Roof Leaks and Solar Panels

Two Blue Raven Solar installers laying out panels and connecting them to the racking system

Solar panels are installed with precision and care. Damage to your roof is highly unlikely when you are working with experts like Blue Raven Solar. However, some solar customers might experience problems like roof leaks after their installation.  


It is important to note these problems are most likely not caused by the installation crew or the panels themselves. It might still be a concern, so what should you do if you run into leaks when you have solar panels installed on your roof?  

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Before Solar Installation

If you are working with professional solar installers, any worrisome roofing situations will already be noted by a site surveyor before the panels are installed. Homeowners are notified, and many choose to fix potential problems or reroof their home before moving forward with the solar process. This is a great way to ensure there will not be any problems post-installation.  


Potential solutions could be partial or full reroofing, or more simple repairs might include fixing shingles or drainage. It is not only a good idea to address these problems if you are going solar, but also for good roof maintenance to prevent larger problems from arising in the future. 


Another potential problem is an incompatible roof. Roofs with wooden, slate, clay, or terracotta shingles run a higher risk of damage during installation, sometimes in ways an expert installer may not notice. Most site surveyors will recommend specific areas of the roof be re-shingled with composite shingles, which will be hidden under panels and will not compromise the overall aesthetic of the roof. 

Two Blue Raven Solar installers laying out panels and connecting them to the racking system

During Solar Installation

Solar panel installation does include drilling into your roof. You might be wondering how it can be done without causing damage to the roof resulting in leaks. When working with specialized solar installers, drill holes are sealed with a shield we call “flashing” and secured in place with high-quality silicone. Mounting equipment is designed specifically to help the flow of water so it does not pool beneath the panels and impact the racking.  


At Blue Raven Solar, we train our teams to use the utmost care to keep your roof free from any problems, concerns, or harm. In the event of an accident, damage to your roof caused directly by Blue Raven Solar installers or the equipment used during the installation is covered by our ten-year workmanship warranty.  

After Solar Installation

Solar panels are extremely durable. They can withstand thunderstorms, hail, and even category 4 hurricanes. Solar panel systems can act as armor on your roof, preventing sun, water, and extreme weather damage. They also block a fair amount of heat from hitting your roof, keeping your home cooler in hotter temperatures.  


If your roof defies all preventative measures and develops a leak after your panels are installed, contact your installers immediately. Blue Raven Solar customers can contact our office during our hours of operation, and we will get a team of experts scheduled to assess the situation. We will review the damage free of charge and try to identify the cause. From there, we will create a plan of action and do what we can to help – all while keeping you up to date. 

Receive Peace of Mind with Blue Raven Solar, as Your Solar Panel Installer

There is no need to worry about roof leaks when you go solar, especially if you work with a team like Blue Raven Solar. Guiding you through each step of the process, our site surveyors inspect the stability of your roof before we move forward, and our installers work carefully to get your panels secured to your roof without creating any damage during the installation. 


Do you want to know if you and your home are right for a solar panel installation?  

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