2022: A Year in Review

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This has been an incredible year for the solar industry, including Blue Raven Solar. Experiencing exponential growth throughout eight years in business and striving to bring solar to homeowners all over the nation, we installed thousands of systems and advocated for renewable energy policy changes throughout the country. Let’s look back at the year in celebration and gratitude, explore how the industry has evolved, and goals for the future.


Here’s a timeline of what happened per quarter: 

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January – March

Starting the year strong, Blue Raven Solar was awarded five workplace awards from Comparably: Best Sales Team, Best Operations Team, Best Product and Design Team, Best Company Outlook, and Best Company in Salt Lake City. As we continued to add team members to our field, sales, and corporate office, this was an incredible acknowledgement of our continual efforts to make Blue Raven Solar a great place to work. 


In February, our CEO, Ben Peterson, spoke at the Utah Valley University (UVU) Executive Lecture Series about Blue Raven Solar and his experiences in life and business. He focused on the Finnish word “sisu,” which comes from the word “sisus,” meaning “guts.” Ben believes it takes guts to succeed in any endeavor, and he encouraged students to take chances, set goals, and push their boundaries – seizing opportunities to grow. 

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April – June

In April, we celebrated our eighth anniversary with a new office space expansion! The size of our workforce has nearly doubled in size, so the new space helped accommodate new team members. 


In June, Ben Peterson spoke with Silicon Slopes about how solar energy has a bright, formidable future. “There are about 100 million homes that can save money from going solar, and about four million homes already have it. So, there’s about 96 million homes to go.” As solar energy begins to grow throughout the nation, we are looking forward to seeing these numbers increase and millions of lives improved. 


We also supported the protection of solar owners’ rights in a North Carolina supreme court case. Homeowners Associations in the state now have more restrictive requirements to prohibit solar panels in any capacity, which is a win for prospective solar owners! 

July – September

Heading into the second half of the year, we hit records almost weekly and expanded our corporate office space a second time to make room for even more team members!  


We celebrated our third anniversary as a GivePartner, working with GivePower to bring access to clean drinking water to thousands of people all over the world. Congressman John Curtis, the Chairman of the Conservative Climate Caucus and our representative in congress, was welcomed into our corporate office to discuss the politics of solar energy and how we can continue to be a force for good. 


Blue Raven Solar was named one of the fastest-growing companies by the Utah Business Fast50 in July. We celebrated with other solar supporters in the nation when the Inflation Reduction Act was passed in August, raising the federal investment tax credit (ITC) to 30% from 26% and securing that credit for the next ten years. This was a monumental change, locking in incredible benefits and savings for solar owners. 

Two males in button-up shirts, Peter Faricy, CEO of SunPower and Ben Peterson, CEO of Blue Raven Solar

October – December

October brought the one-year anniversary of our acquisition by SunPower as well as two recognitions in Utah for individual growth: UV50 and MountainWest Capital Network’s Utah100. We also had our year-end gathering and celebrated our growth and accomplishments for the year.  


We created over one million proposals for solar owners, saw over 11,000 permits through approval processes, received 3,500 five-star reviews, and installed over 10,200 systems. Our team grew by 63% in the last twelve months, and we opened fourteen new office locations around the country, including four new states— Arizona, Arkansas, Michigan, and Minnesota. Additionally, through our partnership with GivePower, we brought access to clean drinking water to over 15,000 people. 


The work we do at Blue Raven Solar has a larger effect, with measurable impact on the planet. The 10,000+ installations our team accomplished are worth about 2.2 billion kWh, offsetting 1.8 million tons of carbon emissions. This is equivalent to the power generated by four natural gas power plants in a year or powering over 300,000 homes for a year.  


With Blue Raven Solar’s growth of over 80%, the solar energy industry is booming, and we are proud to be part of the movement to bring clean energy to more homeowners, making the world a better, cleaner place. 

The Solar Industry in 2022

This year was another exciting year for the solar energy industry. In the first half of 2022, 39% of new electricity-generating capacity added to the grid was from solar energy. Residential solar set a record for the fifth consecutive quarter with 1.36GW of solar capacity, which is a 37% increase from 2021. 


Despite supply chain delays, it is exciting to see the way solar is impacting the environment and homeowners all over the nation.  

House roofline with solar panels

Goals and Aspirations for 2023…

Blue Raven Solar is anticipating another great year. We are hopeful to expand our customer base in new cities and states around the nation, bring access to clean water to more people, and continue delivering on our mission: to make homeowners’ lives better with solar energy. 


Our hard work, dedication, and commitment will help increase national solar growth, help cities reach carbon-neutrality goals, and bring the nation closer to reliance on renewable energy instead of fossil fuels. As supply chain operations begin to pick back up, we hope to see a larger increase in solar capacity in the upcoming years. 


We look forward to working with more homeowners like you and can’t wait to see what this year has in store! 

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