Are Solar Panels Worth it in 2021?!

residential solar panels on brown house
residential solar panels on brown house

With a renewed solar tax credit, a new clean-energy forward presidential cabinet, and the most affordable prices ever, many homeowners are asking: is now the time to go solar?


Well, while we believe that 2021 is the best year yet to invest in solar energy, we know that you probably have questions. Going solar can be a pricey purchase that make some homeowners wonder if they’ll have buyer’s remorse.


At Blue Raven Solar, we recognize that the answer to the question, “Are solar panels worth it in 2021?” cannot be generalized because it is based on so many individual aspects of a homeowners’ home and financial situation. That is why we help each customer discover why they are going solar, what their solar system will look like, how much they can save by going solar, and why they should choose Blue Raven Solar!

Discovering the “Why” for Going Solar


One of the main reason’s homeowners regret going solar is that they rushed into the solar process. They hopped on a so-called “deal of a lifetime” or they heard about how much their neighbors are saving with their new system and decided to follow suit. These solar buyers neglect to truly discover why they should be going solar.

At Blue Raven Solar, we help each customer discover their why by looking at the following benefits:


  • Monthly Savings – The first benefit for homeowners is hands down the most common “Why.” In today’s day and age, solar companies utilize software that allows them to sell a solar system that offsets 100% of their customer’s electricity bill. Thus, a properly installed system should leave homeowners paying only a small monthly fee to stay connected to the electrical grid.


  • Environmental Impact – Solar energy is one of the most popular types of clean and renewable energy. Renewable energy generates power from a source of energy that cannot be depleted. Thus, solar is a form of renewable energy because it relies on light from the sun, and the energy it produces is clean because it does not give off any harmful carbon emissions.  By installing solar, homeowners no longer depend on coal burning power plants and can start to give back to the environment. In fact, every solar system that is installed is equivalent to taking two cars that drive 150,000 miles each off the streets. Going solar because its green is a great way to justify solar!


  • Own Your Electricity – Why pay a utility company, when you can generate your own power for much cheaper? Most utility companies control the electricity cost of entire cities, and in some cases, states. This means that at any given time, they can bump up the cost of electricity, thus increasing your monthly bill substantially. To put this benefit in perspective, over the last 20 years the price of electricity has gone up by more than 60%. Who’s to say that the increase won’t be the same or even worse in the next twenty years? Thus, going solar is one of the only ways to combat utility companies’ monopoly on the price of power.


  • Increase Your Home Value – Solar is a hot commodity among the latest generation of young homebuyers. Homeowners who invest in a solar system can increase the overall value of their home by about 5-10%. By presenting these major solar benefits, homeowners will be able to discover their “why” for going solar and can move to the next step that allows them to determine whether it really is worth their money.

Receiving a Free-Customized Proposal


With a clearer reason to go solar in mind, homeowners will have an easier time determining whether the solar panels are worth their price. At Blue Raven Solar, we know that every homeowner is different. So even if a homeowner has a great reason to go solar, sometimes their situation will not permit a viable way to save money by going solar.


That is why we pre-qualify our customers before they start on their solar journey. Our team of solar setters take two minutes to go over the following questions for the following reasons:

Have you lived in your home for over three months?

By living at least three months in their home, homeowners will have at least paid three power bills. This information allows our design team to build out an accurate solar system that will offset the right amount of energy.

Do you have a credit score over 650?

Because we are an ownership only company, most of our customers don’t have enough disposable income to buy solar panels outright. This means that homeowners must have a good enough credit score to apply for a loan with our financing partners.

Do you have a household income over $40,000?

Like reason number 2, a household income over $40,000 proves that a homeowner can afford taking on a new loan as well as shows that solar is a viable finance option for a family.

Is your income taxable?

If a potential solar buyer doesn’t have a taxable income, we strongly advise them to not move forward with purchasing a new system. This is because they would not be eligible for the 26% federal tax credit and lose out on thousands of cash incentives.

As the homeowner runs through those simple qualifying questions, our team of solar experts will plug their address into Google’s Project Sunroof and other similar tools. This allows our team to see how much sun the homeowner’s roof actually receives. If a homeowner’s property has large trees and thus a good amount of shade coverage, it is likely that their home won’t be ideal for solar.


However, most properties get a good amount of sunlight and qualify for our program. With all of the qualifying questions answered, homeowners will then be able to set up a time to go over a free-customized solar proposal with one of our solar specialists.


While a homeowner waits for the scheduled meeting, our proposal and design team will create a 3D design of what solar should look like on that customer’s home. The proposal will define the costs, the savings, and the timeline for the project. With this proposal in hand, our solar specialist will be able to go over the fine details and answer any questions that the homeowner has.


We can also adjust the proposal if the system doesn’t fit within the homeowner’s budget or if they’d like the system to produce more power.


All in all, the qualifying and proposal process allows the homeowner to make a confident and educated decision of whether solar is right for their home and financial situation.

Providing the Best Ownership Deals in the Industry


With an accurate proposal in hand, homeowners should be able to quickly determine if the panels are worth their time and money. If one of our potential customers is still on the fence, we like to give them some extra time to reflect on their initial “why” for going solar as well as our current promotions.


Unfortunately, this methodology is a rarity within the solar industry as most solar companies try to pressure those “on-the-fence” homeowners with unrealistic promises or exaggerated promotions. At Blue Raven Solar, we believe that our no pressure approach and latest solar promotion allows homeowners to make a clear decision that they’ll be happy with years down the line. So, let’s take a deeper look into our latest promotion.


As a solar company, we know that not every homeowner has tens of thousands of dollars in disposable income to pay for a solar system, which is why we’ve developed a financing program called BluePower Plus+. With BluePower Plus+, homeowners can take out a monthly loan that is 5-40% less than their current power bill, meaning that they will still save money every month.


In addition to these monthly savings, the BluePower Plus+ program offers 18 months worry free (we cover your loan payments)! This way you can start saving right away.


No matter how you finance your panels, Blue Raven also makes sure that you qualify for local and national incentives like the investment tax credit, which allows homeowners to use 30% of the cost of their solar system as a tax credit for the following year.


When you combine all of the offerings Blue Raven Solar provides, homeowners can save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of their system!

blue power plus

Extension of the Solar Federal Tax Credit


Another reason 2021 is the best year to go solar is because of the extension of the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)! Rather than dropping to 22% in 2021 and disappearing in 2022, the tax credit will remain at 26% for the next two years. This extension has huge savings implications for homeowners across the nation.


If a homeowner were to purchase a $25,000 system this month, they would be eligible to receive a $6,500 (26% of 25,000) federal tax credit.


Thus, the homeowner could apply this credit towards their taxes and will end up paying the IRS $6,500 less than a typical year. If the extension of the solar ITC had not occurred, the same homeowner would have only been able to use 22% of the overall cost of their system as a tax credit. This would have resulted in $1,000 less in total savings for the given homeowner (22% of 25,000 is $5,500).


If we apply the same example to a homeowner who were to go solar in 2022, we can see that the simple extension allows the homeowner to gain an extra $6,500 dollars in savings on their new solar system.


That is a massive difference! With an extra $6,500, a homeowner could purchase a used car, pay for an extravagant vacation, or even reinvest that money into a savings account or the stock market. All in all, the ITC extension has provided a wonderful opportunity for homeowners to confidently decide to invest in a residential solar system.

Solar Tax Credit

Make the Switch to Solar at the Best Time


Now that we understand why 2021 is the best year to go solar yet, let’s talk about how the beginning of the year is the best time to purchase your panels. By purchasing your panels this month, they’ll be installed and ready to produce energy during the sunny, summer months.


Your solar system will produce excess energy and you’ll be able to lock in net metering credits that can be used to pay off electricity during the less sunny winter months. You’ll also lock in your federal tax credit for 2021 as well as begin the process of owning your power.


So, let us help you get the ball rolling with a free custom proposal! There are no costs or hidden fees and it will only take 30 minutes of your time.


Click the link below and get a free proposal and see how much you can save by going solar in 2021!

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