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“Blue Raven has been amazing to work with for the entire process. Their customer service is hands down five star. I had all sorts of issues and they were very helpful in fixing things. For instance I had an opt-out on my meter for solar radiation and they bought a radiation guard. I had issues with the thermostat and they covered the bill to have it fixed. Also, I had two solar companies approach me during this time and none of them offered to pay the first 18 months of our energy costs. They partnered with LoanPal, which lead to me refinancing my home at a better interest rate and in 15 years. I had been in a 33 year loan through the USDA. The entire experience has been amazing! The panels look great. My energy bills are so low. I am producing so much energy! My loan payment took the place of my electrical bill.”



“While it sounds too good to be true, so far so good. The estimate, the planning, the install, etc. everything so far has gone great. We have been making electricity for a couple of weeks so far. Sales Manager, Install Crew were great. Process was VERY easy, Blue Raven Solar took care of everything. They also pay your 1st 18 months of your solar panel loan and the first check arrived without any call center calls. Everything has been as promised, as discussed and as planned. Very happy so far.”



“Blue Raven did a good job of estimating how much solar we needed/could produce. 6 months in, we’re producing more energy than using in the house. Their customer service has been great. There was a couple of issues with install–the roof inspection said our roof was fine, but when the crew showed up they saw some missing shingles that caused us to hold off and replace the roof (side note, insurance covered). That pushed back the install, but the install itself went smoothly. So I’d probably go with 4.5 stars. They also had an incentive program that covered the first 18 months of payments and they’ve been covering that with 100% efficiency.”



“Blue Raven Solar was totally professional, competent and a delight to have working at my home. Each stage of the process from the consultant Ben to the installer Ivan and all in between was performed with the utmost efficiency. The feel good factor of helping the planet is also the icing on the cake. Many thanks.”



“I got quotes from several solar installers and put them up against each other. Blue Raven is the only one that seemed to care. Jesse Ryan was amazing. He took the competitors quotes and equipment seriously. Took my questions seriously and I asked several very technical questions that he had to go back to the vendors to get answers to. He worked with me to put together a loan with terms that I liked as I wasn’t interested in matching my electric bill. I am more interested in getting return on my investment in the long run. It took a few weeks but he and his management team worked with the banks to get a loan that was shorter and has no closing costs and at the end of it all was very close to paying with cash. Ended up being several thousand less than the standard offer and less than all of the competitor offers. Little higher monthly payment, but I don’t even care, I was thinking about paying cash anyways. Jesse was also able to address my concerns about critters messing up the panels as well as address technical concerns with the thermostat buy upgrade it to the Ecobee version with an API for me to control and adding a cell kit to the Enphase box since my WiFi password rotate regularly. The installation day went smoothly and all seems well as far as I can tell. The only complaint I have is that it took a while to get the thermostat installed. Not really a huge deal, not like I had a strict time table to keep. With solar don’t expect to have it done in a few weeks. Allow yourself like 3 months or so before you start the process and just be chill about it. They will get around to it eventually and do it right. Especially if you are going to ask for something slightly different at every turn like I did. They accommodated every ask and did a good job which is why I give them top remarks. If you can work with Jesse then do so, he is very easy work with and very good. I had several solar guys come give me quotes, Jesse actually seemed care and even had plenty of positive things to say about working for Blue Raven. I like to ask people I am doing business with what they feel about the culture of their workplace, a mini interview if you will. Helps make sure I am supporting places that treat their employees well.”



“I had previously done research into solar. I knew I wanted solar but I wasn’t sure if the cost benefit was there yet. The door salesman weren’t that impressive. But I signed up for a no pressure consultation. My thoughts going in was “this is not going to happen.” My thoughts going out. Was, “he said everything right.” First and foremost, the price was right. I love the companies that they use for their panels and for their inverters. I like the look of these panels better aesthetically then others. And it’s a hands off experience that was built to be as easy as possible. Summary: While my installation is complete, I just have to wait for it to get turned on after the inspection. From start to finish my process has been extremely well communicated. The process was easy and hands-off. Which is exactly what I wanted. The installers were respectful, quick, cleaned up after themselves and professional all around. I have already recommended someone for Blue Raven and I rarely recommend anybody for anything. But no matter how you look at it. The most important thing to me was how they have it structured financially and I am saving money. Love the company.”

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