Online Solar Reviews: A Quick Guide

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Cartoon like male character, holding a smart phone surrounded by review site logos with blog title: "A Quick Guide to Online Solar Reviews"

As the market for residential solar power becomes increasingly competitive, more Americans are looking for reputable companies who can meet their solar needs. We get it—finding a company you can trust is important for making an investment in solar, as it probably is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make. 


Like with most industries and products, the internet is the easiest place to find unfiltered opinions from real customers with all types of experiences, and there are some good go-to places for reviews, like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Google. Additionally, there are a couple of other places you can look to for solar specific reviews!  


So, let’s talk about the best practices to find reviews that you can trust. 

1. Online Reviews

According to Search Engine Land, 85% of consumers read online reviews of local businesses before making a purchase decision. 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as the personal recommendations they are given. In fact, online reviews are the second most trusted form of advertising, right behind direct personal recommendations. Reviews over the internet help us feel like our concerns can be addressed, no matter how you might end up feeling about those concerns.  

Advantage and Disadvantages


The internet is full of sources for reviews, and they all have features like different sorting options and filtering by location. Each site has its advantages and disadvantages, so taking your time to see reviews on all platforms can be an integral part of making your decision. It’s important as a consumer to have as much information as you can, and reviews are an excellent resource. 


Google is the easiest place to leave a review, which means it is the most used by consumers. One advantage to Google is you can find advice and feedback from customers in your area if the company has location specific listing.  


The disadvantage is a higher potential for fake reviews than on other sites because of its ease and popularity, and there is no way to ensure users have experienced what they are claiming. 


The Better Business Bureau (BBB) also attempts to make extra effort to screen customers, and fake reviews are incredibly rare here because of their efforts. The BBB has been a trusted source for company reviews in general, not just customer written reviews, but accreditation and complaint management for a long time. They are typically one of the most trusted review sites because of their reputation, expertise, and longevity.

The entire experience in working with Blue Raven Solar was outstanding. From the welcoming and helpful staff to the professional installation technicians, I couldn't have asked for better. In fact, the state inspector said of the installation ``these guys went over and above what the code required!`` Anytime Blue Raven Solar needs a recommendation, I hope they call on me! - Robert S., Better Business Bureau

2. Industry Specific Sites

More review options have been created that are not industry specific, like Best Company and others. Companies who truly care about their customers’ experiences will be visible on these sites so they can monitor and respond to customers who are leaving them reviews, both positive and negative. These, though smaller, will have reviews from customers feeling deeply impacted by their experiences with companies.  


Moving to the solar industry, there are a handful of industry-specific review sites, but has quickly evolved to be a trusted source. It will have the most reviews out of any other solar review site because of how well-known and accredited it has become.


Some advantages to SolarReviews are they (1) include expert opinions, (2) verify customers, and (3) allow you to see all reviews about every company. They also break down the review process and allow customers to rate different aspects of their experience differently. SolarReviews also gives their opinion in a general sense, without naming specific companies, on their home page. Another industry specific review site is Energy Sage, which has great information on not only renewable energy resources, but also energy statistics, tips, and interesting facts.

We care about each customer’s individual experience with our team throughout their entire solar journey. We have been ranked in the Top 100 Installers nationwide and to be certified as a pre-screened solar pro by SolarReviews.

Everyone we have worked with has been amazing and very communicative. From the initial calls and meetings to install - we could not have been happier with the professionalism of all team members. Trevor, who was onsite for install to Anthony, electrician at install, and Cecil and Dennis, who installed the new electric panel = they all have been very receptive to questions and explaining the process to us! We are so glad we chose Blue Raven for our solar panels! - Jason B., SolarReviews

What Does This Mean for You?


Knowing the above sites is a step forward, so you can avoid any sources not having valuable or relevant information. Skim through the different review sites we previously mentioned and use your judgment to determine the value of individual reviews.

3. Pay Attention!

There will always be one angry person who will never be satisfied, no matter what the company does, and there could always be a glowing review that turns out to be someone’s aunt. But, as you note the overall trends, you can determine what kind of company you are working with and how they treat their customers.  


Additionally, notice if a company responds to their reviews, both positive and negative, and see what they say—companies who care about their customers will likely respond to all reviews and will do their best to make up mistakes to their patrons. 

Warning sign in bright yellow with two reviews listed and an arrow pointing to generic response from Blue Raven Solar

With Blue Raven Solar’s Reviews, You’ll Find…

Each of our customers is valued and listened to. We do our best to respond to every review and stay true to our mission and values. We are proud to continually create a positive solar experience for homeowners! 


At Blue Raven Solar, we know gaining trust of our past and current customers is important when it comes to gaining the trust of our future customers, and it is safe to say we are maintaining the high-trust culture we founded the company on.


With over 8,000 5-star reviews and more than 25,000 installations, our customers have experienced superior service from start to finish.

We've enjoyed the Blue Raven Solar experience from start to finish. Our sales expert `{`was`}` extremely knowledgeable, patient, and attentive. Our installation crew, the Denver North Crew 2, `{`was`}` exceptional with the installation process and truly seem to enjoy their work. The Enphase electrical connector `{`was`}` efficient and knowledgeable and like everyone at Blue Raven Solar, personable and respectful. 5 stars for knowledge, service, and attention to detail. I've called Blue Raven at least a dozen times for this and that, `{`and`}` I am always impressed with the level of customer care and knowledge of everyone there. We will definitely recommend Blue Raven Solar to friends and family. My dad is now a customer and is also very impressed!

You can have your own 5-star experience by going solar with Blue Raven Solar. 


Request a free quote and join the solar movement to go green—for the planet, and for your wallet! Step into the future of energy today with Blue Raven Solar. 

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