Blue Raven Solar Gives Back with 5 $1,000 College Scholarships

blue raven solar scholarships

At Blue Raven Solar, we love to give back to the community.


Whether it be helping communities gain access to clean drinking water, giving away a solar system to a homeowner in need, or helping countless Americans make the switch to clean energy, we work hard to accomplish our mission of improving people’s lives. This year, we brainstormed many ways to give back to the community but thought of no better way than helping the future generation.


As a residential solar power company, we know that a lot of changes need to be made in order to preserve and save our precious environment. Unfortunately, we cannot end the harmful release of greenhouse gasses overnight, but we can begin to make changes and plan for the future.


That is why this year, we have decided to give back by helping the bright, young minds of the future by giving five students college scholarships worth $1,000 each. Many of us have an amazing passion and desire to discover new ways to benefit, improve, and preserve the earth. With that in mind, we want to know how you will power the future!

power the future blue raven solar scholarships

How Will You Power the Future?


Before we get into the details of who can apply, when you’ll know who has won, or how the money will be awarded, let’s talk about what really matters… the prompt!


To enter to win one of the five scholarships, you will have to answer the question: how will you power the future? Yup, that’s it.


A simple question that has millions of answers. Remember, there’s no right or wrong take on this question, so we’re not searching for a specific response. Although there isn’t a perfect answer, we still want your answer to be as compelling, clever, resourceful, and original as possible. So be creative, think about the prompt, brainstorm, make a plan, and create. Rather than a traditional pen and paper essay response, we want you to make a 1-2-minute video that showcases your answer.

Who is Eligible?


This scholarship is open to high school seniors or college students who are over the age of 13 and legal U.S. residents. Home-schooled students are also eligible to apply as long as they have completed coursework that is equal to a high school senior. The scholarship is only payable to those living in the United States.


Those applying must also enroll in a semester of college before September 30, 2020. To see more details about eligibility and how to receive the award visit: Power The Future Scholarship.

How Can I Apply?


Applying is simple.


Once you’ve filmed and edited your video, which answers the prompt, you can submit it on our Power The Future Scholarship Page. The page will also include more details on official rules, scholarship terms and conditions, and deadlines. In order to submit, please fill out the form that includes:

  • First and last name
  • How you found the scholarship
  • Video submission
  • Whether you read the Scholarship Official Rules
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • State
  • Zip code
  • When you graduated/graduate from high school
  • Whether you are a U.S. citizen


If your video file is too large to submit as a raw file, you will be asked to upload your video to YouTube. In that case, the submission form will ask you to submit the link of your YouTube video. Once submitted, wait to hear back to see if you are chosen as one of the five winners of the Power the Future Scholarship!

When is the Deadline?


The submission portal closes on August 1, 2020, which means that from the time this is posted you’ll have about four months to think, plan, create, and submit a video answering the prompt. Let’s make something awesome!

How and When Will the Scholarship be Awarded?


Once the submission deadline is up, a team of Blue Raven Solar leaders will carefully compile, watch, and analyze every submission. After reviewing every submission, the Blue Raven Solar team will decide on their five favorite applications. It won’t be an easy decision, but there will be five official winners of the first Power the Future Scholarship.


These five winners will be notified via email by August 20, 2020. Within the congratulatory email, the winners will be asked to accept the scholarship and confirm their school of attendance. The $1,000 scholarship will be sent to the recipient’s school’s financial aid office via check.

The Blue Raven Solar Way


It is our goal to motivate and influence every generation to make a positive impact on the environment. Although there will only be five official winners, we hope that every applicant feels inspired to make sustainable choices throughout their lives. We look forward to reviewing all the submissions and seeing how you will power the future!


We want to make this scholarship accessible to high school seniors and college students across the nation, so make sure to share this information with your friends, families, school, and anyone else who is eligible.


Feel free to share this post or the scholarship page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or anywhere else you please.


Thank you, and we look forward to giving back!

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