Understanding Solar Panel Warranties in 2023

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Solar panels are a significant investment, but choosing a provider with adequate warranty coverage can help maintain the longevity of your system. Solar panel warranties protect you from paying for unexpected repairs on your system due to faulty equipment, improper installation, or underperforming panels. 


Blue Raven Solar offers industry-standard solar panel warranties that can provide homeowners peace of mind their solar panel system will generate clean energy for years — or even decades — to come.

What is a Solar Panel Warranty?

Solar panel warranties cover most components of your solar panel system. If your solar panels break or underperform while under warranty, you can typically have your system repaired free of charge by the installer or manufacturer. 


Most solar panel systems include several types of warranties to cover equipment such as the panels and inverters, installation or workmanship, and energy production levels. 


Blue Raven Solar offers a 10-year workmanship warranty and a two-year production guarantee with all its residential solar installations. Blue Raven Solar installs solar panels from top brands like REC, Qcells, and SunPower Maxeon, which come with separate 25-year performance guarantees. 


Blue Raven Solar’s warranty reflects the industry-standard length of solar warranties. However, your warranty terms may differ depending on the type of solar panel, solar panel brand, and installer you choose.

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Types of Solar Warranties and What They Cover

Solar panel manufacturers and installers both offer warranties. Typically, your solar panel manufacturer will extend a product warranty to cover equipment defects and power production guarantees. Your solar panel installer warranty should cover labor and workmanship costs. 


If you have any issues with your solar power system, it’s best to call your solar panel installer directly. Your solar panel installer can help troubleshoot the issue or complete the repair and will typically file manufacturer warranty claims on your behalf. 


Most solar installations come with several warranty types:

Solar Equipment Warranties

Solar equipment warranties, also known as solar product warranties, protect you from manufacturer defects like cracks, moisture, panel failures, or any other unexpected damage to the components of your solar panels. 


The solar industry standard product warranty is 25 years, though some cheaper solar panel manufacturers may only offer a 10 to 15-year warranty. 


Equipment warranties do not generally cover wear and tear or expected losses or degradation in panel efficiency over time. Additionally, some manufacturer warranties may still charge shipping fees for parts. However, for most equipment warranty claims, Blue Raven Solar covers nearly all costs associated with repairs. 


Your solar inverter or microinverters, which convert the energy your panels produce to usable electricity, may include a product warranty separate from your solar panels. 


Blue Raven Solar installs Enphase and SunPower microinverters, which both come with a 25-year limited inverter warranty.

Solar Installation Warranties

Solar installation warranties, also known as workmanship warranties, cover issues related to incorrect system installation. This can include (but is not limited to) roof penetrations, loose screws or other equipment, and faulty assembly. 


Solar installation warranties guarantee you won’t have to pay out of pocket if something went wrong during the installation process. 


Most solar companies offer an installation warranty of 10 to 25 years.

Power Production Guarantee

A power production guarantee ensures your solar panel system will generate the promised amount of electricity over the specified warranty period. Blue Raven offers a 2-year power production guarantee. 


Your system’s expected energy production is calculated based on your panels’ efficiency degradation rate over time. If your panels underperform during the warranty period, your solar provider will reimburse you the difference in how much you should have produced, or recommend installing additional panels to meet your promised production capacity.

What to Look for in a Solar Warranty

Warranty length, coverage, and provider reputation are some of the most important considerations when choosing the best solar panel warranty to make your solar investment worthwhile.

Warranty Length

Look for a solar warranty that is valid for at least 25 years (the industry-standard period) for solar products and 10 years for workmanship.

Warranty Coverage

Although a long warranty is great, the actual coverage is equally important. Find a warranty that covers all components of your solar system, plus labor and shipping costs if you need parts delivered. Reading the fine print of a solar warranty and speaking with a solar installation expert can help you understand these details. 


Also consider the warranty coverage for any additional equipment you install, like home storage solutions such as solar batteries or electric vehicle (EV) chargers. Most solar add-on products come with separate warranties.

Provider Reputation

Warranty coverage is only helpful if you install solar panels with a reputable, highly-rated company. Some companies might advertise a great warranty but are slow to respond when an issue arises. 


However, Blue Raven Solar guarantees customer satisfaction, striving to fully resolve customer issues. Their commitment to customer service has earned hundreds of 5-star reviews and an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau.

How to Evaluate Solar Warranties

The differences in warranties between solar providers can be nuanced. If you want to dig deeper when comparing solar warranties, you can speak with a solar representative or read online resources to learn more about a company’s warranty terms. Consider asking questions like: 


  • How long does it typically take to resolve a warranty claim? 
  • Who will I need to call when I want to file a claim? 
  • Are all components of the system covered under the warranty? If not, what components are not covered? 
  • What would cause my warranty to be voided? 
  • Is there anything I would have to pay out of pocket during the repair process? 
  • Will I be reimbursed in any way if my solar panels underperform?
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How to Use Your Solar Panel Warranty

Your solar company will be available to help resolve any issues that arise with your system after your solar panels are installed and generating energy. 


  1. Identify the problem: Visible problems, like cracked panels, are easy to diagnose. However, if your solar panel system begins underperforming or your energy bill is higher than expected, it may take further inspection to fully define the problem. Most solar installation companies offer system monitoring apps to help you identify trends or problems quickly.
  2. Contact your solar provider: Your solar installer’s warranty claims department or customer service line will document your issue. You may be asked to provide documentation, including photos of the issue, proof of purchase, and panel model information.
  3. Schedule a technician visit: If the issue cannot be resolved remotely, a solar representative will visit your home and conduct an inspection. The technician will determine if the company needs to order parts or utilize additional team members to complete the repair.
  4. Follow up on the repair: After the initial technician inspection, your solar company may need to schedule another home visit to complete the repair. Blue Raven Solar’s in-house team is available to answer any follow-up questions you have, and you should receive regular emails or phone calls updating you on the status of your repair.

What is Not Covered Under a Solar System Warranty?

Solar warranties are primarily designed to cover equipment defects. Although every solar company offers a slightly different warranty, most warranties don’t cover: 


  • Routine maintenance like solar panel cleaning or snow removal
  • Damage caused by storms or natural disasters
  • Stolen or vandalized solar equipment 


Blue Raven Solar covers labor costs under its 10-year installation warranty. Some solar companies do not include labor and shipping costs for repairs under warranty. That’s why it’s important to read the fine print and speak with a solar representative about the details of your warranty before signing a solar contract.

What Voids a Solar Warranty?

If there is an issue with your solar energy system, it’s best to call your solar installation company. Tampering with your solar panels can void the warranty. You will void your warranty if you: 


  • Attempt DIY solar system repairs 
  • Tamper with your system, including opening electrical boxes or inverters
  • Hire a contractor other than your original solar installer to complete repairs 
  • Fail to properly maintain your solar panels, including cleaning your panels with industrial-strength cleaning products
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Is a Solar Warranty Transferable?

Yes, solar warranties are transferable. When a home with an existing solar panel system is sold, the existing warranty and maintenance agreements can be transferred to the new homeowner. 


If you are selling your home with an existing Blue Raven Solar panel system, all you have to do is email Blue Raven Solar’s support team with the new proof of ownership. They will update the account with the new owner’s information and transfer the warranty.

Are Solar Panel Warranties Worth It?

Virtually all solar panels come with a warranty. However, not all solar warranties offer the same coverage. The best solar warranties cover the full cost of repairing or replacing faulty solar equipment — including workmanship, parts, and shipping. 


A robust warranty reflects a solar company’s confidence in its services, products, and commitment to customer satisfaction. A comprehensive warranty offers peace of mind your panels will be fixed, free of charge, if they ever underperform or break. 


Therefore, choosing a reputable solar company with an excellent warranty is almost always worth it, even if the upfront investment is higher.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Panel Warranties

How long do solar panels last?

Although most solar panel product warranties are 25 years, the typical lifespan of the best solar panels is between 30 and 40 years, or even longer.

How long is the average solar panel warranty?

Blue Raven Solar offers an industry-standard 25-year product and production warranty and a 10-year workmanship warranty on all its solar installations. Warranty lengths for renewable energy systems can vary between solar providers and manufacturers.

Does my homeowners insurance policy offer the same coverage as a solar panel warranty?

Homeowners insurance does usually cover solar panels, and can actually provide some overlapping coverage with your solar panel warranty. Homeowners insurance is particularly useful if your solar panels are damaged by an unexpected event or natural disaster like a storm or fallen tree.

Does a solar warranty cover your entire solar photovoltaic (PV) system?

It depends. If you hire a solar company to install your solar PV system, you will likely have several warranties covering different components of your installation, including workmanship, panel, inverter, and power output warranties.

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Faith is a content contributor and not directly affiliated with Blue Raven Solar. For solar specific questions, reach out to support@blueravensolar.com or call 800-377-4480.

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