Solar Installers Near You: Part 1

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Two Blue Raven Solar installers on roof, aligning solar panels during an install

Blue Raven Solar started in 2014 when three team members had a goal: to bring clean, renewable energy to homeowners in a way that was not only accessible, but also affordable and with a trustworthy approach. While we began as a small operation, only able to work as solar installers in a small radius of the state of Utah, we have grown over the last eight years to over 3,000 team members and expanded our services to nearly half of the United States of America. 


We have received several awards that have been a testament to that significant growth. 


Expanding into new markets across the nation has not been easy, but thanks to our amazing customers who have made the switch to solar, we have grown exponentially, and now we have more momentum than ever. This momentum is caused by the same reasons we grew so quickly originally: people want to save money through solar and the idea of clean, accessible energy is more of a reality now than it has ever been. 


Because of the dedicated work of our sales, field, and corporate teams, our expansion has been smooth and successful, with bright prospects for the future of Blue Raven Solar.  


In our states of operation, we have more than 50 major cities and surrounding areas where we regularly install residential solar panel systems.  


So, are you looking for a solar installer?  


We just might be in a city near you.

Arizona state location page banner preview


As of 2022, 9.16% of the energy in Arizona is provided from solar, and the state ranks 5th in the nation for solar capacity. Over 200,000 installations are harnessing the power of the intense sun, and Blue Raven Solar is excited to be bringing solar to the 7 million people of Arizona.


Over 5,600 MW of solar is currently installed, and there are predictions the capacity will nearly double over the next five years. 


Solar owners can benefit from net billing and a state tax credit on top of the federal investment tax credit. There is potential for homeowners to save with Arizona’s 320 days of sunshine! Homeowners will see their energy bills disappear as they power their lives from clean, renewable energy. 


Ready to see the benefits of solar power in Arizona? Find out how you can save and make the switch today. 

Arkansas state location page banner preview


Arkansas is ranked 30th in the country for solar capacity installed and gets 1.02% of the state’s total energy from solar, but Blue Raven Solar sees a bright, sustainable future in The Land of Opportunity!  


There has been $692 million invested in solar statewide and the solar capacity is predicted to triple over the next five years! Blue Raven Solar wants to help more homeowners in Arkansas be part of the growth and find the benefits of solar energy in Little Rock and Bentonville. 


Arkansas has a state net metering policy, crediting homeowners for excess energy production and solar rights laws preventing homeowners from losing any production capabilities due to unexpected issues or HOA limitations. Utility prices will continue to rise every year, and with the current incentives and tax exemptions, solar is an excellent idea in Arkansas.  


Learn more about solar in your area today! 

Colorado state location page banner preview


Working in Colorado has been a breeze. Our teams work in Colorado Springs, Denver, and Fort Collins, and the state has big renewable energy goals – keeping us busy. The state plans to have 100% of their energy needs met with renewables in the next 30 years, and they are well under way. Colorado currently has enough solar installed to power over 452,000 homes and is not even the top state in the nation for solar—it is currently 13th. 


Colorado has great policies that make solar an attractive option for homeowners. Besides the federal tax credit of 30%, local utility companies have their own rebates and credits for net metering, and the state mandates any solar installs are property, sales, and use tax-free. 


If you live in any of the areas surrounding Colorado Springs, Denver, or Fort Collins, we are ready to help you make the switch to solar. 


You can learn more about solar in your Colorado city here 

Florida state location page banner preview


Known as The Sunshine State, Florida residents are taking advantage of solar energy and its benefits at growing rates. Passing even the ambitious state of Colorado, Florida is ranked 3rd in the United States for solar installations and renewable energy, and they have auspicious projections for the next five years of solar installs, predicting over 9,500 MW from new systems. Our Floridia sales and installation teams work in Orlando and Tallahassee, and we are excited to be able to help Florida residents save money with solar. 


Florida has net metering policies crediting homeowners every 12 months for the excess energy their systems produce. There is also no sales tax and no increase in property tax, even though you are actively adding value to your home with your new system. 


We are proud to be part of a growing industry in Florida as the top solar installer. Florida is a beautiful place with people from so many diverse cultures and backgrounds who all want to keep their air clean so they can continue to enjoy the beauty their home state has to offer.  


Find more Blue Raven Solar operations near you.  

Georgia state location page banner preview


Atlanta, Georgia is one of the busiest cities in the United States of America and is home to one of the most traveled airports in the entire world, and Blue Raven Solar is proud to be keeping up with the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.  


Georgia is ranked 7th in the nation for solar energy, with over 4,200 MW installed across the state. People in Georgia have invested over $4 billion into the solar energy industry, whether it is through research and development or investment in a system for a home. 


The Public Service Commission partnered with Georgia Power and other local utility companies to provide credits for homeowners who produce excess energy with their solar panel systems. Along with your savings from your own solar energy, you can save hundreds more dollars with these amazing net metering policies. Atlanta and the surrounding areas are the perfect places to invest in solar energy for your home. Live nearby? 


Read more about how solar energy can benefit you and your community here 

Idaho state location page banner preview


With its beautiful landscapes, national parks, and wildlife of several varieties, Idaho is home to 1.6 million people. There is enough solar energy currently in the state to power 92,000 homes, and the state is ranked 27th within the country for their solar energy production, though the solar capacity has grown by 261% in the last year alone, so the future is bright for Idaho solar.  


Though Idaho winters can be bitter and unforgiving, solar energy thrives all year long in the Gem State. Solar panels are slightly more efficient in colder weather due to the necessary movement of electrons. Do not worry about the snow coverage, because it will melt quicker than you think and leave your panels sparkling clean.  


Blue Raven Solar installs solar panel systems in Boise, Idaho Falls, and surrounding areas! Homeowners who go solar in Idaho can take advantage of extremely beneficial net metering policies and tax deductions. Homeowners can deduct 30% of the cost of their solar equipment and installation from their income taxes. 


Are you living in Boise? You can find out more about solar in your community here. 

Illinois state location page banner preview


The Windy City is next on our journey through our solar operations, but no need to fear the wind impacting your solar system!  


Panels and installation guidelines are built to withstand the heaviest winds, even category five hurricanes. So, our customers in Chicago have nothing to worry about. In fact, they should be excited to be part of such a fast-growing and beneficial industry. Illinois is ranked 21st for solar capacity, but the state plans to enter 2025 with 25% of the state’s energy needs fulfilled by solar. 


Being part of that change is an amazing opportunity, and it is one that will save homeowners thousands of dollars on their energy bills. Illinois credits homeowners who produce excess energy, and those credits last for one year. It is not necessary to install a system that will produce too much excess, because you do not want to overcompensate and not receive the credits you deserve. 


Blue Raven Solar knows exactly the right amount of energy production you need to save money efficiently in Illinois.  


Do you call the Windy City your home? Read more about solar in your area today! 

Indiana state location page banner preview


We are proud to be part of the solar movement in Indianapolis. Indiana ranks 16th in the United States for solar energy and is ranked 4th for projected growth over the next five years. The Crossroads of America is home to 900,000 people. Think of the potential for savings across this population. Solar can save homeowners as much as $50,000 over the lifetime of their system. Multiply it by 900,000 and call it a day—that number is almost too big to believe. 


Indiana homeowners do not pay sales tax on their solar system, nor do they see an increase in their property taxes for added value on their home. The current net metering policies guarantee homeowners credits for their excess energy production, but after this year, enrollment in these policies is likely to expire, so the time to go solar is now. 

Kansas state location page banner preview


Operating in a city that defies state lines gives us opportunities to bring solar to more people in more places. Kansas City allows us to help homeowners save money in two different states, both part of the same market, though the states do have different policies for different things, and of course, different statistics for their solar capacity. The State of Kansas ranks 44th in the nation for solar capacity, and it is time to improve that! 


Net metering allows not only credits for excess energy production, but also compensation for unused credits. There are also tax incentives and rebates available for Kansas homeowners changing to solar.  


Is this midwestern state your home? See if you can benefit from solar in Kansas City, Wichita, or solar in Topeka today!

Kentucky state location page banner preview


Spilling over from Cincinnati and growing from the city of Louisville, Kentucky homeowners are part of the solar movement just as much as those in other states we operate in. Kentucky is ranked 47th in solar capacity throughout the United States and only 0.16% of the state’s energy is from solar. Those are definitely going to improve with our expansion into the state. 


Along with the federal tax credit all homeowners in the United States benefit from, Kentucky offers rebates and tax exemptions to make the personal power plant even more cost effective for homeowners in the state. 


Our operations in Louisville give us the ability to bring solar savings to a state where we can find more homeowners who are ready to switch to renewable energy. The benefits of Kentucky’s solar rebates and incentives make it a perfect place to be if you are ready to go solar!  


Read more about Kentucky’s solar benefits here. 

Downtown preview of Michigan, surrounded by water and large skyscraper buildings and low clouds


One of our newest markets, you can find Blue Raven Solar teams in several cities near Detroit and Grand Rapids. The state is ranked 24th in the nation for solar capacity, staying just above the halfway point. Only 0.64% of the state’s energy comes from solar, which is only enough to power 3% of the state’s households. We know there is amazing potential for solar energy to make a difference in Michigan, and we are excited to be part of the movement in this area. 


Michigan homeowners can save money with solar not only through their own utility bills, but also through distributed generation, a state policy allowing for homeowners to be credited for excess energy production. Add on the federal tax credit of 30% and the savings go far! 


If you live in areas in or surrounding Detroit, we are ready to help you make the switch to solar. 


Get more specifics about going solar in Michigan, today. 

Minnesota state location page banner preview


The Land of 10,000 Lakes is home to more Blue Raven Solar operations. With enough solar in the state to power over 240,000 homes, Minnesota is ranked 15th in the nation for solar capacity, with over 1,660 MW installed statewide, and projections see capacity doubling in the next 5 years. 


Solar is growing rapidly in Minnesota and we are excited to be part of it. Homeowners in Minnesota can reduce their carbon emissions and save money through some of the great incentives, exemptions, and policies the state has. 


All utility companies in Minnesota offer net metering to residential solar owners, meaning all excess energy produced by solar panels is credited! Minnesota also mandates solar panel systems are exempt from sales tax.  


Want to go solar in Minneapolis or St. Cloud 


You can read more about solar in your city and state here, and if you have any questions or would like a free quote, contact us. 

Utah based installation crew, four males standing in front of BRS van with arms around each other

Blue Raven Solar is Here for You

These markets are only about half of our reach through the United States of America, and we see an optimistic future for homeowners who go solar and know the earth will benefit from clean, renewable resources taking the forefront of energy production.  


Are any of these solar markets in your home state?  


Request a free quote today for how solar can increase your savings and make the world a better, cleaner place. 

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