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Back preview of two-story, grey-blue house with large solar panel system installed on roof

Solar energy has never been a quiet industry—it began thousands of years ago with starting fires through glass and creating “death rays” in battle. It has continued boldly through centuries with development from bright minds from around the world. Major development in the 1950’s brought us the look and basic operations of modern solar energy production. The residential solar industry has gained incredible traction since then. There has been unprecedented growth throughout the nation and the world, gaining more momentum each year.

Back preview of two-story, grey-blue house with large solar panel system installed on roof

In addition to solar becoming a constant energy source in the world of technological advances, corporations, and several aspects of manufacturing, it has become increasingly popular for individual homes, neighborhoods, communities, cities, and states.


We believe it is only a matter of time before solar systems are an assumption – an expected feature on every structure. Like microwaves, garbage disposals, or even the internet, we might be able to remember a time before solar panels, but we cannot imagine a future without them.


With all technological advancements, there will be many ways for the shift in priority to materialize. But, if the conversion to renewable energy is inevitable, we believe all homeowners should have equal opportunity to invest in simple, reliable, affordable, high-quality solar energy.


This is why we do what we do: to make homeowners’ lives better by reducing their energy bills, by increasing their reliance on clean and abundant renewable energy, and by providing them with a world-class customer experience through a reliable sales process and a speedy, high-quality installation.

To uphold our mission, we have a set of values, each with sub-values acting as specific guides, to help us maintain a work environment of achievement:


  1. Develop a High-Trust Culture 
  2. Be Efficient 
  3. Continuously Improve 


The mission is often what we want to accomplish, and the values are how we get there. Once a month, each group of new hires at Blue Raven Solar has an onboarding and welcome meeting with our CEO, Ben Peterson, to discuss these values in greater detail — how they pertain to our mission, and how the mission statement drives the company operations and communications. 

It extends beyond internal employees. With customers at the heart of what we do, we can ensure no matter what step of the solar process they are on, they will get superior customer service and experience from Blue Raven Solar. It is the only way to give our thousands of customers as many 5-star experiences as we have!


Bringing solar ownership to people all over the nation gives us the ability to improve the lives of families in all situations. We help homeowners qualify for solar savings, which in turn gives them the freedom and opportunity to spend money on what is important to them and their families.


We believe all homeowners should have equal opportunity to invest in solar energy and receive the benefits. The price of a custom solar panel system has dropped significantly since the 1980s. Installing your own system on your house can be daunting, and for some people, impossible.  


We created three different exclusive financing options including Blue Power, BluePower Plus+, and SmartStart to make solar more affordable and accessible for any type of homeowner. With our financial products combined with state and federal incentives and other solar rebates, it is no longer out of reach. Homeowners can increase their quality of life through the benefits of creating their own energy. 


Holding our mission and values as a standard has helped us grow from 3 to 2,200+ employees over eight years of operation and has moved us to 22 states. With continual growth, everything we do revolves around maintaining our integrity. 


It is important for all our corporate team members and field crews to be familiar with these intentions. We are motivated to extend our company culture to all who interact with Blue Raven Solar. We aim to maintain a culture of trust, efficiency, and improvement nationwide.  


Each month, we recognize individuals who demonstrate our mission and values in their work and in their interactions with others throughout corporate headquarters. Colleagues can anonymously submit nominations and comments showing the nominee living the values, and each nominee is sent the anonymous feedback, giving them support and acknowledgement. Sometimes, individuals have several positive comments about going above and beyond, so we reward those who have outstanding records. If we emphasize this culture within our company, we hope we can make a larger impact in the solar industry and in the world. 

Blue Raven Solar's CEO, Ben Peterson holding a solar panel on a ladder in preparation for installation


Bringing clean, renewable energy to homeowners is key to unlocking a better, cleaner future for generations to come. These values help us achieve our mission, but they can be widely applied to  teamwork, leadership, and communication. Incorporating similar mission statements into other areas of your life can help all of us work toward individual goals.  


Through keeping our mission central to our operations at Blue Raven Solar, it gives us exactly that: an understanding of how we should act, the habits we need to create, and where we are going in the future. Our next steps towards growth guide the standards to maintain, so we are never lost or stagnant.  


With solar, you can experience the future of energy today and join the millions of other homeowners who have made the switch to renewable energy. With Blue Raven Solar, you can create your own experience with our mission and values, knowing confidently you are receiving the best products and services available.  


Our solar experts are working hard to help homeowners become a part of the solar movement.  


See how our CEO believes we uphold our mission statement and our valuesfind the answers to your questions, or contact one of our specialists today.

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