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Should I Lease, or Buy?

Definitely buy your solar system, and we can tell you why.



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So you’ve decided to install a solar system in your home.




Now it’s time to decide which solar energy provider to choose.


What qualifications in a solar provider should you look for and how can you tell if the business genuinely wants to AND can actually provide you the best experience?

Not All Companies are the Same


As you consider different solar companies, it’s important to realize that not all solar companies are the same. The products and services found at one business may not be available at others.


Likewise, the prices that you can expect to pay for panels, backup generators, and other solar system components will vary depending on which provider you select. Just as you would do with any other major purchase or investment, identify what products and services you want for your home as well as your budget. Then, you can find the solar power companies that fit those needs and will provide the best possible service.


Some companies have thousands of employees while others are family run. Some offer every product and service available while others specialize. Some outsource many of their key functions, including installation, while others keep everything in-house. This last point is the focus of this article.


At Blue Raven Solar, we believe that being an all in-house provider gives us an advantage in being able to fulfill our customers’ wishes and provide the best overall experience.


Here are some reasons why an all in-house provider of solar power is so important.

Centralized Services


Many solar companies, especially those just starting out or those with extremely low prices tend to outsource either their installation or support functions. While it may work for some, businesses that outsource these key roles may not be available to help with issues that might arise during the process of going solar.


Making a single phone call to the same business from which you bought your system is so much easier.


An all in-house provider like Blue Raven Solar makes it so you can get all of the services you need without having to deal with multiple companies and third-party contractors.

Quality Control


Many solar system providers that outsource their installation, design, or permitting services often cannot guarantee the level of quality and convenience that you expect. When a third-party contractor comes to your home to install the system, they often work outside of the bounds established by the same company that sold you the system’s components.


Because the company may have little control over the contractor, it cannot promise that the system will be designed or installed to its—or your—satisfaction. If anything goes wrong or something does not work right after installation, you may not be able to call the provider for help.


For example, if you need a panel cleaned or repaired, the company that sold you the panels may not be able to help because it has already outsourced those services. They probably don’t have any in-house installers or technicians to perform these services and therefore have to rely on third-party contractors to do the work. It could be difficult to track down who can help, and then potentially have to wait several days or weeks for repairs, maintenance, and installation

Save Time


Another advantage that comes with selecting an integrated provider lies in the fact that you can save a lot of time and hassle having only one company perform all the key activities required to go solar.


Let’s say you are ready to go solar and have signed an installation agreement. What happens next?


At an integrated solar provider, all the key design, permitting, and installation activities are performed by people who work for the solar company. This allows for faster and better coordinated planning.


Compare that to a solar installer who contracts out these services. There can be significant delays in the process due to other companies preparing the paperwork, having to perfectly align schedules with contractors, and relying on third-party service providers who have multiple other customers to deal with.

A Support Team at Your Service


Finally, at Blue Raven Solar, we know how frustrating it can be to deal with a company that outsources its support services.


Who wants to talk to someone at a remote call center who may not understand the products and services that you have installed at your home? You need someone who works in your area and knows exactly what customers like you may need or want with installation, repairs, maintenance, and more.


Whether you are calling us about a question with your system or repairs that you need done, you can get all of your concerns addressed quickly by a team who has the knowledge and competence to respond quickly.

Blue Raven Solar is Integrated


Blue Raven Solar understands that there is tremendous value to you as the customer in selecting a provider that can offer all the services and products you want in a one-stop shop.


You do not want to have to make phone calls, send emails, or otherwise contact different businesses for sales, installation, and repairs.


From the time that you start shopping for panels and other products, to passing inspections and permitting, all the way through installation, maintenance, or repairs, with Blue Raven Solar you get everything in a single, integrated package designed to make your life easier.


There are many great companies out there; we don’t claim to be the only one.


However, when you decide to go solar and are looking for a provider we highly recommend that you select an integrated company who will take care of all the key functions and who will be there to support and answer your questions every step of the way.

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Should I Lease, or Buy?

Definitely buy your solar system, and we can tell you why.




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