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Orem, Utah, is a leader in residential solar power, focused on making the switch to reliable, clean energy simple. With Utah’s active 10-year solar deployment plan, and significant federal and state tax credits for going solar, it’s easy to take advantage of incentives and save on a solar installation


Headquartered right here in Orem, Blue Raven Solar is dedicated to maximizing your savings and providing reliable, high-quality rooftop solar systems designed to handle your energy needs. If you are looking for solar companies offering the best system with the best savings, Blue Raven Solar is here for you!

Clean Energy in the Heart of Utah

Clean Energy in the Heart of Utah


Solar energy is one of the fastest growing industries in the nation, and some cities have embraced this new frontier of clean energy. Orem residents can take advantage of the available tax credits along with local utility net metering programs, where the power company will pay you for the excess electricity generated by your rooftop solar system, which flows back into the grid.

Unmatched Quality

Unmatched Quality


Blue Raven Solar is committed to providing top-quality solar equipment, technology in line with the latest advancements, and a superior customer experience. Our in-house team of solar specialists can guide you through each step of the process to make installing solar panels on your home easy and straightforward.

With approximately 11,000 homes powered by solar in Chicago alone, we’re excited to be part of the revolution. Over the next 5 years, Illinois is projected to rank 20th in state rankings for solar energy, with a goal of meeting 25% of energy needs with renewable energy sources by 2025.

Jumpstart Your Solar Savings

Jumpstart Your Solar Savings


Generating your own power is guaranteed to save you money in the long run as you’ll no longer have to worry about yearly electricity rate increases. As one of the top solar companies in Orem, Blue Raven Solar can help you jumpstart your savings with an energy production guarantee and exclusive financing options, such as the BluePower Plus+ program, which offers 18 months of free solar power.


As we continue supporting Utah’s firm dedication to a future of clean energy, Orem is a perfect place to make the switch to solar. With over 100,000 people living in this city, adding solar panels on even a small percentage of homes can contribute and help achieve the state’s energy goals. Here are a few reasons Orem is ideal to go solar.


First, despite the cold winters, the clear, open skies ensure year-round sunlight, making reliable solar energy generation possible in even the darkest months. 


Second, the Utah Department of Energy is operating a 10-year solar deployment plan, working with solar companies like Blue Raven Solar to drastically reduce solar installation costs in Orem and the surrounding areas. 


In addition, Utah offers a state tax credit of 25% of the cost of your system for switching to solar, on top of the current 30% federal tax credit


Blue Raven Solar’s expert team is what makes us one of the best solar companies. We’re here to make the switch easy so you can cut down your utility costs and generate your own electricity.


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Find the Financing Plan Right for You

At Blue Raven Solar we recognize the need for financing specific to your budget—just like you need a solar system custom to your home. It is why we’ve created several different financing options.


BluePower Plus+ is an innovative financing plan designed to secure your solar savings before you begin making payments. This option combines the long-term financing of a third-party solar lease or power purchase agreement (PPA) with the return on investment, tax benefits, and flexibility of solar ownership. With this option, you don’t begin paying on your system for 18 months, transforming your utility bill into reliable monthly savings you can use to pay for your system. 


SmartStart is one of the best ways to start saving money on your system from day one. SmartStart begins with a low 18-month promotional rate offered by our lenders, which we will then match with a 42-month extension, ensuring the same low starting rate for a full five years.


Solar is an exciting option for cities and homeowners who want to make the switch to renewable energy—and we are excited to help make it possible. Even so, solar may not be the best fit for some homes or budgets. 

To provide all the details and empower you to make the best choice, our solar specialists perform a full inspection of your Orem home and evaluate past energy usage to give you an honest cost analysis and help you determine if solar is right for you.

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As one of the best residential solar companies in Orem, we are dedicated to providing residents with a top-quality solar panel installation and service to ensure your system is saving you the most money. We do this by installing energy-efficient equipment to empower you to gather, store, and use the sun’s energy effectively. 


We use premium tier-1, monocrystalline, black panels. They are not only higher quality, but they also blend in better with your roof, helping to maintain and increase the resale value of your home. 


We have streamlined our process from the first consultation through energization. Your solar panel system will be customized for your home and budget to get the best solution for your money. Our survey team will ensure the optimal positioning before finalizing the design of your solar array.


Once your design is finalized, our team handles everything—including obtaining building permits, getting approval from your HOA if applicable, scheduling inspections, and each step of solar installation in Orem. The entire process is often completed in one to two months, which is another reason we’re one of the best solar companies to partner with.


Your system includes a 25-year manufacturer warranty, a production guarantee, a workmanship warranty, and a roof penetration warranty.


The sun radiates enough energy every 90 minutes to power the entire globe for a year. While we haven’t yet discovered how to harness the full power of the sun, with the right equipment you can generate more than enough electricity to keep up with the needs of your household. Blue Raven Solar combines this technology with incredible customer service to earn our spot as one of the best solar companies in the area. We make all of it almost as easy as flipping a switch.


The price of solar equipment has decreased in recent years. With federal and Utah state tax incentives coupled with smart financing options, solar energy is more accessible. In the current market, a quality rooftop solar system will often pay for itself in just a few years.


Solar technology works through photovoltaic (PV) panels. When sunlight is absorbed by the PV cells the photons are activated, creating electrical charges, which move in response to the internal electrical field of the cell. This electrical current then passes through a power inverter to convert the current into usable electricity to power your home, appliances, and electronics.


Going solar is a multi-step process. It begins with an initial consultation and design, and then moves on to permitting, inspections, and finally energization of your system so you can enjoy all the benefits of solar power.


Our team is dedicated to standing by your side. As a top solar company, we’ll take care of the details and keep you updated throughout each process step.


Over 60% of our nation’s power is still generated from burning fossil fuels. The use of a limited resource is not only unsustainable, but it is an ongoing source of toxic pollution poisoning our air, water, and food. 


We believe a switch to clean, sustainable energy is critical to combating these negative effects. This is why we are dedicated to helping as many people as we can—in Orem and the nation as a whole—shift to solar to reduce our reliance on other fuel sources.


Our Team is Here to Answer Your Questions

Making the decision to add a solar system to your home is a big decision. Our expert team is here to answer all of your questions so you can make the best choice based on your situation and unique installation needs.


If you’re interested in discussing how going solar could reduce your utility bills while protecting the environment, feel free to call or request a text message. We serve Orem and surrounding cities.

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Reviews in Orem

Based on 667 reviews
Alex K.
Alex K.
20:16 26 May 23
We were referred to Blue Raven and are so excited to have gotten our solar panels after receiving a $700 electric bill. What made the experience... wonderful was how much knowledge (and patience) Blue Raven gifted us, being that we didn’t know the first thing about the process and benefits of going Solar. The customer service was what sold us and I only hope more people take advantage of this company and enjoy having their own energy production. Not to mention how nice their panels look on our roof compared to most other companies.read more
Jadon H.
Jadon H.
17:45 26 May 23
Working with Blue Raven for our solar needs has been a really pleasant experience. They were thorough in explaining the process and answering any... questions I had along the way. I'm very happy with the finished product and although we hit some time delays with HOA approval, they were patient and helpful the whole way through the process.read more
Bestoun B.
Bestoun B.
01:18 26 May 23
This is the best company they dont out sell you they are very honest best coustmer service ever!!! I loveeee them
Andrew D.
Andrew D.
02:08 25 May 23
Install was good. Still evaluating the savings but I just started. Process went smoothly and was quick.
Zech D
Zech D
20:36 24 May 23
Easy and quick to install and get the system working. Overall very happy with my purchase and customer service is excellent 👌
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Explore why a switch to clean energy sources like solar is critical to the future of our planet.

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