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As the market for residential solar power becomes increasingly competitive, more Americans are looking for reputable companies that can meet their solar needs.


If you’re like most of us, you’ll head straight to the source of all truth…THE INTERNET!


All joking aside (okay, some joking aside), the internet is the easiest place to find reviews from real customers, and here’s what you need to know about online reviews for the solar industry…

1. Online Reviews are the Second Most Trusted Form of Advertising, Only Behind Direct Personal Recommendations (Nielsen)


According to Search Engine Land, 85% of consumers read online reviews of local businesses before making a purchase decision. And 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as the personal recommendations they are given (Search Engine Land)!

Advantage and Disadvantages


The internet is full of sources for reviews. Each site has its advantages, and each one has disadvantages. It’s important as a consumer to make informed decisions based on reviews.

Google is the easiest place to leave a review, which means it’s the most common. One advantage to google is you can find advice and feedback from customers in your area if the company has location specific listings.

The disadvantage here is a higher potential for fake reviews than on other sites.

Yelp takes pride in making sure their reviews are left by real customers, so you will find they have recommended and not recommended sections for reviews.


The advantage is it’s harder for fake reviews to show up, the disadvantage is some real reviews are left alone on the sidelines, even if they hold value for readers.

BBB also attempts to make extra effort to screen for customers.


The BBB has been a trusted source for company reviews in general, not just customer written reviews, but accreditation and complaint management for a long time.

2. Industry Specfic Review Sites are Quickly Moving Up as a Highly-Trusted Source of Truth for Consumers

There are a growing amount of sites like bestcompany.com and Angie’s List that gather reviews for all kinds of businesses across all industries. While there are a handful of industry specific review sites, SolarReviews.com has quickly evolved to be an industry-trusted source for consumer reviews.




Blue Raven = Highest Level of Customer Satisfaction


Here at Blue Raven Solar, we achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and our online reviews speak to that success.


Some of our achievements at Blue Raven Solar on solarreviews.com include being ranked in the TOP 100 INSTALLERS nationwide, and being CERTIFIED as a PRE-SCREENED SOLAR PRO.

What Does This Mean for You?


When you’re researching solar, one of the best sources is online reviews. Skim through and use your judgment to determine the value of the individual review.

3. Pay Attention to These Overall Trends


There may be one angry person that will never be satisfied. There may be a glowing review that turns out to be someone’s aunt. But as you note the overall trends, you will be able to determine what kind of company you’re working with.

When You Look at Blue Raven Solar’s Reviews, Here’s What You’ll Find:


  • High-quality installations.
  • Quick turnaround times.
  • People willing to call out specific members of our teams
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