5 Solar Power Myths: Debunked

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Common Solar Power Myths

Solar energy has become more popular and with that rapid growth, we have come across quite a few myths and misconceptions. As leaders in the solar industry, we have noticed how these myths can turn into stumbling blocks for homeowners considering solar power. Let’s set a few facts straight.


Here is a list of solar energy myths that may not be strong, but still seem to be alive.

1. Installing Solar Panels Comes with a Large Upfront Cost

Historically, this could have been true, especially when solar installers did not know how to make this incredible technology accessible.  


But now, nothing says you cannot save money for the entire solar process, including with the initial contract. If you wanted to pay all costs and fees upfront to get a rooftop solar array installed and call it a day, you could. This would be a large upfront cost for you, but it is not the only way to go solar.  


Depending on your financial situation, it could make more sense to get solar financed and installed for a small out-of-pocket cost. From there, reallocate the money you would typically spend on a monthly electric bill to pay towards the loan. Zero-down financing is the option most of our customers prefer. 


Blue Raven Solar has worked hard to bring multiple financing options to homeowners. We are passionate about bringing the possibility of solar energy to more people, including those who simply cannot afford to pay cash for their entire solar panel system. Our award-winning BluePower Plus+ and SmartStart, both allow homeowners to go solar without breaking the bank—in fact, they both allow systems to be financed with $0 down! You can get low payments and SmartStart financing locks these low prices in for five years.  


Myth: Busted. There are several ways to install panels with low upfront costs. 

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2. Solar is Only for New Roofs

Solar panel installation requires a checklist of specific roof characteristics, like the right materials, angle, and sun exposure. Newness, however, is not a factor. So, if a roof has a projected 25 years of life left in it—because that is how long the typical warranty is for solar panels—and is supported by a structure carrying the extra weight, it should be fine.


Aged or damaged roofs need to be restored prior to installing solar panels. In the long run it is cheaper than the alternative of a collapsed roof, damage to your interior, and anything else that might come from applying too much weight on your roof. Did you know the cost of retrofitting or restoration work needed before installing solar panels can get lumped into the same $0-down loan? It can also qualify under the same federal solar tax credit (ITC)!  


If you are unsure about the condition and structural integrity of your roof, our in-house experts can help you figure it out. They can come by and give you a quick assessment. Get a free consultation, and schedule a site survey to assess the conditions of your roof and its potential for solar energy. 


If your roof is in good condition and at an angle to give you a good amount of solar energy, we can move forward. If not, we will not waste your time.  


Myth: Busted, but we do not recommend pushing an older roof to its limits. 

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3. Solar Energy is Only Effective in Sunny Locations

If that were true, how would you explain solar energy success in Germany? 


Germany is a highly developed nation with a dense population and high energy demand with few sunny days. With less than half of the year, they rely on solar to satisfy a large chunk of energy demand. Up until 2014, Germany—a country with an area equal to 3.6 percent of the U.S.’s total area experiencing about 1,000 fewer hours of annual sunlight than Anchorage, Alaska—had the highest installed solar energy capacity in the world. The German solar market continues to grow. In fact, in 2016, they doubled down on their commitment to renewable energy by adding another 1.53 gigawatts of new solar to their existing capacity. If solar energy required a Nevada-style, 250+ days of bright, sunny weather to be effective, there would be no way countries similar to Germany could rely on it as heavily as they do. Germany sits at #4 in the entire world for solar energy, behind China and the United States because of the area. 


Sun exposure is important. The assumption of less sunlight means less solar energy output is true, and it can affect your solar system efficiency.  


When you inquire about a consultation with a solar energy provider like Blue Raven Solar, to determine how viable solar energy is for you and your roof, we apply tools like Google’s Project Sunroof to gather data on the climate conditions of your geographic location. From there, we customize a design with the right number of panels to offset your energy usage by a large percentage, if not 100% or more! You will experience savings almost immediately if you decide to make the switch to solar energy. 


Wondering how your local climate lends itself to the advantages of solar energy and if it is worth taking action? You can get your solar journey started here. 


Myth: Busted! Das ist ur leiwand! 

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4. Solar Energy is a Trend

From 2008 to 2018, solar energy capacity across the U.S. grew seventy-five-fold. In 2018, solar-electric power accounted for 58% of all new utility power-generating capacity built across the country. All signs indicate the solar energy market is stabilizing, and growth is expected to continue. 


In 2019, the solar industry passed the milestone of two million systems installed, and it is predicted that in 2023, the US will reach four million installations. Solar is the fastest growing renewable energy resource, producing record amounts of energy, and if coupled with wind power, it could power the entire globe by 2050. By then, there are hopes and countless initiatives to make the world a better, cleaner place. 


“Solar installer” is one of the fastest growing occupations in America, and at Blue Raven Solar have seen how this job and this industry have taken the world by storm. We have no plans to slow down any time soon. 


The incorporation of renewable energy into our daily lives is a shift, not a trend. With supporting policies and legislation in place, like the Federal Energy Tax Credit, Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards, and the Fossil Fuel Divestment movement, along with other state and local solar incentive programs, solar power will continue to grow until it becomes the main source of residential energy. 


Myth: Busted! Solar energy is here to stay. 

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5. It is Impossible to Sell Your Home with Solar Panels

It might be easy to believe solar panels systems can be a hassle, a difficult project to maintain, and put a damper on your home’s aesthetics. We get it! With the housing market in an ever-changing position, it is difficult to want to take chances. We have good news, solar increases the property value of your home.  


Studies have shown homes with solar sell faster than homes without, because you are including the promise of future energy savings. Solar can increase your home’s value by about 4% on average, and buyers will typically pay around $15,000 more for your solar-powered house. 


If you are worried about your home’s aesthetics, fear not. Blue Raven Solar uses panels that blend well with your roof—black, monocrystalline panels lasting for decades and are installed with the goal of becoming part of your roof, not an addition onto it. 


If you are looking to buy a home with solar, an extra $15,000 might not seem worth it but think about how much you will save on your utility bills once you move in.  


Homeowners can save between $15,000 and $30,000. Those savings are contingent on your energy usage, location, weather patterns, and many other factors.  


Myth: Busted. Increase your property value

Blue Raven Solar’s Commitment to Renewable Energy

Reliance on solar power is at an inflection point, one that will change the face of energy for generations to come. Future generations will be proud we created a world harnessing the energy of the sun to power everyday life, especially with the extensive knowledge we have about how beneficial they are, and how available they are to each homeowner. Also, solar panels last several decades, making them even more advantageous.  


As one of the country’s leading solar providers, Blue Raven Solar exists to help usher in this change— to offer our customers a way to power their homes on sunlight. We know solar is the best option for clean, accessible energy, and we could not be happier in providing it to so many homeowners across the United States.  


Don’t have solar power yet? Get your free solar quote and experience the future of energy today with Blue Raven Solar. 

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