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Solar Journey: Blue Raven Roadmap for Going Solar

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How long does it take to put solar panels on a roof? Although one might think that it just takes a couple hours or maybe even a few days, the reality is that going solar is much more complicated than an afternoon installation. It is a journey that involves homeowners, solar specialists, electricians, city inspection teams, installers, loan providers, and many other teams across various states.


Through years of experience and thousands of solar installations, Blue Raven Solar has become one of the only solar companies that has all these teams in house, providing the highest quality and quickest installations possible. Today, we look at how a Blue Raven customer goes from a homeowner interested in solar to a proud owner of a Blue Raven solar system.

bus on road represents solar journey

Step 1: The Research Phase

Because of its higher price tag, solar is an important decision for homeowners. Sometimes the occasional curious homeowner will give us a call or talk to a door-to-door representative to see what solar is about and how much it can save them, but most of our customers have spent hours researching companies, types of panels, pricing, and more.


During the homeowner’s research phase, it is our goal to get our name in front of them. Whether that’s by having them see an advertisement, talk to one of our direct sales reps, search us on Google, get referred by a friend, or find us through a third party review platform, we do our best to get our brand out to homeowners looking to go solar.


After that initial contact, homeowners will receive a call from a member of our appointment setting team, who will run them through a quick list of questions (these questions verify that solar is a viable and economical decision for their unique situation and home). If solar makes sense, then the appointment team will schedule an in-person or virtual meeting with one of our solar specialists, who is local to the homeowner’s area.

Step 2: Meeting with a Solar Specialist

With an appointment set up, our prospective customer will be asked to send in documentation of their past 12 months of power bills. This piece of information is essential to create an accurate proposal for the specialist to present during the meeting.


As the homeowner waits for the appointment, our proposals team will take those power bills, satellite imaging of the house, and information about your roof’s sun absorption to create a custom solar design. This design will include how many panels the homeowners will need and where they will be placed to achieve 100% offset of your current bills. When the time comes for the appointment, our solar specialist will be able to help the homeowner understand the proposal and make any adjustments if necessary. They will also explain financing options, estimate the savings from going solar, and answer any questions the homeowner may have about solar or the proposal.


After this brief meeting, homeowners will have a better idea of how solar can be beneficial for their home. If the homeowner would like to proceed, our proposals team will create a final design and installation agreement for the homeowner to approve.

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Step 3: The Decision Phase

While customers wait for their final design, they will have time to review the proposal and decide whether solar makes sense for their current situation. During this time, there are no added costs or hidden fees for homeowners who choose that they are not quite ready to go solar. If homeowners have additional questions about Blue Raven Solar, we recommend that they check customer reviews and compare our package and finance options.


If they have any follow up questions before approving the installation agreement, their solar specialist will gladly answer those questions and even schedule follow up meetings if necessary. After one or two days, customers will receive their installation agreement that they can review and approve. Once that document is approved, a site surveyor will come to their property and get any extra details necessary to help the design and permitting teams. With the research, meeting, and decision phase out of the way, the new Blue Raven customer is well on their way to getting their new solar system installed and running!

Step 4: The Approval Period

A couple days after the site survey and installation agreements have been approved, our new Blue Raven customer will receive a final design by email, which they will need to approve. If everything checks out, the customer will approve the final design and our permitting team will begin to work on the required city and state permits required to go solar in that specific locale.


Depending on the city, this process can take anywhere from several hours to several weeks. Once approved, the city will reach out to us and let us know that the permitting is good to go. With the proper permitting, we’re able to reach out to our customer and schedule a time for our installation crew to come out to the home and install the panels.

Step 5: Installation Day

Our installation team prefers to schedule early installation times so that they can have everything installed in one day. Each installation crew will have a team of three to four highly trained specialists. With proper tools and materials, our teams guarantee the highest quality installs possible. Safety harnesses are also required for installations and allow our crews to be safe and avoid causing any damage to our customers’ homes.


With proper plans from our engineering team, the install crew will be able to finish the install in just one day (depending on system size). After having the panels on the roof and wiring run throughout the house, city inspectors and the utility company still have to make additional inspections before turning on the panels.

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Step 6: Getting Energized

After the system is installed, a city inspector will be scheduled to come out to the newly installed solar system and make sure that everything meets city requirements. Once this inspection has passed, the utility company can inspect the system and install a net meter.


From here, the customer’s panels will be turned on and start producing electricity for their home. In order to monitor a panel’s production, all customers have access to the Enlighten app by Enphase, which provides them with several statistics on solar panel production. If your panels aren’t performing as expected, we offer a 24-month production guarantee. We also offer a 10-year workmanship warranty.


Lastly, our equipment manufacturers include a 25-year warranty that allows our customers to replace any defective equipment free of charge.

Why Choose Blue Raven Solar?

Blue Raven Solar has quickly become one of the largest residential solar installers in the United States because of its world class installation process and all in-house team. We go out of our way to make sure that each customer feels like a part of the Blue Raven Solar family and has the best solar experience possible. In a matter of weeks, homeowners can be saving hundreds of dollars on electricity bills and have the peace of mind that they are making a positive impact on the environment.


To see what a solar array would look like on your roof and find out how much you can save, click the link below and request a free solar quote!

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