Celebrating 10 Years & Soaring: A Decade of Solar Growth and Innovation

Collage of four different photos illustrating growth and 10 year anniversary of Blue Raven Solar

Over the past decade, Blue Raven Solar has emerged as a major competitor in the residential solar energy industry. From our humble beginnings in 2014 to our expansion into more than 19 states, Blue Raven Solar has continuously pushed the boundaries of what’s possible. As we celebrate our 10-year anniversary, let’s take a journey through our key milestones and accomplishments.

Large residential solar panel system installed with trees and mountains in the background

Inception and Early Growth (2014-2016)

Blue Raven Solar was founded on April 18, 2014, with a vision to revolutionize the residential solar industry. The company began with three employees, but its ambition knew no bounds. Jeff Lee completed the company’s first sale in California. 


In 2015, we launched exclusive, in-house financing options including the BluePower Loan, which provides a fixed, low monthly payment to save customers money each month on their energy bills at an industry-leading interest rate. We also expanded our sales efforts to the East Coast, fueled by a significant investment from Peterson Partners, a Salt Lake City-based investment firm. This funding proved an early recognition of our potential in the solar industry. 


“We have seen the vision and capabilities demonstrated by Blue Raven Solar,” Clint Peterson, Managing Partner at Peterson Partners stated. “We are excited to have them as a partner and are confident our investment will ensure their continued success and expansion.” 


The year 2016 saw further advancements, with all solar design and engineering operations brought in-house, showcasing our commitment to high-quality installations and innovation.

BluePower financing plan featured on wall at Blue Raven Solar headquarters

Expansion and Recognition (2017-2019)

As Blue Raven Solar continued to grow, we launched the BluePower Plus+ program, which allows customers to go solar for $0 down and we cover the first 18 months of the solar loan payment. When homeowners choose this plan, we send them a check each month.


We also expanded our installation operations furthering our commitment to superior customer service. At this time, we were venturing into new markets, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, Ohio, and Oregon, with a goal of fulfilling our mission of making solar energy more accessible across the United States of America. 


Blue Raven Solar achieved profitability quickly and earned accolades such as the MountainWest Capital Network’s Emerging Eight and UV 50: 10 Startups to Watch in 2017. The following years brought further growth, with significant increases in sales, workforce expansion, and multiple recognitions, including listings on the Inc. 5000 and Utah Valley BusinessQ UV 50.

Continuous Innovation and Impact (2020-2023)

In 2020, Blue Raven Solar reached a significant milestone of serving 15,000 customers and introduced Albatross, a customer relationship management (CRM) system we built internally, to enhance our services. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we maintained our commitment to providing a positive work experience, earning recognition as one of Glassdoor’s Highest-Rated Companies for Work-Life Balance. 


The acquisition by SunPower in 2021 marked a new chapter. With access to SunPower’s advanced solar solutions and a shared vision of sustainable energy, the acquisition positioned us for even greater success. Ben Peterson’s transition from CEO to an executive role within SunPower signaled a seamless integration of the two companies’ goals and values. 


At the time, “More than 100 million homeowners could save money by switching to solar… and we are committed to enabling that transition quickly to benefit both customers and the planet,” said Peter Faricy (former CEO of SunPower). “SunPower and Blue Raven Solar share a vision of powering the world with affordable, resilient, sustainable energy. This acquisition will enable us to bring the most powerful and efficient solar technology available to a new set of homeowners and accelerate our growth strategy.”  


“We’ve always been focused on making it easy for customers to get access to high-quality renewable energy. SunPower offers the most advanced solar solutions and shares our passion for delivering an incredible customer experience,” said Ben Peterson (former CEO of Blue Raven Solar). “Together we will provide even more compelling reasons for homeowners to make the switch to clean, renewable energy. This is a clear win for our organizations and for homeowners everywhere we operate.”   


In 2023, under the leadership of new President, Reed Farnsworth, we continued expansion into more new states and cities and introduced solar batteries, further solidifying our position within the industry as a top residential solar installation provider. This commitment to excellence was recognized with prestigious awards like the 2023 REC Excellence Awards Installer of the Year.

Looking to the Future (2024 and Beyond)

As Blue Raven Solar enters its second decade, we remain committed to our mission of ‘making homeowners’ lives better by reducing their energy bills, by increasing their reliance on clean and abundant renewable energy, and by providing a world-class customer experience through a reliable sales process and a speedy, high-quality installation.’ With over 3,200 employees and operations in over 19 states, the company is poised for further growth despite the economic setbacks. 


We have opened four new markets in the last month and plan to open several more throughout the year. We are continually evaluating new markets to expand in, which signifies our company’s ongoing expansion efforts and commitment to serving communities nationwide. 


Hayes Barnard, founder and CEO of GivePower shared, “We started GivePower in 2013 to provide health, economic, and educational opportunities in developing regions through clean energy. We set out to electrify the world. It was inspiring. It was ambitious. We knew it would take a little bit of magic and an unwavering commitment. At our 10-year anniversary, we’ve helped change the lives of more than 1.7 million people across 27 countries.” 


With a legacy of excellence and a future filled with promise, Blue Raven Solar continues to soar. 


President Reed Farnsworth said, “As we mark our tenth anniversary, I am truly humbled by the milestones we’ve achieved and the impact we’ve made. From our early days to now being a leader in the solar industry for installations, this journey has been incredibly rewarding. I extend my gratitude to everyone who has been a part of our story, and I eagerly anticipate the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.” 

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