Working in the Solar Industry: How We Cultivate a Great Team

Two Blue Raven Solar employees, a female and male, in a large conference room
Two Blue Raven Solar employees, a female and male, in a large conference room

Here at Blue Raven Solar, we aspire to be the best residential solar panel installer. We give our customers world-class service and have consistently been rated one of the top solar companies in the nation. We have ranked on the Inc 500, received over 10,000 5-star reviews, and are an accredited, A+ business with the Better Business Bureau. We believe much of our growth and success can be traced back to our employees and their dedication to greatness. 


Nurturing a company culture inspiring success is an important part of who we are and who we hire. To maintain our standard as a leader in the solar industry, we need our team to be top performers. We take the time to find the best candidates for our corporate workplace with great problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and a go-getter attitude. These are important parts of Blue Raven Solar’s success, so we invest in measures to foster a workplace environment encouraging and celebrating our employees in every way.  

Very Positive and Supportive Work Environment.

First off it is a place with room to grow, open to every kind of person and personality, making it a comfortable place to work. The support and understanding of life and the willingness of Blue Raven Solar to work with scheduling. Taking care of us employees.

Great Opportunity and Committed Team.

Extremely flexible work schedule, with a very dedicated manager/team. This job is great for getting into the world of sales. The manager at this location is a great people person who is always willing to help. They bring in experienced guests to advocate further the success of the company, but also the success of the employees as well. I was checked on and encouraged when things seemed slowed and the atmosphere there was always welcoming. With a hard-working manager backed by a great team of committed people, it really is an incredible place to work, once my schooling is finished I plan to continue my journey at Blue Raven Solar.

A Company that Actually Cares.

I have never been happier at a job. Ever since day one of working at Blue Raven Solar, I have felt so valued and cared for. The benefits and perks that are built into the workplace are so tailored to the employees and help the workdays go by faster than they ever have before. I really do feel like all my basic needs are met by the company, so I can focus on producing quality work. It is also so refreshing to be a part of a work that is helpign our beautiful planet as well as providing a fun work place for me every day. My husband watched me become so much happier when I started working here that he has since joined Blue Raven Solar as well, and we both love it!

Employee reviews from

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Our Hiring Process

Resume Submission and Phone Interview


The process begins when a candidate applies to work with us at our corporate office. Our recruiters assess each applicant and reach out within 1-2 days to conduct a brief phone call to review the job description and the applicant’s resume.

Cognitive Assessment


After speaking with applicants on the phone, our recruiters will send a link to a 50-question cognitive assessment to evaluate the vital skills each team member at Blue Raven Solar needs to have to succeed. Depending on the position the applicant is applying for, there are different benchmarks pre-determined and that need to be met to qualify for the next step in the hiring process – the in-person interview.

Corporate Office Tour and Interview


When a candidate arrives at our headquarters for their interview, they will be welcomed by one of our recruiters. It will most likely be the Blue Raven Solar contact they have been communicating with thus far in the process. The recruiter will take every candidate on a tour of the office before taking them to an interview room. From there, they are usually introduced to the manager of the department they could work for.  


The interviewing process takes between an hour and an hour and a half. The first half of the time is spent with the department manager, going through the applicant’s resume, the position they applied for and a more in-depth conversation, where questions can be asked, and day-In-the-life anecdotes are shared. This is a great time for our applicants to fully assess if Blue Raven Solar is the right place for them, and for our managers to determine if the applicant is a good fit for our culture.  


The second half of the interview is often referred to as a “case study,” but is also known as a problem-solving exercise. This is done with a department director and goes through a real-life Blue Raven Solar problem many of our employees face with customers, especially those in operations. We typically introduce our six-step problem solving method during this exercise, allowing our directors to evaluate the applicant’s real-time brainstorming and situational analysis skills. This part may seem worrisome, but you don’t need to be a solar technology expert to succeed, and your interviewer will help guide you through it. 


Hiring managers will decide within three days (sometimes even the same day) and notify candidates promptly once a decision is made. If an offer letter is extended, onboarding will begin.  

Three Blue Raven Solar employees sitting at their desks, working

Working at Blue Raven Solar

The first two days of onboarding at Blue Raven Solar are spent with other new hires in standardized corporate training. Here, new team members learn about the day-to-day operations of the company, the solar installation process, company mission and values, and many other important aspects of our operations and culture. Once corporate training is complete, team members are shown to their desks where specific, departmental training will take place for a few days until they are acclimated and ready to take flight on their own!

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With the help of amazing leadership, each of our team members can develop skills, identify a clear future and path for career growth, grow with the company, and learn more about solar energy and technology. Together, we can maintain our excellence and continue with our mission: to make homeowners’ lives better. 


There are thousands of jobs in the solar industry, and we are proud to be increasing that number every day! 


If you’re looking to work in the renewable energy industry, look no further than Blue Raven Solar, one of the best solar companies in the country.  


Apply today to kickstart your career! 

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