Going Solar: The Blue Raven Solar Playbook

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You have decided to make the switch to clean, renewable energy. You have read reviews, asked your neighbors, looked online in every nook and cranny for information on solar companies, and you have decided Blue Raven Solar is the best company for solar panels.  


Welcome to the family! We are excited to work with you.  


Here, we will walk you through the entire process of going solar, from your first phone call to flipping the switch to powering up your system.  

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Prologue: Introductions to Solar Savings 


Whether you requested a free quote, met our local team, or were referred by a friend the first thing  you will do with your solar representative is go over pricing estimates and how much you can potentially save by going solar.  


Estimates factor in your location and your current electricity bills. Our consultants will go over local and state incentives you might be interested in, and if you decide together solar makes sense for your budget, you will move on to the next step: scheduling an in-person or virtual meeting with a solar expert. 


You will also be asked to send a copy of your recent utility bills to our team so they can give you a more exact quote of how much you can save on your electricity and so they can design a panel setup giving you the most efficient results possible!  


Our teams work with individual homeowners to make sure all needs are addressed at the right time in the solar process. The proposal and the first design will be ready for the solar expert who comes to your home so they can go over it with you in-person.  

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Act 1: Options, Decisions, and Approvals


The expert who comes to your home will also go over our payment plans including three different financing options: BluePower, BluePower Plus+, and SmartStart. Each has different benefits but all of them are excellent options to help you save money on your utility bills. You can decide which option is best for you and we will happily continue to help answer questions, if you have them. 


If the proposal makes sense for your home, you can continue the process. The same team will create a final design and installation agreement including the projected cost and layout of your system, and both parties will sign.  


From there, you can sit back and relax while our team takes care of all the site surveying, permitting, and preparation for installation.  


If you have any additional questions or concerns, you can ask any representative you have been working with and they will help you out.  


As your installation date approaches, get ready for some big changes.  It is likely your installation team will come early so they can get the entire system installed in one day. They will check the panels go on your roof correctly, and they are connected to the inverters. After the wiring is completed throughout your home by our certified electrician, an inspection team will come to your home and verify the panels are set up and comply with local codes and permits in your area. 

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Act 2: Energization


Once inspections are approved and the final installation is completed, someone from your local utility company will come and connect your system to the energy grid. This is so you can still have power at night and if your panels stop producing for any reason, you will not be without power (this might also be where an energy storage system comes in handy). They will also install a net meter so you can take advantage of the policies your state may have in place.  


In many states, any excess energy produced goes into the grid and you are financially compensated for it later. You can see if your state offers these specific benefits or programs by researching local solar incentives or by reading more about your state and city. 


Now, it is time to flip the switch and power on your system. You are ready to enjoy the benefits of your new personal power plant. You no longer need to worry about your electricity bills being through the roof. You will receive tax credits (if you chose to file), cleaner energy, and higher property value from here on out. What a fantastic day! 


What happens next? Are you finished with your solar journey, or is there even more to the story? Well, part of that is up to you, and part is up to your system.  


Let’s discuss the different parameters for continuing forward, what they mean, and how to access more benefits. 



Your system is equipped with an inverter, so after your system is powered up download the production monitoring app. Connecting your system to the app allows you to track how much power your panels are producing. You will see how many kilowatts are going to your home per month, day, or hour, and even how efficiently the power is being produced. If there is a problem or a discrepancy in the production amount, you can contact the Blue Raven Solar team to determine what needs to be done to resolve the difference.  


You can also see how much power you are pulling from the grid and how much power you are sending to the grid, so you can keep up with those records if your state has net metering policies. It also can help you compare your power data with weather conditions and averages in the past for your area, which is great for knowing how your system compares to others around you.

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Solar monitoring apps are full of features to help you stay connected with your system and to give you insights on where your energy is going and are great partners to your solar panel system. 


Once you get the app, you can see if your system is giving you the power you need at the most efficient rates. You can enable notifications to send you a push notification or an email if there is an issue with your production rates. If there is an issue with either of these or you are not sure what to do next, you can easily contact the Blue Raven Solar team to get those problems fixed.  


The solutions to problems like these can vary. If your system is not producing at the projected efficiency, we may take a look at your bill and see if you are using more energy than you were before, which can be a reason your utility bills do not go down significantly. We may suggest adding additional panels for a little more surface area and production ability to your system.  


These essential upgrades could come at no additional cost to you. Depending on the reasons associated to the production rates, adding to your system can be even more efficient and beneficial, and they will be designed to fit on your roof with the same process your original panels were, with a designer who is working with you individually. 


With our warranties on equipment and workmanship, if there is ever a problem with your system related to its setup, faulty equipment, or if something goes wrong and you need a repair, simply contact us and we will send someone to take care of it. If you are under warranty, it will not cost you a thing, and your system will be up and running at its best in just a little while.  


Our warranties include: 

  • A 24-month production guarantee 
  • A 10-year workmanship warranty 
  • A 25-year equipment warranty, which is offered by the companies that manufacture the equipment. 


With these warranties, you will be taken care of before, during, and after your solar installation! 

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Our Commitment


Blue Raven Solar believes in going the extra mile to give customers the best experience. We have received over 5,000 5-star reviews on several platforms, and we have won several awards across the nation. We value our customers’ opinions and needs and work to constantly improve so we can give homeowners our best services. And, if you love your experience with Blue Raven Solar, you can refer a friend or neighbor and receive a bit of cash in return. 


We are excited to be a part of your journey to renewable energy to power your home, and we want you to feel like a priority. We look forward to working with you at all stages to help you become energy independent with lower utility bills.  


Blue Raven Solar knows the future of energy is attainable, today.  

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