Saving Money with Solar Energy

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You have heard the buzz—renewable energy is becoming more popular and accessible as the industry gains momentum, especially solar.   


Solar energy is the fastest-growing renewable resource. Experts predict it will continue for at least the next 30 years. Demand has increased over 20 times in the last decade, with 2023 estimates reaching 4 million homes with systems installed, doubling from 2019. System capacity additions are expected to triple their present gigawatts by 2024, and by 2050, costs will have reduced by another 40-50%1 as technology advances, and we find more effective ways to harness the sun’s power.   


There is a reason solar has grown so quickly, driven by a combination of environmental and financial factors. Both are great reasons to make the switch to clean, renewable energy. 

Environmental Factors

Environmentally, clean energy is an easy decision. Not depending on finite resources like coal and oil, is a way to have certainty in our energy future. It is also good to not release pollution into the air, which can cause respiratory problems, smog, and several other problems related to climate change that going renewable can help us avoid.  


Energy from the sun is efficient, powerful, and easy to access. In fact, the sun projects enough energy onto the earth every hour to power the entire planet for an entire year2. Although we have not found a way to capture these four hundred trillion watts per second, the idea of the sun’s power remains ever-present to solar experts and scientists working to develop ways to use more available energy every day. Solar is also one of the cleanest forms of energy.  

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Financial Reasons & Rationale

When looking to make the world a cleaner, better place, we run into the same issue every time: money. No matter what scale, whether it is shopping more sustainably or buying electric cars, every “green” option is too expensive or impractical to fund. Collectively, we are stuck wishing for more effective solutions.  


Solar panels are no exception. The technology is not as affordable, and we often feel it is easier to keep our homes running on energy already connected or installed because the initial change to solar can be daunting.  


Well, companies like Blue Raven Solar saw this problem and decided to do something about it. 


Q: So, can solar panels be affordable?  

A: It depends on where you look! 

Solar Leases and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

With a lease or a power purchase agreement (PPA), you are avoiding the large purchase price and still reaping benefits of having solar installed on your home.  


However, while these are attractive opportunities at the beginning, owning your solar panel system is a better idea in the long-term. Leases and PPAs are notorious for raising the price and you are stuck in a contract for decades, paying costs higher than you ever anticipated. You also usually do not have full autonomy over your panels or the electricity they produce. The contract can hold you hostage for years. If you lease your system, you do not get to take advantage of the federal tax credit or any credit your state or local area may offer. Instead, the lender gets those specific benefits. 

Solar Ownership

Owning your system gives you full power over your solar panel system without increasing prices for 20+ years. You not only qualify for up to a 30% federal tax credit and state credits, but you also will find yourself paying less money for more energy 


Add value to your property and increase the country’s energy independence. Make a difference for the world’s future. 

Exclusive Financing Options with Blue Raven Solar

Most solar companies have benefits and warranties you can count on to make the change to solar easier and more rewarding.  


Blue Raven Solar has a 25-year equipment manufacturer warranty. We also offer a production guarantee and a 10-year workmanship warranty. All these warranties could come into effect if something happens to your panels, which is rare. Your panels and inverters are advanced, including durability, quality, and installation. Interested in learning more about solar panel durability? Read here! 


When it comes to panels being cost-effective, it might seem too good to be true, but Blue Raven Solar has three different exclusive financing options available including BluePower, BluePower Plus+, and SmartStart 


If you do not want any upfront costs, we have created financing products built for customers like you to save money, even in different current financial situations. 


BluePower gives you the ability to put no money down, and payments start to the lender 60 days after substantial completion of your system. With this option, savings are typically seen within the first three years of owning your system.

BluePower Plus+

We created this award-winning option for homeowners who have high energy bills and want to change it.


The difference with BluePower Plus+ is for the first 18 months of owning your system, Blue Raven Solar will cover your solar loan payments. Again, this is the ideal option for homeowners with already high energy bills.

Hundreds of our customers have installed clean energy sources on their homes through our flexible financing options which work for their lifestyles, and we are excited to help more homeowners.


If you would like to learn more about these financing options, you can read more. 


Blue Raven Solar is proud to have different routes of solar financing making the process affordable and financially beneficial for more homeowners. As we scale into more places across the United States, we are looking for more ways to improve the way we help our customers save money.

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Make the Switch & Give Back

Solar owners across the country have taken advantage of federal tax credits, state incentives, and lower prices to generate more efficient and clean energy. Many owners have saved over $30,000 on their energy bills over the lifetime of their systems. 


Not only does going solar save you money and help the earth but with every solar panel system installed, Blue Raven Solar donates to GivePower Foundation. GivePower provides access to clean drinking water to one individual for decades. Read more about GivePower and our partnership 


Regardless of your reasoning, motivation, or goal, switching to clean, renewable energy is never a bad idea. We believe the future of energy is here, today, and we can help you become a part of it.  


The savings are unparalleled and waiting for you! 

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