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The Holy City offers Significant Solar Savings for Residents

Charleston sees nearly 230 days of sunshine each year. That alone makes the city an attractive place for residents to invest in renewable energy. As the effects of climate change push state energy planning to move away from fossil fuels, the average number of sunny days is not the only incentive for homeowners to consider.


With solar, your savings can start from the day your system is energized. Once you go solar you only have to worry about a consistent payment. As utility prices increase, your monthly payments stay the same! From there, you can also take advantage of Duke Energy’s solar rebate as well as tax credits on the cost of your system. With all these options there are plenty of ways to generate clean energy and save money doing it.


Join more than 130,000 homeowners who have made the switch. When you’re considering the cost of solar panels as an investment in your future, it helps to have a team of trusted experts to keep you informed throughout the process.

Incentivizes Solar Power

Incentivizes Solar Power


Charleston’s partnership with Duke Energy offers homeowners a $.60/watt residential solar rebate. Combine the rebate with the 25% tax credit offered by the state of South Carolina as well as the 30% tax credit available through the federal government’s Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and there are already savings enough to make the investment a no-brainer.

We Bring Solar Quality to Charleston

We Bring Solar Quality to Charleston


As a full-service solar provider, we offer you information and resources to help make your investment easy. We specialize in speedy installations, reliable customer service, and making the process hassle-free. We take care of design, permitting, and every step in between. Your switch to solar in Charleston is straightforward when you choose Blue Raven Solar.

Plans for a Green Future

Plans for a Green Future


As manufacturing costs for solar panels drop, Charleston has more opportunities to meet its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% before 2050. South Carolina has been incentivizing homeowners to make the switch to solar energy for years and is now 14th in the nation for solar production with more than 28,000 installations. The state encourages its communities to sustainably generate electricity, avoiding the harmful effects of pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


Charleston is one of the oldest cities in the country—older than the founding of the United States itself. Established as Charles Town in 1670 and known as the City of Churches, it has established itself as a melting pot of people and ideas. As a hub of history and delicious southern food, it is the perfect blend of old world beauty and new age innovation. 


Combine this with the pleasant weather residents and visitors alike enjoy and it’s no wonder why Blue Raven Solar has chosen South Carolina as a prime place to install solar panels. We’re here to help homeowners score major savings—all while saving the environment.


In our time in this city, we’ve found that Charleston’s residents understand how generating your own power through renewable energy saves big on electricity bills while also reducing the demand for fuels generating greenhouse gasses and worsening climate change.


Here are a few more reasons why Charleston is primed for solar panels.


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Charleston is one of our largest offices because of its government incentives and the city’s high number of sunny days. It would be enough to say more sunshine = more solar power = more savings. The reality, however, is homeowners in Charleston stand to save thousands of dollars through a variety of financial rebates and incentive programs.

Utility Rebates and Savings

When you pay your electricity bill every month, you’re essentially renting the right to your power. With solar power, you have the option of generating most or all of your energy through your own system. Duke Energy’s $.60/watt residential solar rebate available to Charleston homeowners could save you between $4,800 to $6,000, depending on the size of your system.

Net Metering

Some states offer net metering for homeowners. Net metering is when the electric company sees how much electricity you’ve used as well as how much you’ve produced. South Carolina’s net metering program lets homeowners receive a credit on their future utility bills if their system generates a surplus of energy. If you use less than expected, your excess power goes to the grid for others to use. If you generate enough power, the utility company may even compensate you for the power generated by your system.


Use Sunshine to Power Your Home and Decrease Your Energy Bill

Blue Raven Solar is here to walk you through the ins and outs of renewable energy while also providing you with plenty of options—making green energy more affordable.


Our BluePower Plus+ plan offers the best aspects of a power purchase agreement (PPA) but with the flexibility and financial benefit of owning your own solar system. It starts with 18 months of free solar power after installation—meaning you save what you would spend on electricity.


The SmartStart program aims to save you money over your first five years. Your monthly loan amount starts at a low, promotional amount from the lender for your first 18 months. Once the promotion ends, Blue Raven Solar will send you a check for the difference to keep your payments consistently low.

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Investing in solar panels in Charleston offers long-term savings. You save on your monthly utility bills, benefit from government and utility incentives, and can add to your home equity. With the best hardware—available through Blue Raven Solar—you ensure your savings keep coming for as long as the system lasts.


We customize your solar system with black monocrystalline panels and the highest-grade microinverters to provide high quality. Combine this sleek look with our 25-year manufacturer warranty and you can have peace of mind knowing your system will provide reliable power.


Photons from the sun strike your solar panels and activate the electrons in the photovoltaic cells. This forms a circuit of electrical current that your microinverter then routes to your home—powering your house, electric devices, and appliances with clean energy.


The utility company makes its money by holding the keys to your electricity. When you take control of your power, you become energy independent. When you take the time to explore and understand your renewable energy options—and choose a partner with your best interests at heart like Blue Raven Solar—you can invest in green energy to provide you and your home with your own power.


Climate change is affecting everyone, and we’re in the unique position to try and minimize the effects for the future. As the solar industry innovates, equipment becomes cheaper and homeowners benefit the most when they invest in affordable solar panels with a low-cost installation option.


Make your renewable energy process easy with a partner who walks you through each step. We can help you with solar installation to home storage solutions like batteries. Once you decide on a course of action, we handle the permitting and inspections required as well as the system design and installation—down to the energization of your home.


Request a Phone Call, Request a Text Message, or Connect Now via Live Chat

Solar technology is complicated and difficult to navigate without the proper equipment and expertise, which can make the choice to invest in a solar system daunting. But choosing the right team will reduce worry and confusion and make the entire process simple and straightforward. 


Blue Raven Solar has in-house support teams available to discuss your unique solar needs and design a custom solar panel system and payment plan to fit your property and budget. Get started by reaching out to a solar expert to discuss your energy usage and clean energy goals.


If you want to learn more about how solar panels can save you on utility costs in Charleston, request a phone call or request a text message.

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Customer Reviews in Charleston, South Carolina

Based on 435 reviews
Mark S.
Mark S.
18:15 14 Feb 23
Blue Raven is great. Everything was easy. They did it all and answered every question. The install crew was friendly and professional. The... electrician made turning on the system as easy as throwing a switch. Our sales person was our main contact and she always got back to us right away. We are very satisfied and have no complaints or suggestions for more
dan W.
dan W.
19:22 10 Jan 23
Felippe was professional and very straightforward and informative. I have only received initial meetings and a site inspection at this point. Waiting... for them to get permitting and then setup appointment for installation at this time. I will update as we progress forward.Solar installation has been completed now 3 months. From start to finish, these guys have been top notch. Highly recommended!read more
Ebony G.
Ebony G.
15:46 16 Nov 22
The company handled all permits with the town and contact with my HOA, and for the final inspection. I didn’t have to do anything! The installers... were very professional and very nice. Whatever question I had, they were thorough with answering. The young man was very nice when he was setting up my thermostats, took his shoes off before he walked on my carpet. He was very hospitable. He explained thoroughly how to setup my app for the thermostats. I would definitely recommend this more
Bryan S.
Bryan S.
16:40 09 Nov 22
The Blue Raven Installation Crew showed up this morning exactly on time. First impression, check! The crew leader introduced himself and the part... of his crew that showed earlier than others that were picking up materials for the job. I had worked the night before and had gotten home about an hour and a half before they showed up. Chatted a bit told them where everything was and to call my wife if they needed anything as I was going to sleep for at least four hours that I would be up around noon or so to make sure they were good and check the work out with my drone. That was the perfect way to check things out without getting in their way or bothering them. Sleeping pill then alarm. I spent enough time in the desert that I could sleep through a mortar attack. I think I woke up once only because they were literally on my head hammering and using the "boot hammer" right above me. Later I had to run a couple of errands let them know I would he back in a bit. They probably heard that a thousand times. My son was here so he could call if there were any issues but the man running the show wanted to give me a quick tour of where they would be and what the next step was after the install was complete. TODAY. Not come back in the morning as scheduled. They powered through a day with great weather and installed the whole system in one day. Second impression, check. Came home and boom, they were done. Everything looked great. Next is a new meter from the electric company, city inspection and crossing our finger's. As far as job site looks, safety , professionalism, third check accomplished. Clean site, from a drone camera's eye it looks great. I just had surgery so I won't be climbing on the roof until I can sneak up and take a look without my wife catching me. But it looks as planned on paper and every thing looks straight, neat, clean lines and no trash as far as I could see. AWESOME JOB DUDES! If Blue Raven doesn't give these guys a raise they are crazy. They CRUSHED IT! I am planning on downloading pictures and video from the drone and posting later.....unless i forget!read more
ayman A.
ayman A.
11:45 07 Nov 22
The best
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Single level house with neutral tones and custom solar panel system installed on front of house


Blue Raven Solar commits to making solar energy accessible, affordable, and approachable for every Charleston homeowner.

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Benefit from 18 months of free solar power with our BluePower Plus+ plan, giving you superior returns and flexibility.

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Learn how Blue Raven Solar can help you save financially and environmentally by making the smart switch to powering your own home.

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