we have created that has encouraged success.

Having a positive workplace and culture is something we have prioritized since our founding. Our values are focused on making homeowners’ lives better through trust and communication, efficiency, and continuous improvement, but those values do not focus solely on our customers. Building a culture within the workplace also relies on these values has shown us time and time again that when our employees are prioritized, the organization thrives.

We acknowledge it is not just our values that drive positivity. There are other aspects Blue Raven Solar provides to team members to create happy, optimistic, and successful employees. So, we decided to ask!


We asked a couple of our corporate employees to tell us about their roles and responsibilities and about their favorite part of being a Raven. Their answers provided profound insights into individual experiences Blue Raven Solar cultivates through leadership and work environment!

Blue Raven Solar Cares


One of the most common answers to the question “What do you love about Blue Raven Solar?” was every individual feel like they are valued, and they belong here. Our managers and team leads care about every person they work with, and they work hard to go out of their way to show it. An inspections coordinator, Jennie Treddenbarger, answered the question “Why Blue Raven Solar?” with a simple “Because they care.”  


Nothing is more important than the health, safety, and happiness of our team, so it was wonderful to confirm our goals were not only being met but being exceeded.  

Career Growth


Another popular response was Blue Raven Solar’s leadership wants employees to be successful in their individual careers. This does not mean we want them to be successful only at Blue Raven Solar, but anywhere their paths may take them! Our managers and management trainees work hard to provide guidance for coworkers and specialists, and even our upper-level executives make time for each employee who wants to talk about professional goals and aspirations. We also have flexible schedules for employees who may be students, so they can continue to work towards their personal and professional goals while developing in a professional environment and adding experience to their resumes.



We heard from several colleagues that they love Blue Raven Solar because of the people they work with and the friends they have made during their time here. “Everyone is like one big family,” said Team Lead Emily Holman. Everyone who joins a team at Blue Raven Solar is immediately welcomed into a family without hesitation, and that is something we are extremely proud of. Within each team, there are daily efforts to cultivate friendships and build unified teams. We also have “conspiracies,” or affinity groups, creating a space for everyone to find like-minded individuals they connect with outside of their team and/or department.  



Though we knew there were reasons not covered by our values, we were glad to hear it confirmed our values are important to our team and most importantly standards are integral parts of their professional experiences. As we said, our mission and values are not solely focused on customers, but rather incorporated into everyday work and relationships. Building a high-trust culture, prioritizing efficiency, and striving for continuous improvement all bring valuable interpersonal and professional skills to our internal teams. Through trusting one another, we build relationships and deliver on commitments. Learning and practicing efficiency helps increase our problem-solving skills and critical thinking. Continuous improvement is something every Raven strives for, creating professionals with open minds, humility, and a constant development of skills. 


Many of our employees do not leave our values at work and incorporate the principles into their personal lives, making them more reliable, practical, and intuitive of their abilities.  

Join Our Movement

With our steady growth, we are so grateful we have so many team members who are excited about our organization, our mission, our customers, and each other. Building a structure of positivity in all aspects is important to our momentum. Each team member plays a role in making the world a better place. Through the dedication of our fantastic teams, we bring positive change to homeowners’ lives and to the world as we take the future into our own hands.  


At Blue Raven Solar, we know solar energy is the future. We are continually looking for bright minds and individuals who want to increase the reach of solar energy. Want to join the movement with a company you will love?


Apply today and change the world tomorrow. 

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