Comparably Awards: Best Company for Work-Life Balance

blue raven solar won best company for work-life balance
blue raven solar won best company for work-life balance

Blue Raven Solar was built with individuals in mind. Our founding principles encourage trust, efficiency, and improvement not only for our team members but for homeowners as well. We are honored to hear our employees feel we place priority on their work-life balance. We hope to continue this pattern of respect, trust, and hard work so current, new, and future employees can feel individually valued and successful. 

Awards Given By Employees Rating Work-life Balance


Comparably is a workplace culture monitoring website providing tailored surveys for employees to rate their employers and work-life. 


They launched in 2016 and have since worked with thousands of companies across the country. They have become one of the most trusted third-party sites for workplace data, collecting over 10 million ratings on companies through their anonymous surveys covering 20 different workplace culture categories.  


Comparably recently released the winners for the Best Companies for Work-Life Balance of which Blue Raven Solar was ranked in the top 50 out of 600 companies, alongside other companies like HubSpot and The Home Depot.   


Blue Raven Solar employees rated happiness in the company at 89%, which is in the top 5% of companies across Comparably and 6% higher than the national average. Office Culture is rated at 83%, another 5% higher than the national average, with 77% of our team members feeling that their work-life balance is satisfactory.  

Honoring Our Mission & Values


We are proud to, once again, be recognized by Comparably for our excellent work-life balance standards. 


Understanding our team members’ needs and how to best help them separate work from their personal lives is extremely important to building a sustainable and healthy company culture. To become part of this positive work/life environment, come work with us. 


We are grateful to everyone on our team for being awesome people to work with, and to our customers for helping Blue Raven Solar continue to grow. We are excited for the future and the opportunities ahead! 


Join the movement today with Blue Raven Solar. 

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