Solar Tax Credits in Utah

Qualifying for the Utah Solar Tax Credit

All of our customers with a taxable income qualify for the U.S. federal tax credit (it’s technically called the Investment Tax Credit). Utah customers may also qualify for a state tax credit in addition to the federal credit.

The Utah credit is calculated at 25% of the eligible cost of the system or $1600, whichever amount is less. The process to claim the Utah renewable energy tax credit is relatively simple and straightforward to follow. It involves filling out and submitting the state’s TC-40 form with your state tax returns each year.

Utah State Tax Credit Instructions

To claim your solar tax credit in Utah,
you will need to do 2 things.


  1. Claim the credit on your TC-40a form (submit with your state taxes).
  2. File for the TC-40e form (you request this then keep the record


Below you will find instructions for both.

Download Instructions

Download Form

Follow these instructions to guide you through the TC-40a form:


Under “Part 4 – Nonapportionable Nonrefundable Credits,” write in the number 21 under the “Code” column for “Renewable residential energy systems credit.”


Under the “Amount” column, write in $1,600

a. $1,600 is the maximum amount of credit you can get for solar in the state of Utah and all our systems qualify for the maximum credit.


Fill out the rest of the form as you normally would when filing your state taxes. File with your state taxes.

Follow these instructions to guide you through the TC-40e form:

To apply for the TC-40e form, go to (This can also be done via paper, the same instructions apply).


Create an account.


Click the “Start Program” button and select the top option with “PV solar panels” included.


Follow the steps to pay the Application Fee. 


Begin the RESTC – Solar PV application by selecting “Residential” and filling in your address.


Select the answer to “Have you claimed a Utah state tax credit for a separate system at this location?”  


Names that should appear on the TC-40E tax credit certificate form: Fill in the name of the person filing the taxes and enter your email address. 


Is the solar panel grid connected? Select yes! 


What is the solar PV system output capacity? This can be found in your proposal or permit pack. 


Select the year that the installation was complete and indicate if you received a rebate or grant. 


Fill in the cost of the system minus any battery costs you may have. 


Select who you are: Recipient or Representative.


Upload utility confirmation 

  • Attach a file of your countersigned net metering agreement (you should have gotten this from your utility company. Give them a call if you don’t have it on file) 

Upload Invoice or Loan Agreement 

  • Attach a file of your invoice for the panels or your loan agreement. 

Upload a Picture of the Solar System Installed 

  • Upload a file of your installation pictures. 

Submit your application!

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